Sacramento Investors Choose RPM – the Best Property Management Company

If you want to make money as a rental investor, you need a tried-and-true rent collection process that is proven to work. In a perfect world, every rent check would clear, and you would never have to deal with tenant conflict. Unfortunately, that is not reality. Being a landlord is a complex job, full of risk. It’s not as easy as receiving payment on the first of each month, then watching your profits steadily increase. At Real Property Management Select, we know what is required to make you a successful and profitable landlord, even through the ups and downs that come with owning a rental home.

A Proven Rent Collection Process

A disorganized approach to leasing leads to trouble down the road. When choosing between property management companies, Sacramento investors need to select a company that understands how the rental industry works. At Real Property Management Select, we know what is required to make investors succeed.

Use an Aggressive Marketing Strategy – Nothing hurts your cash flow more than an extended vacancy. Every day your home is vacant hurts your bottom line. When marketing your rental, a yard sign is not enough to get your listing out to the masses. Real Property Management Select posts your home on a variety of websites and social media sites. Also, our technology-driven marketing plan allows potential tenants to view online a virtual showing of your home, see high-quality images of the interior and exterior, and visit our webpage to schedule a live showing. We strive to attract as many applicants as possible to give our landlords the best chance of finding well-qualified tenants.

Conduct a Thorough Tenant Screening – Selecting the right tenants is a critical component of the rent collection process. Your profitability and success as a landlord hinges upon finding quality tenants. Poor tenant qualification increases your odds of running into payment delays, property damage, tenant conflict, or even an eviction. At Real Property Management Select, our rigorous tenant application is designed to help you avoid lost revenue. We verify income and employment, plus conduct a credit and criminal background check.

Construct a Concise Contract – A well-written lease contract is imperative. A rental agreement should clearly outline tenant responsibilities versus landlord duties. You want your tenants to know upfront your expectations of them and what they can expect from you. We make sure to list information about property care, maintenance standards, and what happens if tenants pay rent late.

Utilize Technology – There are many differences between property management companies. Sacramento tenants and landlords have many options but should be aware that not all companies offer technology-driven processes. In today’s digital world, Real Property Management Select utilizes the ease and convenience of technology. Tenants can pay rent and submit maintenance requests all through a personal online portal. Landlords also use an online portal to view financial statements, track monthly payments, review work orders, and see tax documents. Plus, since rent payments are made electronically, funds are ACH direct deposited making them available sooner to landlords.

Have an Automated Collections System – Another way Real Property Management Select takes advantage of technology is by using an automated collections process if rent is not paid on time. Missed payments trigger our system to send out notices that work to resolve the matter. But it is important for landlords to be cautious of how they move forward with contacting tenants and collecting a late payment. Landlords must comply with certain regulations to avoid legal consequences. Our in-house legal team understands the law and makes sure our landlords follow all applicable regulations regarding the collections process.

Be Prepared – Even the best tenants can run into financial trouble and leave you without incoming rent payments for an unknown amount of time. If you have to pursue an eviction, the process is long and expensive. Unfortunately, it’s one of the risks of owning a rental property though. Being financially and emotionally prepared to deal with difficult situations sets you up for success. Real Property Management Select offers guidance and assistance to help you weather any storm.

Deciding Between Property Management Companies? Sacramento Investors Can Trust RPM

Real Property Management Select is different than other property management companies. Sacramento landlords can expect the best from our experienced professionals. With more than 30 years of experience, our rent collection process will surpass your expectations. Our proven process includes:

  • a proactive approach to marketing
  • an in-depth tenant application
  • a clear and explanatory rental contract
  • a technology-driven online portal
  • a legally compliant automated collections system

Being a rental property owner is a 24/7 job, with no weekends or holidays off. Our rent collection process is designed to relieve you of those everyday demands. Leave those 2 AM emergency maintenance calls to us. Learn more about our hassle-free approach to property management. Put our comprehensive list of services to the test. Call Real Property Management Select today.

