5 Ways to Avoid Evictions in Property Rentals

To be a successful rental property investor, it is important you avoid evictions. Evictions interrupt cash flow and and cost money. While situations out of your control can and will arise, there are several things you should do as a homeowner to help avoid an eviction.

Guidelines to Follow

Different factors can lead to an eviction – unruly tenants, unpaid rent, property damage, or a lease violation. At Real Property Management Select, our team of professionals uses proven processes to help prevent evictions.

  • Find Qualified Tenants – Proper tenant screening is a must. Quality tenants can make the difference between a rocky or smooth rental experience. A rigorous screening process helps you find tenants that will most likely care for your property and respect you as a landlord. Always verify income amount, employment, credit, and rental history.
  • Set Clear Expectations – Your tenants need to know the rules to follow them. Make sure your lease is clear and precise. Outline what you as the landlord will take care of, and in turn, what they as tenants need to upkeep. Include firm-but-fair rent policies in the lease and describe the consequences of breaking those parameters.
  • Use an Automated Collections Process – If rent is not paid on time, you should already know your next step. Do you have a grace period? Will you charge a late fee? Do you send out an electronic notice or paper notice? Also, it is extremely important you follow all relevant laws and regulations throughout the process.
  • Be Businesslike  – A negative landlord/tenant relationship can have a direct financial impact on you as the homeowner. Be the landlord you would want to have as a tenant. After seeking the services of professional property management, Sacramento, CA, investors find it easier to remain objective. Even though tenant conflicts still arise, it is helpful to have an intermediary person to resolve the matter.
  • Hire Reliable Property Management – Sacramento, CA, investors should use a dependable property management company to help ease the workload of being a landlord. After all, landlord responsibilities don’t stop for nights, weekends, or holidays.

Property Management Sacramento, CA, Investors Can Trust

Partnering with Real Property Management Select is a smart investment. Our specialists want you to succeed. We know how to help you see a better return on your investment property. With our guidance, being a landlord can be a positive and profitable experience. Put our team to work for you. Give Real Property Management Select a call today.