Finding Reliable Tenants for Your Sacramento Rental Property

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Sacramento landlords and property managers may receive stacks of applications from prospective tenants for their rental properties, but are often unsure about how to go about the selection process. If the homeowner once lived in and loved the property, emotional ties to the home can further complicate the process.

Your ability to detach yourself emotionally from the property will directly impact your success as a Sacramento rental property owner. The California Real Estate Commission considers rental property as a business venture, and any decisions made in regards to the home should be made objectively to protect yourself from any legal ramifications.


As an experienced property management company, Real Property Management Sac-Metro helps homeowners make the transition into rental property owners by offering the following tips:

  • Take time to make a conscious mental adjustment to being a business owner rather than a homeowner
  • Even if you intend to occupy the home at a future date, while the home is a rental property, it must be operated as a business
  • Accept that even with carefully selected tenants, the interior of the home will not be the same in five years as it is today, as wear and tear is a normal part of the home’s aging process
  • Understand that landscaping and other details will not be as lovingly attended to as you may like
  • You may enforce the lease agreement to ensure the tenant is holding up to their end of the agreement, but tenants will not have the emotional tie to the home that an owner will

Real Property Management Sac-Metro helps homeowners through the transition to business owners by serving as a non-emotional point of contact for both parties and relieves you from the stress of dealing with difficult tenants.


Selecting the right tenant to occupy your rental home can make all the difference in your experience as a Sacramento property investor. Real Property Management Sac-Metro recommends conducting a thorough tenant screening process that includes employment, credit, past rental and criminal histories as well as terrorist and sex offender checks. Screening applicants will help you select tenants who have a proven history of following through on their financial obligations, and can serve to keep you, your property, and the community more protected overall.

Real Property Management Sac-Metro conducts these thorough background checks as part of our leasing process to protect your valuable investment. Our experienced team is also well versed in local, state, and federal laws and regulations to prevent any discriminatory acts during the selection phase. As your partner in property management, Real Property Management Sac-Metro ensures your home is properly cared for by the most qualified tenant available.

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Cost-Effective Maintenance for Sacramento Landlords

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When it comes to rental property management in Sacramento, many owners are concerned about the cost and quality of maintenance—when must a repair be made? How can you save on costs without compromising quality or risking a larger problem down the road?


With rental property, maintenance needs never come at the most convenient times. While nobody likes the 2 AM call reporting that a pipe is leaking, being proactive and responsive about needed repairs is the biggest way to keep maintenance costs down and keep tenants happy.

At Real Property Management Sac-Metro, our qualified maintenance teams are licensed, insured, and offer cost-effective solutions for all your maintenance needs through our extensive network of partners. We understand which repairs are paid for by the owner, and which are paid for by the tenant.  We know what repairs are required by law, and which maintenance items will save you long-term if handled now. Through 30 years of experience in the property management industry, we have learned that being proactive about maintenance saves you time, money, and headache in the long run. Our streamlined process reduces costs, ensures quality work, and frees you from the hassles of taking that late night emergency repair call. All documentation of property needs and work done is available to you through your online owners portal to keep consistent with our policy of transparent communication.


Even well-maintained units with a careful tenant will have an  appliance that breaks. Systems become worn out and need replacing, and maintenance needs are just part of the business of owning rental property. Just like your home needs careful attention to details, so does your rental. Here are our top tips for keeping things running smoothly at your rental home:

  • Be Prepared: No matter how carefully you try to plan, your unit will need fixing. We recommend setting aside 1-3 months worth of rental income for annual maintenance and upkeep of the property.
  • Keep the Lines of Communication Open: When tenants have an issue that needs to be repaired, and then they can’t get a hold of you, your tenants can become frustrated. By responding quickly and keeping the home in good condition, you are offering quality customer service to your tenants. Keeping them happy and comfortable in their home means when the lease is up, they will more likely want to renew that lease.
  • Don’t Overlook Safety Concerns: The best time to address safety and health concerns at the property is when your unit is vacant. You should also ensure everything at the property is up to code. Our Sacramento residential property management team can help you know what needs to be addressed before placing the home up for a new rent cycle.

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Communicating with Your Sacramento Property Manager

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Property owners who choose to self-manage their rental units in Sacramento start to think about delegating tasks to a professional property management company when the actual day-to-day managing work begins and the headaches, unexpected interruptions, maintenance, and legal compliance issues become too much. Yet many new rental property owners are concerned about whether they will feel uninformed about their property if they hire a professional.


To several of our clients, it comes as a pleasant surprise that Real Property Specialized Sac-Metro places a heavy emphasis on transparent communication with our owner clients. The constant flow of communication about your property is what sets us apart from other property management companies in Sacramento. Here are just a few ways we keep you informed about the ongoings at your rental home:

  • Weekly Leasing Updates: During the leasing phase, we send weekly email updates regarding the status of your rental property. These emails containing information about the number of unit showings and potential tenant applications will continue until we find the right tenant to occupy the home. Our property management team is also available to discuss setting rent rates and planning leasing strategies to ensure the fewest amount of vacancy days. We also provide services that will make sure your property is rent-ready.
  • Live Support: If you have questions or concerns, we want to hear about them— any time— night or day. With our 24-hour hotline, you will always reach a live person to discuss any concerns you have about your property.
  • Online Owner Portal: The best way to keep our owner clients informed about their rental units is by providing access to an online owners portal available anytime of day. This portal provides financial statements, details about property inspections, rental payment history, and more.

While there are many property management companies in Sacramento to choose from, finding one that keeps you informed about your property is critical to your success as a rental property owner. Real Property Management Sac-Metro strongly believes in open communication as part of our business integrity.

