Research and summarize Sacramento real estate market trends

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Sunny Skies in a Hot Sacramento Real Estate Market

Good news. The real estate market in Sacramento is upward bound, so sunny skies ahead for profits if you are a rental property owner. According to recent statistics, real estate values increased by 15% in the area within the past year. If you then assumed that rental rates would naturally follow, you guessed right. As of April 2017, average apartment rent in Sacramento is $1391, an increase of 6.8% in just the past 6 months. One bedroom units increased by nearly double that. The market is hot.


How to Take Advantage of a Rental Market That is Heating Up

Get your game face on. During this active rental market, you need be able to compete in Sacramento. Property management is what will set you apart. Potential renters seek properties that will satisfy their needs such as safety, reliability, and quality service. Tenants have peace of mind knowing they have a 24/7 maintenance hotline and professionals who will respond.


Don’t Assume You Have a Captive Audience

In an active rental market, property owners are tempted to acquire cheap properties with little or no maintenance. Though the short-term gains may be appealing at first, this is a losing gamble in the long run. Remember that property renters always have a choice and a poor-quality property will repel them sooner or later.


Be Successful, No Matter the Market


Immune yourself from roller-coaster trends by taking care of your rental. Well-maintained properties perform well because tenants are more likely to continue renting them, regardless of the ups and downs of the market.

No one can predict what the market holds, but time-tested principles of good property ownership will consistently return better investments over risky investment schemes and poor property management. Folsom and other burgeoning communities are excellent opportunities for a business in property rentals. Make the choice to seize this potential and reap the rewards through effective Sacramento property management provided by Real Property Management Select.

How to Lower Maintenance Costs While Providing a Quality Rental

Reduce Vacancy and Lower Maintenance Costs

Property owners everywhere want to reduce their expenses, but it can be difficult to know where. Fortunately, Real Property Management Select have identified areas where money can be saved that many people don’t even consider.

Lower Maintenance Costs

You might assume that the expense of maintenance comes with rental territory in Folsom. Property management, when done right, can dispel this myth. Well-maintained appliances last much longer than neglected ones, which means you don’t have to purchase a new washer, dryer, fridge, dishwasher, air conditioner, or furnace, for example, before it’s absolutely necessary. We don’t advise ignoring them, but caring for them so they work properly and longer.

Reduce Rental Vacancy

Tenants hate it when appliances break. Having the AC go out in the summer, for instance, could cause some hot tempers for both you and your tenants as you try to repair it. Additionally, if you fail to upkeep the property and break your end of the contract, tenants can leave early. This adds marketing, showing, and re-leasing costs to your budget – and you still have to pay for the repairs. Your goal should be to keep your tenants happy, so they will stay longer, renew the lease, and keep your cash flow steady.

Don’t Take Chances

Don’t play the game of risking your investment in Folsom. Property management from professionals helps you attain a level of security in the face of unforeseeable risks that can threaten your investment. When it comes to risk, the more that you can manage the better. Our trained and certified experts offset this risk with regular inspections and maintenance, helping to take the surprise out of the rental property business.  

Capable professionals will give you the advantage you need to compete in the housing market with high demand, quality homes through unparalleled property management. Folsom-based inspectors are ready and willing to protect your assets for years to come. Put Real Property Management Select to work for you today.

Routine Property Inspections Save Money

Put This on Your Schedule to Save Money: Routine Property Inspections and Maintenance

While it may appear counter-intuitive in the short term, investing the money and effort now to monitor and maintain your property will pay dividends in the long-run. Benefits include less tenant turnover, shorter vacancies, and less major repairs – all saving you money on your long-term Rocklin property management costs.

Commit to a Better Way

Too often, the only time a property inspection is performed is on check out day. By then it is much too late. Perhaps there is an issue that could have been caught and prevented but instead motivated the renter not to renew the lease. Or you could discover the tenants blatantly disregarded the terms of the contract and hung pictures on the wall or had a pet when you specifically asked them not to do so. Your options are limited after-the-fact. Keep them open by scheduling routine property inspections throughout your tenant’s lease.

