How to Choose a Sacramento Rental Property Management Company

If you’re looking to hire an elite and professional property management company in the Sacramento area, you’ve already come to the realization that investing in rental property is a modern day gold rush. Whether you just closed on your investment property or have a long standing property that needs the best management company in town, SAC-METRO has your back. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, you can count on us to safeguard your property with our elite and professional team.

Setting Clear Expectations

One of the most frustrating things in life, whether it’s in your job, relationships with others, raising children, or hiring contractors, is a lack of clear expectations. No one likes to feel like they’re in the dark, literally and figuratively. That’s why Sacramento rental property management company, SAC-METRO, ensures individuals on all sides of lease agreements are well versed in what is expected of them. It helps tenants follow through more promptly with rental payments, submit maintenance requests when needed, follow the lease agreement rules, comply with pest control services, and allows our professional leasing team to keep tenants and property investors happy. Our renters know that we reward them for paying rent on time. When they make an online rent payment on time, they have the opportunity to become a member of our Resident Club which allows them to save money on groceries, entertainment, and shopping. It’s just one of the many reasons that renters seek SAC-METRO rentals. Because of SAC-METRO’s effort to educate tenants and offer rewards alongside our professional and prompt service, our investors are more likely to retain long term tenants.

Get Comprehensive and Dependable Service

It takes a lot of time, effort, organization, and planning to smoothly manage rental properties. If you’ve tried managing your own investment property, you know just how much time, stress, planning, and scheduling it takes to be successful. SAC-METRO educates property owners about our comprehensive services and what they expect from our reliable team. We do everything from  inspecting, marketing, showing, tenant screening, lease signing, rent collecting, maintaining the property, renewing lease agreements, moving, and reporting back. We have a 24 hour hotline that allows investors to call in and seek needed information or to discuss any property concerns. We encourage open communication from both sides of our management agreement. Investors are welcome to call in and discuss market rent rates, property concerns or maintenance, and any other information they need. They can also see real time updates by accessing their owner portal on our website from anywhere in the world. There, they can view any received applications to rent, see how many tours were conducted at their property during the showing process, and a market analysis on rent rates and trends. Our professional rental property management Sacramento leasing team lives within the local community, giving us valuable insight on market comparisons and local hotspots for dining, shopping, and fun.

Raising the Bar for Sacramento Rental Property Management

At SAC-METRO, we hold ourselves to higher industry standards than our competitors. We pride ourselves on our ability to find qualified and reliable tenants more quickly than other management companies. Our proven leasing process shows that SAC-METRO has shorter vacancy times and longer tenant retention than our competitors.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Our experienced team helps property investors avoid costly mistakes which usually fall into the legal compliance category. SAC-METRO stays up to date on federal, state, and local housing laws including habitability, fair housing, and eviction laws. Our clients can expect to save on services and reduce their maintenance costs by following our recommendations and using our certified vendors. Routine inspections of our client’s properties help us stay proactive and catch any small repairs before they become big ones.

Get Financial Rewards by Choosing Real Property Management

SAC-METRO offers a Referral Rewards Program to clients who recommend our Sacramento rental property management services to their family, friends, and fellow investors. Each time they recommend us and it results in a signed management contract, clients can get credits towards their monthly services – – and there is no limit on how often you can give referrals and be rewarded. In addition to properly caring for and placing qualified tenants at your property, our rental property management Sacramento teams can construct a customized lease agreement for your specific property to better protect you financially and make you a profitable landlord.

Why Property Owners Need SAC-METRO

It’s a no-brainer to choose Real Property Management to safeguard your investment property. We feel confident you’ll love our services and see the financial growth you envisioned when purchasing your rental property in the first place. Due to our shorter vacancy times, long term tenant retention, proactive property inspections, comprehensive and dependable services, and Referral Rewards Program, client’s fees for our Sacramento rental property management services practically pay for themselves. Call us today to see how we can make your investment dreams can come true.

Rental Property Management Sacramento Professionals Know What Tenants Look for in a Perfect Rental Home

Right now is a great time to be a rental investor. More and more people are renting long-term and willing to pay for a quality rental. But some investment properties are easier to rent out than others. Homes that meet certain criteria bring a better return compared to houses that lack particular features.

Attracting Qualified Tenants

Tenants are picky. The type of home you invest in makes all the difference. You want a house that attracts qualified tenants – a home that tenants can envision living in. When tenants are happy with their living conditions, they stay longer which means less tenant turnover and fewer vacancy periods.

The Features That Bring the Best Return

What features should you look for when purchasing a rental investment? The rental property management Sacramento team at Real Property Management SAC-METRO knows what makes a successful rental property.