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Collections & Evictions

Collections and Evictions


Sacramento rental property owners don’t invest in real estate to be in the business of collections. Yet, they sometimes find themselves facing late rental payments, or even the legal process of an eviction. Even though collecting the rent may seem like a straightforward process, the reality is that tenants don’t always pay on time, checks don’t always clear, and property managers can quickly be placed in a sticky situation. If the home was previously occupied by the homeowner, decisions regarding the eviction process can be made on an emotional level instead of with a business mind, bringing more complications to the situation.


With over 30 years of experience in property management, Real Property Management Sac-Metro has heard every excuse in the book for late or delayed rent payments. However, we avoid collection delays by establishing firm, but fair rent collection policies at the lease signing, so tenants rent schedules and late payment policies. Our experienced property management team also streamlines the rent collection process by:

  • Performing thorough screenings for every applicant over the age of 18 to know who has a history of following through on their financial obligations
  • Offering online rent payment options for tenants that are then ACH direct deposited into the owner’s account
  • Enforcing an automated collections process as soon as allowable by law to resolve unpaid rents
  • Providing an in-house legal team to assist with evictions as necessary
  • During an eviction, it is paramount to follow the law. You will need to file all necessary paperwork promptly, understand the risks and costs associated, never threaten your tenant and always give them proper notice and time frames as to when actions will be taken. An eviction can take an emotional toll on property managers, but with the help of a professional property management company, the process can go smoothly.


Along with other financial services provided to our clients, Real Property Management Sac-Metro offers eviction protection plans for a low monthly fee per property that covers legal costs of filing and time in court associated with evictions.

For help streamlining your rent collection process and avoiding the legal implications of evictions, put our experience and ethics to work for you today.  Simply call  (916) 452-5000 for a no-obligation quote.

How to Choose a Sacramento Property Manager


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With the myriads of Sacramento property management companies to choose from, how do you select the one that will be most responsive to your needs as a property owner, keep you informed about ongoings at the property, answer phone calls, lease the property, and look out for your legal rights? For property managers in Sacramento, it is critical to find a company that will be as interested in taking care of your needs as they are to collect their monthly management fees.


Not all Sacramento property management companies are the same, and Real Property Management Sac-Metro is living proof of that statement. With over 30 years of experience in property management services, we have raised the industry standards and provided quality customer service. Through our reliable and efficient systems and processes, we help investors get the best return on their investment, and forego the headaches associated with property management.

We also invite all potential clients to shop around for property management companies and compare services to find the one best company suited for their needs. Here are five things an investor should look for in a management firm:

  • Open Communication: Handing your property over to a professional management company shouldn’t mean being left in the dark about the happenings at the home. Look for a manager that provides live support at all hours of the day and night, has online access to information regarding the property, and keeps you up-to-date during the leasing phase of the rent cycle.
  • Clear Expectations: What you can expect from your management team should be clearly stated in your terms of service agreement. This document should outline each phase of the rent cycle and duties the management team will perform.
  • Simple Pricing Structure: All leasing, management, and any other fees should be clearly stated with no hidden fees in the management agreement.
  • High Standards: Training, certifications, experience, and an ethical track record matter, and will directly impact your success as a rental property owner contracted with this company.
  • Positive Reviews: Since you don’t want to trust your valuable investment to just anyone, don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials from other happy clients.

Real Property Management Sac-Metro has earned the trust of individuals, investors, and institutions in the Sacramento area. Since our business is based on high standards and integrity, we help homeowners get more from their investment properties.  Call today for a free quote:  (916) 452-5000.

Legal Mistakes Landlords Need to Avoid

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One of the most complex parts of owning rental property is understanding federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and codes that come with being a Sacramento property manager. Inexperience with these laws can lead to legal pitfalls and headaches, some of which include:

  • Failure to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Violation of California Fair Housing Laws
  • Violations of habitability laws by refusing to attend to safety, mold, or structural issues
  • Hiring property maintenance or management companies that do not follow the proper licensing requirements
  • Failure to comply to local or state laws regarding smoke and carbon dioxide detectors
  • Failure to maintain an after-hours point of contact and improper documentation of the rent cycle
  • Failure to hire a licensed real estate agent to conduct property management activities
  • Violating trust in accounting laws by improperly handling security deposits
  • Failure to keep personal information confidential

If you are unsure how to handle these and other legal risks that fall on your shoulders as a property manager in Sacramento, it may be time to hire a professional property management company to handle your rental portfolio.


Real Property Management Sac-Metro helps rental property owners reduce the risk associated with owning rental property by providing a team of local compliance experts. This team protects you through a proven process and regulatory experience and offers:

  • In-house legal counsel specializing in risk mitigation
  • Compliance to trust accounting laws when handling funds
  • Eviction Services
  • Writ of Possession Services
  • Thorough understanding of Fair Housing Laws and Americans with Disabilities Act
  • High Ethical Standards


Put simply; our Sacramento property management team stays on top of local, state, and federal regulations, so you don’t have to. Since these laws are continually changing and apply to both the tenant and the landlord, our team saves you the headache of studying up on:

  • State property code laws
  • Local city ordinances
  • Fair Housing Act & ADA
  • Department of Real Estate
  • Tenant screening regulations
  • Real estate contract law on residential leases
  • Trust and escrow laws on security deposits and monthly rental payments
  • Tenant and landlord maintenance laws
  • Collection and eviction laws
  • Property inspection regulations

With all of these laws carrying both financial and legal risk, our compliance team stays abreast of changes to protect you, your investment, and your tenants.

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