Solutions for Tenant Conflict

As a rental property owner, negative tenant interactions are to be expected from time to time. While tenant conflict is the last thing you want to deal with, you need to be prepared to handle confrontations in a professional manner. The Sacramento rental property management team at Real Property Management Select strives to help you be a successful rental investor and develop positive tenant/landlord relationships.

Ways to Develop Positive Tenant Interactions

Being a landlord is a tricky job, and requires patience and understanding. Your best chance at being a profitable homeowner is by creating satisfied customers, in other words, happy tenants. Tenants that feel valued and cared for are more likely to respect and maintain your property. With the help of our professional team, you can better avoid tenant conflict.

Lease Agreement – Disagreements often begin when one party misunderstands the other. A clear and concise rental contract is the best way to make sure all individuals involved understand their duties. The lease agreement needs to distinctly state tenant versus homeowner responsibilities. At Real Property Management Select, we use a well-written contract that outlines exact obligations to help tenants know what to expect from the very beginning.

Work Orders – Maintenance repairs can also create disputes. Landlords should financially and even mentally prepare to put money into their rental every once in a while. Anticipate fixes and set aside funds for those fixes. Homes naturally deteriorate no matter who is living in them. Expect normal wear and tear to happen. As for your tenants, they can feel neglected and unheard if maintenance requests are not handled in a timely manner. But when partnering with Real Property Management Select, you won’t have to worry about that. We promptly respond to submitted requests and work hard to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Home Inspections – Frustrations escalate when costly repairs could have been prevented with regular upkeep. Home inspections allow you to catch small problems before they turn into significant problems. Landlords are allowed to enter their rental home when they follow the proper legal steps. Complying with the law not only saves you from legal ramifications but is also a way to show respect and keep the peace with your tenants. The experts at Real Property Management Select know the law regarding home inspections and make sure to follow all applicable regulations.

Emotional Attachment – Some investors have a difficult time transitioning from homeowner t

o business owner. It is important to operate your rental like a business investment, even if it was once your beloved home. Remember that tenants notoriously do not provide the same level of care for a house as a direct homeowner would give. All the while, your landlord/tenant relationship hinges on your ability to personally detach, and rather, remain objective and courteous. The help of a third party such as Real Property Management Select is especially beneficial when trying to make the emotional switch to a business investor.

Tenant Screening – Placing quality tenants in your unit can drastically reduce the likelihood of encountering conflict down the road, not to mention the impact on your cash flow and profitability. The Sacramento rental property management team at Real Property Management Select uses a thorough tenant application process for this reason. We verify credit, employment, and income. Plus, we conduct a criminal and background check. We also look at rental history and talk to previous landlords. Finding well-qualified tenants can make the world of difference, resulting in either pleasant tenant experiences or rocky ones.

Develop Mutual Respect

Most tenants don’t want to stir up trouble, but they do want to feel listened to and respected. Your success as a rental home investor largely depends on the landlord/tenant relationship you develop. Remember to:

  • Set expectations upfront and enforce the terms of the lease
  • Anticipate and prepare for maintenance requests, small and large
  • Conduct regular home inspections to catch needed repairs before they snowball
  • Don’t stress over normal wear and tear to your home
  • Follow all federal, state, and local laws and regulations
  • Make a mental adjustment to operate your rental as a business
  • Utilize a rigorous tenant screening process
  • Hire a professional intermediary to help you maneuver the complexities that come with being a landlord

What Our Sacramento Rental Property Management Experts Can Do for You

The professionals at Real Property Management Select understand the rental industry. They know how to improve your tenant communication, all while increasing your bottom line. To be a successful rental property owner, you need to understand the job requires time, energy, and knowledge. Landlord responsibilities don’t stop on the nights, weekends, or holidays. But you can handoff the everyday hassles and headaches of your Sacramento rental property management duties to our experts. We offer a comprehensive list of services and proven processes that are designed to get you a better return on your investment. Put our experienced team to the test. Call Real Property Management Select today.