  • Storage and Closet Space – Storage space is an important feature of a home. More storage areas increase the value of a house. A sufficient amount of closet space in each bedroom is a necessity too. The ideal rental home would have ample storage space and plenty of room to organize items. This includes a formal pantry, walk-in master closet, linen closets, laundry room, mudroom, and cabinetry in the garage.
  • An Open Floor Plan – According to Time, “the days of compartmentalized rooms all separated by walls and doors are gone, and the era of connected living continues to be one of the top new home trends.” Many families are “looking for an open floor kitchen plan, as it allows people to flow to and from the heart of the home during gatherings.” Quirky or unusual layouts are an immediate turnoff to tenants. Updated Flooring – The type of flooring in a rental home either attracts or detracts tenants. A dirty carpet is an eyesore. A property with gross floors appears poorly maintained, even if it is up-to-date in other ways. Homes with tile, hardwood, or laminate floors handle wear and tear well and require less upkeep. Plus, they carry more appeal. An article on Balance makes this suggestion to investors: “Since it is a rental, you want the material you choose to be cost-effective, but you do not want to be replacing floors every year, so you need to choose something that is also durable.”
  • Location – Location plays a critical role in how you go about rental property management. Sacramento investors see more headaches and hassles with rental properties in a neighborhood with high crime rates, increased vacancies, and depreciating home values. Our Sacramento property management services help you locate the best areas for a rental investment. You need to consider factors such as the quality of schools, proximity to local shopping and amenities, and closeness of public transportation and large interstates.

What To Do When Your Investment Property Isn’t Ideal

There are ways to make the most of a rental property even when it is less than ideal. If your rental property does not exhibit every perfect feature, do not discount its ability to bring a good return.

  • What can you do when a home has little-to-no closet space? An article on Forrent offers a few solutions. It states, “Whether you remove the already-installed shelves or just complement what is there, adding shelves to a closet provides more surface area to stack and store bins, baskets, and other small items.” Also: “Consider removing closet doors to create more visual and usable space … Replacing big, outward-swinging or bi-fold doors with a curtain can help you use an awkward closet more fully (since you can access more of it) and arrange a tight room differently (since you don’t need to account for door clearance).”
  • What can you do when you cannot afford to replace the floors? Find a home improvement you can afford. A fresh coat of paint on the walls or new window blinds will transform a room. A new front door sets the tone for the entire home before you even walk in. Updated appliances make a kitchen come to life.
  • What can you do with a poor floor plan or an overly customized home? There are several ways to alter an existing floor plan. Knock out a non-load bearing wall. Add on a great room. Expose a ceiling by tearing down ceiling drywall. But if you do not want to dive into major renovations, there are other ways to give a room a different appearance. Install new light fixtures. Paint it a color that makes the room look open.

Professional Rental Property Management Sacramento Investors Can Rely On

Dependable property management in Sacramento is available. You can trust the rental property management Sacramento team at Real Property Management SAC-METRO. With more than 30 years of experience, our experts understand the rental industry and know how to increase your bottom line. We work hard to provide the best Sacramento property management services because we want to see you succeed. Whether you are new to rental investing or a seasoned landlord, we can help you improve your cash flow and get a better return on your property. Learn more about our hassle-free leasing cycle and proven processes. Put our team to work for you. Call Real Property Management SAC-METRO today.

Find Trustworthy Rental Property Management, Sacramento

Are you concerned about crime interrupting the safety of your tenants and hurting the profitability of your investment rental? Crime not only detours qualified tenants, but it can also hurt your cash flow if damage occurs to the home. It is wise to do all you can to create a secure house for your tenants as well as instruct them on a few safety precautions.

Creating a Crime-Free Rental

For rental property management, Sacramento homeowners use Real Property Management SAC-METRO to help them manage all the daily duties of being a landlord. We value your rental home and want to see it stay in good condition.  There are several ways you can beef up the security of your property and protect it from crime, especially when the tenants are out of town. Our suggestions include:

  • Place Qualified Tenants – A rigorous tenant screening process is your first line of defense against crime. Do your research by conducting both a financial check and a criminal/background check.
  • Install Proper Lighting – Make sure the home is well lit. Outdoor lights need to be in good, working order. A home with the lights on gives the impression that the residents are home.
  • Keep a Clean Yard – Curb appeal speaks for itself in rental property management. Sacramento homeowners knows that a clean yard shows your vigilance and attentiveness. Make sure your lease contract clearly states the yard and landscaping must look orderly and free of trash or clutter.
  • Check Locks and Windows – All doors and windows must have secure, working locks. Deadbolts are a necessity. Also, consider only having doors made of heavy-duty material such as wood or steel, not glass.
  • Stop Mail or Newspaper Services – Make sure your tenants understand the importance of stopping all mail and newspaper services if they plan to be away from the home for some time. The appearance of a vacant home increases the odds of it being burglarized.