Trust the Experts

Effective property ownership is possible with the right property management. Rocklin, CA.  professionals at Real Property Management Select provide the answer with regularly scheduled maintenance inspections that will show your tenants that you care about your property and detect early signs of a potential disaster that could cost you much more. We can help take the uncertainty out of rental property ownership by giving you routine updates on your property’s condition – with or without tenants.

Inspect to Maintain

The end goal of inspections is to identify what needs attention and maintenance. Real Property Management Select provides you with competent Rocklin Property Management professionals who can detect and repair problems early before they turn into catastrophes for you. Our experienced maintenance team also performs regularly scheduled maintenance on your property for the ultimate preventative care.

Save your time for the things you love and put a team of professionals at Real Property Management Select to work on your property management. Rocklin, CA landlords never regret investing in not only their properties but the proper care for them as well. We have thousands of happy customers to prove it. Call today to learn how we can save you money and lower your maintenance costs through our routine inspection and maintenance services.

Avoid Costly Real Estate Violations


Avoid Expensive Legal issues

A legal issue can quickly deplete any profit that a rental property generates. This situation is every property owner’s nightmare, but it doesn’t have to keep you up at night. By following Real Property Management Select’s simple guidelines, you can rest assured that you have the best protection against legal liability available. We can help protect your investment in Auburn. Property management by professionals keeps you safe from legal woes.

Know the Laws

There are many laws that are designed to protect renters against discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity or religion. It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure these laws are strictly observed. Even an accidental violation of laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act can cost property owners thousands of dollars in legal fees alone. Ignorance is no defense. Additionally, federal, state, and local laws can differ widely.

Know Your Part

While it may be obvious that discrimination will land you in hot water, there are some Auburn property management laws you might not be as familiar with. For example, did you know you must allow a service dog in your property without charge even if you have a no pet policy? And, property owners are required to make accommodations for tenants with disabilities.

Get the Support You Need

If you are starting to feel a bit overwhelmed, you don’t have to be. Well-versed experts who stay up on the latest codes, laws, and ordinances daily can help you with your property management. Auburn, CA-based professionals at Real Property Management Select can help you obtain the best legal defense by avoiding legal issues before they happen. They can help you know what you can and cannot do to protect yourself, your property, and your profits while maintaining tenant rights.

Stop the legal battle before it starts. Investing in competent Auburn property management now will more than pay for itself in the long run. Let the professionals at Real Property Management Select guide you and avoid legal risks.

How to Maintain Cash Flow with Stable Rent Collections

Three Tips to Stabilize Rental Property Cash Flow

Cashflow is the lifeblood of property ownership. At the end of the day, you still need to collect rent on time, pay the mortgage, and cover any routine maintenance or emergency repair costs. This can sometimes be a delicate balance, fraught with uncertainty. How do you stabilize your cash flow given unpredictable nature of Elk Grove property management? These three tips from the experience bank of Real Property Management Select will help.

Understand the Obstacles to Cash Flow

In a perfect world, there would be no issues with receiving your monthly payment. Your tenant delivers the check on time, and you deposit it into the bank. Simple, right? Those who have experience in rental properties know better. In reality, tenants have their own lives with many uncertainties. Even the most reliable tenants could suddenly be unable to pay on time or at all due to changing roles or circumstances. Checks get lost in the mail. Due dates fly by without notice due to distractions. The list goes on, but there is a solution near you in Elk Grove: property management that uses technology to resolve the traditional risks of property development.

Reward On-Time Payments

We recommend being firm and upfront. State the payment conditions clearly in the rental contract.  At Real Property Management Select we use an electronic payment system that eliminates many issues with the traditional check-in-the-mail method. Additionally, we offer incentives that reward tenants every time they make a rental payment on time, making paying the rent something they look forward to instead of dread.

Automate as Much as Possible

Missed payments trigger our automated collections process. This system enforces the payment conditions set in the contract and follows applicable legal regulations to assure all is done appropriately. If all else fails and eviction is necessary, we offer comprehensive legal support from our in-house legal counsel to protect you and your property.