Professional Property Management Helps Investors Avoid Evictions

As a landlord, you cannot escape the complexities and risks that come with owning a rental home. Unfortunately, collections and evictions are inherently a part of doing business in the rental industry. But when you partner with professional property management, Sacramento, CA, rental investing is made easier. The team at Real Property Management Select wants to see you succeed and knows how to help you avoid legal pitfalls and costly mistakes.

Ways to Prevent an Eviction

To be a profitable rental property investor, you need to avoid evictions. The added stress of dealing with an eviction is just the tip of the iceberg. Evictions not only hurt your cash flow but also cost you time and money. At Real Property Management Select, we use proven processes to help prevent evictions, and meanwhile, get you a better return on your investment property.

Thorough Tenant Screening Process – It all begins with finding qualified tenants. Securing reliable and dependable tenants gives you the best chance of receiving a rent payment on time and in full every month. Placing poorly qualified tenants tends to lead to payment delays, property damage, increased vacancies, and a higher likelihood of an eviction. At Real Property Management Select, our tenant application process is designed to help you find quality tenants.

  • We require an application for every potential tenant over the age of 18.
  • We verify employment and that the combined income is at least three times the monthly rent price.
  • We conduct a credit check. This is a simple way to see if tenants have a proven history of following through on their financial obligations and whether they’ve had any evictions or judgments made against them in the past.
  • We complete a background check. A criminal check allows you to see if there is a history of drugs, theft, violence, or sexual offense.
  • We look at the previous two years of rental history. There is no better resource than a prior landlord to tell you their experience with a tenant.

Online Payments – Real Property Management Select makes paying rent easy and convenient. Tenants use a personal online portal to submit rent payments. Using an online system benefits tenants by allowing them to pay rent any time of the day or night, anywhere in the world. Plus, owners have access to rent payments sooner since the funds are ACH direct-deposited into their account.

Automated Collections Process – We enforce a strict rent payment cycle. While we always work to resolve any financial matters promptly, we also make sure to comply with all legal regulations. Our automated collections process moves as quickly as the law allows. We provide warnings and notices to tenants that are required by law before pursuing an eviction. Our in-house legal team knows how to correctly maneuver through the eviction process, and strives to protect you as a homeowner from the moment a rent payment is missed.

Clear and Concise Lease Contract – It is best to let your tenants know from the very start what is expected of them. This is best accomplished by providing a well-written rental lease agreement that explains your firm-but-fair rent policies. Tenants will know beforehand what will happen if they miss a rent payment, or what can lead to an eviction such as property damage or not complying with the lease contract.

Laws and Regulations – If you find yourself going through an eviction, it is essential to follow all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. When partnering with Real Property Management Select as your professional property management, Sacramento, CA, landlords are guaranteed help through every step of the eviction process. Evictions are lengthy and expensive. Contested evictions are even more drawn out. Mistakes can lead to further delays and stiff financial penalties. You can rely on Real Property Management Select to protect you as a property owner during a legal battle.

The Emotional Toll of an Eviction

Evictions are typically frustrating. Although they take an emotional toll, it is vital for a landlord to remain level-headed and respectful through the process. Threatening tenants or using unethical collection policies can lead to a lawsuit. You must approach the situation as a business matter, not a personal matter. But you don’t need to tackle the eviction process alone. Dealing with problem tenants can be downright tricky. The legal experts at Real Property Management Select can help you avoid any serious legal implications of an eviction.

Need Property Management? Sacramento, CA, Investors Rely on RPM

Not all property management companies are created equal. As a leader in property management, Sacramento, CA, investors can expect the best from Real Property Management Select. We use efficient, technology-driven processes that help you succeed as a rental property owner. Leave behind the everyday hassles of being a landlord and call Real Property Management Select today.