Partnering with RPM SAC-METRO

When it comes to rental property management, Sacramento homeowners can trust the experts at Real Property Management SAC-METRO to safeguard their investment business. With more than 30 years of experience, we understand the rental industry and work hard to provide a positive rental experience for all our clients. Find out more about our hassle-free leasing cycle and comprehensive list of services. Give Real Property Management SAC-METRO a call today.

The 8 Hidden Costs of Rental Property Management Sacramento

Managing a rental home is a complex job. Being a landlord requires a great deal of time, energy, and knowledge of the rental industry. It’s not as simple as cashing a rent check every month and seeing a financial gain. Many things can take away from your cash flow such as maintenance repairs, property damage, tenant conflicts, and even violation fines for not complying with legal regulations. So, how can you protect yourself and your property?

Self-Managing Versus Professional Management

Homeowners often attempt to save money by not hiring professional rental property management. Sacramento investors think they can do it on their own. Unfortunately, many learn the hard way after losing money to costly mistakes. Here are a few reasons homeowners end up spending more when going about it alone.

  1. Choosing Under Qualified Tenants. A rigorous tenant screening process is a must. Placing poorly qualified tenants carries a big financial impact.
  2. Not Knowing the Law. You do not want to encounter hefty violation fines all due to not knowing your local, state, and national regulations. The experts at Real Property Management SAC-METRO stay up-to-date on all applicable laws and ordinances.
  3. Using a Poorly Written Lease. It is extremely important tenants know what they are responsible for maintaining. Otherwise, tenant conflict is sure to arise.
  4. Lacking Marketing Resources. Not properly advertising your available rental home leads to extra vacancy days. A vacant home interrupts your cash flow. When using professional rental property management, Sacramento homeowners have access to extra resources to get their listing out to the public.
  5. Neglecting Regular Inspections. A home inspection helps you catch maintenance repairs before they turn into big, expensive problems.
  6. Leaving Unattended Maintenance. When you know a repair is needed, fix it. Otherwise, it will end up costing you more money in the long run.
  7. Paying Retail for Repairs. Partnering with Real Property Management SAC-METRO is a smart choice to receive the client discount on all services and materials needed for maintenance repairs.
  8. Failing to Partner with Dependable Sacramento Property Management Company. Investors may think they will save money without professional help, but our experienced team provides what no homeowner can do alone.

Rental Property Management Sacramento Investors Can Depend On

At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we want to see you succeed. We run your property like a business, and a business needs to bring in money. Self-managing your rental home can actually cost you more than our management fees. Find out more about our proven processes and hassle-free leasing cycle. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Ways to Safeguard Your Rental Home

Rental Security

With so many available property management companies, Sacramento investors are stuck sifting through who is reliable yet affordable. The professionals at Real Property Management SAC-METRO utilize their local expertise of the rental market to help homeowners receive the best return on their investment property.

With more than 30 years of experience, our team works hard to ensure our clients don’t have to worry about the common headaches and hassles of rental property management. Sacramento homeowners should encourage their tenants to maintain and safeguard the rental unit. It is especially important for tenants to keep the home safe while on vacation or away for the holidays. Here are a few guidelines for tenants to follow to protect your property.

What to Do Before Going Away

Tenants need to make sure all door and window locks are in working order. If anything is loose or does not lock correctly, a maintenance request should be submitted in enough time to complete the repair before leaving town. Sliding glass doors should be locked and have an additional security bar in place as well.

It is important for the home to not stand out during a planned trip away. Tenants should put a hold on the mail. Backed-up mail is a clear sign that no one is home to gather the incoming mail. If a newspaper is delivered to the home, put a stop to that or simply have a neighbor gather the papers until the time of return. Another way to make it look like someone is home is by using timers to turn on and off lights and even television or radios.

Deciding Between Property Management Companies

Sacramento has so much variety. Investors can trust the experts at Real Property Management SAC-METRO. Our professionals have seen it all and know the rental market inside and out.  We understand how to protect your property while also increasing your cash flow.

Do you need help with rental property management? Sacramento homeowners rely on Real Property Management SAC-METRO to get the job done and done well. Call us today for more information.

Common and Costly Mistakes: Plan Maintenance for Properties

No matter how careful tenants are in your rental unit, appliances will eventually break down and systems wear out. Living spaces become worn from use and time and require continual upkeep. There are important steps to take in order to keep your maintenance costs down. Real Property SAC-METRO can help you plan ahead, take regular preventative measures, respond quickly to problems and keep up you up-to-date on health and safety codes. These steps will help your tenants feel valued and cared for. As you care for them, they will better care for your property. If you are investing in rental property management, Sacramento landlords trust Real Property Management SAC-METRO.

