Renters: Protect Yourself From Evictions


Nobody wants to have to deal with an eviction. Even when renters try to do everything right, sometimes it’s necessary to evict them. We at Real Property Management Select have decades of experience in rental property management. Sacramento owners don’t need to deal with eviction unprotected —  we have the experience necessary to help you protect yourself in the case of an eviction.

Dangers of Evictions

Evictions can be expensive. On top of the average court fees, if the eviction is contested, that can take months with additional expenses. If you make mistakes in trying to comply with state and federal laws, unnecessary penalty fees may be incurred. Dealing with an eviction can also take a real emotional toll on owners with threatening tenants. Improper eviction methods or mishandled evictions can lead to lawsuits or damage to the home by an angry tenant. To mitigate these risks, many investors engage the help of professional Sacramento property management companies.

Sacramento-Area Eviction Protection

Real Property Management Select’s Eviction Protection program is available to all our clients. For a low monthly fee per property, we will pay the filing fees, legal fees, and court costs in case of an eviction. This program lowers your financial risk and can leave you with greater peace of mind knowing that, even if something goes wrong, an eviction situation is taken care of. Because of our experience in rental property management, Sacramento’s local, state, and federal laws and regulations are second nature to us. We know how to smoothly and efficiently carry out an eviction.

The stress of owning a rental home should not be compounded with the dread of having to deal with an eviction. Real Property Management Select is one of the foremost property management companies, Sacramento-based, and well-versed in what we do. Sacramento-area owners can count on us to know what we’re doing and keep them protected in the event of an eviction.

Moving Out of Your Rental Property?

Moving out of a Sacramento rental? Property management is something we’ve been doing a long time at Real Property Management Select. We know moving can be stressful. When moving out of your rental property, you want to do everything you can to make sure that you’re not paying any more money than you absolutely need to. We have a lot of advice to give from our experience in property management. Sacramento, CA tenants, Real Property Management Select is here to help.

Know Your Responsibilities

Know which repairs are your responsibility and which aren’t. Normal wear-and-tear on a home isn’t something you as a tenant need to get repaired. This includes any damage sustained to the property that happens over the course of regular everyday activity, like light wear on carpeting or paint. It’s the out-of-the-ordinary damage the tenant is responsible for. Even if the damage was completely accidental, it’s still your responsibility to take care of it, and anything you don’t take care of could well come out of your security deposit.

Preparing to Leave

Another important thing to remember when leaving your rental property is cleaning. Leave the property neat and tidy, deep-cleaning as thoroughly as you can. Get the carpets shampooed, and clean all of the appliances inside and out. Leave everything as it was when you got there. Take everything you brought, and nothing you didn’t. Make sure to schedule ahead of time for the utilities to be taken out of your name on the last day of your lease agreement.
At Select, we want every aspect of your rental experience to go as well as possible, and our experience in Sacramento rental property management gives us the know-how to help you make it happen. Call today to find out more about our comprehensive list of services.

Moving Into Your Rental Home

Moving into a rental home and need a little guidance? Take some advice from us at Real Property Management Select, one of the leading Sacramento property management companies. Here are a few tips we’ve picked up from our experience in Sacramento property management:

What You’ll Get At Move In

When you move into your rental property, look for the resident’s manual provided by your leasing agent. This will contain important information about your new home. You will also find an Inventory and Condition form that you will need to fill out and return to your leasing agent. Be sure add photos of your home to help document condition of the unit when you move in. If you notice something that needs repair in this process, submit a maintenance request separately.

Know Your Responsibilities

As a tenant, it’s important to know exactly what is your responsibility when it comes to the maintenance of the home. You will be responsible for routine maintenance like keeping the property clean and tidy as well as seasonal maintenance like changing light bulbs and furnace or water filters. You’ll also be responsible for payment of the utilities and for keeping the property in compliance with property codes and regulations. The owner will be responsible for the locks on the outside doors, as well as compliance with state and federal safety laws on detectors.

Making Payments

Real Property Management Select makes paying your rent on time easy through its online resident portal. You can pay monthly using your checking, debit, or credit accounts. If you’re busy and want to be sure you are paying on time every month, you can even set up automatic payments. You have the opportunity to establish a positive rental history with our easy payment options. When it is time to move out, take advantage of a positive letter of recommendation to help secure a new rental home wherever you are moving. Property management companies don’t always offer services like this – be sure to take advantage.
Trust us; we’ve learned a thing or two from our experience in Sacramento property management. Start your time in your new house or apartment off right. We at Select know you want your move to go smoothly, and we do, too.