How Sacramento Property Management Companies Handle Maintenance Requests

Home repairs are inevitable. Maintenance requests are simply part of the business of owning a rental property. You can’t escape work orders, no matter the age of a home or how well qualified the tenants. Systems break. Appliances need replacing. And that’s where Real Property Management Select can help.

Maintenance Costs and Concerns

All Sacramento property management companies have different ways of dealing with maintenance problems. At Real Property Management Select, we take the most cost-effective, proactive approach. As our client, we want to help you get a better return on your investment property and remain profitable. Our proven maintenance process does just that.

Response Time – Avoiding needed repairs won’t make them disappear. Instead, we address maintenance needs quickly. Ignored problems become expensive over time. It is always best to take care of maintenance issues promptly. For ease and convenience, tenants use a personal online portal to submit all maintenance requests.

Safety Concerns – It is critical for landlords to comply with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Failing to maintain safe living conditions can result in a lawsuit, or leaving maintenance issues unresolved may lead to hefty violation fines. The professionals at Real Property Management Select have the experience and knowledge to help you follow applicable habitability laws. We make sure your home meets specific safety standards to comply with housing codes.

Home Inspections – Conducting regular home inspections is an easy way to catch small maintenance problems before they escalate into substantial costly repairs. A trained eye can see details in a home that might indicate the need for a repair before the tenants catch it themselves. The team at Real Property Management Select knows what to look for during an inspection to help you save money down the road due to an expensive repair.

Seasonal Maintenance – Routine seasonal maintenance is a way to ensure everything is in working order and properly cared for. Minor repairs handled in a timely manner often prevent major fixes, or worse, the need for an entire appliance or system replacement. The best approach to maintenance is a proactive approach.

Detailed Lease Contract – Maintenance issues can create tension and disagreements between a landlord and tenants. A well-written rental lease agreement is one way to circumvent conflict before it begins. Contracts made up by Real Property Management Select are clear and concise. While other Sacramento property management companies might use a generic or vague contract, we make sure to outline exact duties of the landlord versus specific responsibilities of the tenant.

Financial Preparedness – While investors may hope for their rental property to only bring in money, unfortunately, that’s not reality. We advise all homeowners to anticipate that their home will need repairs. It is wise to be prepared for the costs of such home fixes by setting aside one to three months worth of rent. But there is good news––a well-maintained home brings a better return. Tenants are willing to pay more in rent for a quality rental house. What you put into your rental property is what you will get out of it.

Happy Tenants – Be the kind of landlord you would like to have. Treat your tenants with respect at all times. Tenants feel cared for when you show home repairs are a priority. Homes naturally deteriorate over time. Wear and tear will happen, even with careful tenants. Understanding this can help landlords mentally and emotionally prepare for the stress and, financial strain maintenance issues might bring.

RPM Select Stands Out Among Sacramento Property Management Companies

The rental industry is highly competitive. Landlords and tenants will see a difference with our proactive approach to maintenance compared to other Sacramento property management companies. Our proven process includes:

  • A quick response to maintenance requests submitted by tenants
  • Prompt handling of home repairs to stay in compliance with all habitability laws
  • Regular home inspections to catch repairs that can escalate into expensive fixes
  • Routine seasonal maintenance to maintain and upkeep appliances and systems
  • A well-written rental agreement to clarify landlord versus tenant duties
  • A financial plan to be prepared for the costs of needed maintenance
  • Respect for tenant concerns and needs

Real Property Management Select is committed to helping homeowners get a better return on their investment properties than what they could get on their own. We handle so much more than just maintenance requests and home fixes. There are many complexities and risks of owning a rental property. Our comprehensive list of services will help you avoid costly mistakes, all while increasing your cash flow. You can hand off the everyday hassles and headaches of being a landlord to our experienced team. With more than 30 years experience, we understand the rental industry and know how to make you a successful rental investor. Call Real Property Management Select today.