5 Keys to Cost Effective Maintenance


Can Roseville Property Management Keep Maintenance Costs Low?

One of the biggest costs to owning a rental property is maintenance. No one likes to deal with it, and since you’re not living there, it’s easy to allow an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mindset to creep in. That mindset can cost you some big bucks in the long run, however. Angry tenants, even lawsuits can result from improper maintenance handling. Let the most experienced Roseville property management company, Real Property Management Select, give a few pointers to help keep maintenance costs low and tenant satisfaction high.


Be Prepared

We’ve all heard the trusty Scout motto, ‘be prepared.’ Maintenance is a fact of life when it comes to property management. Roseville, CA owners can prepare by addressing any safety or health related maintenance issues between renters to help guard against lawsuits and unhappy tenants. Another way to prepare for maintenance is to set aside 1-2 months worth of rent per year for assumed maintenance costs, more if you own an older home. This way, when emergency maintenance arises, you can be ready and reduce the impact on your day-to-day finances.


Our Roseville Property Management is Proactive

Don’t wait for issues to catch you off guard after they’ve become too big to ignore. Roseville property management company Real Property Management Select suggests routine seasonal maintenance and regular property inspections to ensure everything is working properly and being cared for. If needs are left too long undone, repairs can become much more costly than if they were addressed as soon as they broke or malfunctioned. It’s always better to pay for a small maintenance item rather than a large repair, or even replacement of a major appliance or system.


Be Responsive

When tenants call with maintenance concerns, address them promptly. There are many laws surrounding maintenance and repairs in property management, Roseville, CA owners should be aware of these laws in order to stay legal with their business. However, even the repairs that are small to you may be big to your tenants since they have to live with repair needs every day. Responsive property owners make for happy tenants, and happy tenants make long-term tenants.


Tenants are more likely to stay and renew their leases in a well-maintained home. They’re more likely to respect the property when they see that you do as well. The most effective way to help keep maintenance costs low is to hire a company to take care of your property management. Roseville, CA owners can rest assured in the hands of Real Property Management Select, knowing they have the expertise and network to keep their homes maintained without breaking the bank. Find out more today!