Protect your cash flow with effective property management. Elk Grove, CA properties have access to the most advanced property management service with Real Property Management Select. Sign up today so we can stabilize your cash flow tomorrow.

How To Avoid Vacancy Days and Tenant Turnover by Being a Good Landlord

The Golden Rules of Landlords

An empty property is an empty investment yet still requires a considerable cost to maintain. Whenever a tenant moves away, it can create difficulties for the property owner. High renter turnover can threaten profitability and make your work as the property owner more difficult due to all the additional activities required to fill a vacancy such as marketing, showings, and screenings. But how do you persuade a tenant to remain? The answer is simple. Treat him the way you want to be treated. Consider it this Golden Rule of Roseville Property Management. Follow this checklist to reducing vacancies, created by the experts at Real Property Management Select.

The Golden Rules of Landlords

  1. Be honest and upfront. If tenants feel like they are not being treated fairly, they won’t stick around one minute past the initial contract. Put everything in writing that you care about and verbally discuss it during lease-signing so there are no surprises on what you will and will not enforce.
  2. Show you care. Address your tenants’ needs quickly. Make needed repairs promptly, especially with regards to safety and health issues. When you respond to tenant requests for maintenance they know you care about them and the property.
  3. Be the landlord you would like to have. This is the essence of successful property management. Roseville CA property owners who treat their tenants the way they would like to be treated come out ahead time and time again with less turnover.

The secret to loyal tenants who will rent from you for the long haul is to keep them happy by following the golden rules. Remember happy tenants make for happy property owners. It’s a win-win.

At Real Property Management Select, we live the Golden Rules of Landlords. We use time-tested practices and offer superior services in property management. Roseville, CA teams are waiting to provide you with the best in Roseville property management services.

How Landlords Can Deal With Difficult Tenants

A Recipe for Success with Difficult Clients

Landlord-tenant relationships require the right conditions to succeed. Just like a cake won’t cook right if you forget the flour, even the best of tenants can be difficult at times when something goes wrong. What is the best way to professionally handle such issues in Sacramento property management? Real Property Management Select recommends the following recipe for the better owner-tenant relationship.

Don’t Make it Personal

Property management In Sacramento CA requires exact measurements of emotional investment – enough to care about the property but not to take it personally. Unfortunately, rental property owners are often emotionally attached to their property. With all the investment of work, money, and time that owners put into their homes, it is understandably easy to get offended when tenants don’t treat the property the way they would. To resolve a disagreement, however, the first step is to maintain professionalism even when the tenant does not. It helps to bring in a third party who is not emotionally connected to the property.

Be Realistic

A home will not always look as good as it did when it was newly built or remodeled. Avoid the trap of expecting perpetual perfection. The reality is that a home suffers wear and tear from normal use. Keeping this in mind adds a needed perspective when dealing with tenants. Even the most reliable and trustworthy tenants cannot live up to unrealistic expectations.  

Keep Your Sacramento Property Management Role in Mind

Make the decision to think of yourself as a business owner instead of a homeowner. Making this mental adjustment will help you see the property as a business investment and will allow you to maintain professionalism at all times.

Put it In Writing

Remember that tenants have a degree of latitude in a rental property and should have the freedom to live in your property as long as they stay within the guidelines of the contract and government laws. Nitpicking small details outside of your contract creates tensions between you and your tenant.

You can also opt to step out of the kitchen altogether and avoid the difficulties of property management. In Sacramento CA, local experts at Real Property Management Select can be your third-party buffer. We’ll represent your interests and protect your property while keeping the tenant happy. Think of us as your perfect cake-in-a-box solution.

How to Qualify and Place More Reliable Tenants

Tenant Screening the Smart Way

One of the biggest sources of uncertainty in the rental business is the renters themselves since every renter is different. Attracting the best renters is the specialty of professionals who work daily in rental property management. Sacramento-based experts Real Property Management Select recommends avoiding these common pitfalls of tenant screening – ignoring the basics and not complying with all the laws.

The Basics

  1. Perform background checks. These are the backbone of tenant screening. It is important that you know a little about who is in your home. Screen out individuals with a record of drug abuse or violent crimes.
  2. Request at least two years of rental history from tenant’s previous landlords. Ask if there was any illegal activity or damage done to previous rental properties.
  3. Require an application from renters. Chances are if they don’t have the time to fill out an application, you don’t want them living in your rental. Make sure each potential tenant over 18 has filled out the application.

Danger Zone: Knowing What You Can’t Do

You want to be selective with who lives in your rental property, but there are discrimination laws that you must comply with or face potential legal action. Even an innocent mistake can lead to a serious legal headache. Don’t make yourself vulnerable to a legal battle that can be prevented by experts in property management companies. Sacramento real estate professionals can help you navigate the federal, state and local laws.

Real Property Management Select provides these services and much more to give you the advantage in the rental market. We represent the highest standards among property management companies. Sacramento specialists on our team will give you the edge you need to find the most reliable tenants faster.

How To Get Your Property “Rent Ready”

Ready, Set, Rent! How to Prepare Your Property for Rental

When you first start renting or experience tenant turnover, it’s important to find tenants as soon as possible to generate a positive cash flow. If your rental is not “rent-ready,” however, it may stay empty for weeks or months. Follow these quick tips from Real Property Management Select to prep your Sacramento rental property. Management of these critical issues will save you money now and headaches later. Most rentals, even new ones, are not rent-ready until thorough inspection and maintenance have been conducted.

Perform Maintenance

Good renters have high standards and expect rental properties to be in good shape. This means regular inspections, replacement of appliances, and updated remodeling when necessary. If possible, have this work done before putting the property on the market because a home is much easier to repair or upgrade while it is unoccupied. Give your renters confidence that the property is reliable by assuring that it is rent-ready when they first see it.

Ensure Positive First Impressions

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but applicants judge your property before they even step inside. You can’t afford a poor first impression. Regardless of the interior of your Sacramento rental property, management of the things you may not notice first from the street is critical.

Get a Second Opinion

It can be difficult to objectively decide what may be turning customers away since things that appear acceptable to us may be a deal-breaker for a renter.  Get a professional second opinion by having your rental checked by experts in property management. Sacramento, CA professionals such as Real Property Management Select can help your home compete in the market by using inspection processes designed to increase the rentability of a property.

Remember, no matter your rental price, in the long run, the market will pay you what they think your property is worth. Raise your home’s intrinsic value by following these simple suggestions and desirable renters will not only come, but they will stay.

How to Select a Rental Investment Property


Real Estate Investing in Sacramento: Property Management Fundamentals

When picking a property to invest in, doing your homework pays off. Following these few basic steps will help you choose a property that will give you the best opportunity for a profitable investment.

Focus First on Location

All Sacramento property management companies will tell you that the location is equally important as the home. Surroundings impact its appeal as a rental property. The quality of local schools, accessibility of shopping, availability of public transportation and the safety of the neighborhoods are all factors that will influence a potential applicant’s decision to rent. It is important to take all of these into account before you purchase your property because they cannot be changed once you have invested in a particular location. Be smart and choose the property wisely before you are committed to the area.

Fulfill Common Expectations

Though every home has its qualities, there are a handful of attributes that are always in demand.  A property that is relatively new (ideally less than fifteen years old), one with a traditional layout, with 3 or more bedrooms and at least 2 bathrooms is best. Rent rates of $1100 to $1400/month have also shown to be the best investment for property owners.

Avoid Property Selection Pitfalls

Sometimes it’s helpful to discuss what not to do in Sacramento property management. Companies that have been around as long as Real Property Management Select have seen it all. From experience, we can tell you to avoid homes under 1,000 sq. ft. Homes with a yard without a fence or on a busy street are also more difficult to rent. If no bedroom stands out as the master with more space, look for another property. Avoid quirky layouts or homes that have been overly customized. Lastly, if the home is more than 25 years old, keep shopping.

Thinking about property investment in Sacramento? Property management professionals can make all the difference. Real Property Management Select brings the perspective of thousands of investors over two decades. Put our experience to use in finding the best property for your investment. Call for a free neighborhood analysis today.