Planning for maintenance costs is part of owning a rental property. To help landlords afford these maintenance expenses, our professionals recommend is setting aside ten percent of the rent each month. This allowance can cover routine checks and costs when tenants move out and in the case of emergencies. Some properties may go several years without any major expenses. But when they occur, a prepared fund is helpful in avoiding delayed repairs. Landlords should also remember an older home may need a greater percentage set aside.

Developing a maintenance plan is important to property management companies. Sacramento owners what to avoid the costs of major repairs. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we conduct thorough inspections and cleanings twice a year. Once in the spring to prepare lawns and air conditioning units for warmer weather, and again in the fall to change furnace filters, clean gutters and prepare landscapes and homes for cooler weather. By taking preventative measures, you will limit surprises and decrease risks, saving you money in the long run.

A key reason for high renter turnover is when tenants have trouble contacting a landlord. When a tenant reports a problem, trustworthy landlords should address the problem quickly. This timely response time will help your tenants to feel valued. A valued tenant takes better care of your property and will potentially stay longer meaning less turnover and fewer vacancy days.

Having an efficient maintenance plan is a crucial part of owning a rental property. Let Real Property Management SAC-METRO help with all your property management needs. As the number one company in rental property management, Sacramento landlords rely on our experts for quality and affordable service. Call now to learn more about our unbeatable prices and reliable service.

Common and Costly Mistakes: Negative Tenant Interactions

Managing your beloved home as a rental property can be emotionally draining for beginning landlords. Rental property owners find it more difficult to act professionally if they have a sentimental attachment to their properties. The transition can be especially hard for people who have lived in and loved a home for a long period of time. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, our professionals act as a third-party liaison for landlords and tenants. With decades of experience in rental property management, Sacramento homeowners trust our expert teams to handle client and tenant communications.

When landlords turn their homes into rental units, the property is now classified as a business investment. If tenants don’t handle the home as you would, the you can feel personally wronged, angry, or violated. Undoubtedly, renters won’t provide the same level of care as homeowners. But Sacramento property owners shouldn’t let these differences turn into decreased care of the property. Among all the other property management companies, Sacramento property owners rely on Real Property Management SAC-METRO for support.

Transitioning should be a positive experience for you and your renters. Below are some tips to help you objectively approach your business objectively rather than emotionally:

  • See yourself as a business owner instead of a homeowner.
  • Remember normal wear and tear will happen, even with careful tenants. The home won’t look the same inside in three or ten years as it does today.
  • Even if you intend to move into your home later, you still need to operate your rental like a business until the day you move back in.
  • Don’t take mistakes personally. If tenants don’t attend to every little detail of your home, don’t stress. Simply enforce the lease terms to ensure proper care, not perfect care.
  • Take some time for a mental adjustment. You’ll be more successful and prepared if you recognize that adjusting takes time.

Homes are special places, and transitioning from a personal home to a business transaction is challenging. Real Property Management SAC-METRO offers quality service and and cost-effective solutions to help protect the value of your rental property. Our professionals help you stay objective and make smarter decisions for better results and less stress. As the top professional rental property management, Sacramento homeowners appreciate our dispassionate and intermediary standing between them and tenants. Call now and start improving your communication and relationship with tenants.


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What you wanted to ask rental property management Sacramento landlords but were too afraid to ask

Here at Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we provide professional service in rental property management. Sacramento landlords trust Real Property Management SAC-METRO for answers to these common questions about managing rental homes:

  1. How do I get my property rented more quickly?

    Aggressively market your property to help you find qualified and reliable applicants. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we guarantee to lease your property with no more than 28 days of vacancy.

  2. What can I do to make sure my property stays rented?

    A well-maintained rental house increases stability. Our clients enjoy longer than average tenancy periods than with other property management companies. Sacramento landlords can also encourage positive interaction with tenants to improve retention rates.

  3. How can I make rent collections faster and less stressful?

    Using a strict rent cycle enforcement and electronic payment systems, Real Property Management SAC-METRO ensures less waiting with greater financial peace of mind.

  4. How can I better protect myself legally?

    Real Property Management SAC-METRO offers legal counsel and gives careful attention to compliance issues. Our ethical in-house legal time keeps pace with all regulations to stay in compliance with the law.

  5. How can I keep maintenance costs down on my rental property?

    We keep a highly trained response team ready 24/7. Our clients enjoy more cost effective maintenance that helps prevent costly repairs or equipment replacements.

  6. Should I manage my property to save money?

    Even if you have the time, money, and expertise needed for DIY rental property management, Sacramento clients learn it costs more to self-manage than to choose Real Property Management SAC-METRO. Our fees quickly pay for themselves while you earn more.

  7. Will professional fees hurt my cash flow?

    Our cost effective fees pay for themselves in faster leasing and fewer management mistakes. Our professional services save our clients money over self-managing. Our services will prevent legal expenses and longer vacancies.

  8. If I hire a professional property manager, how will I know what is happening with my property?

    At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we guarantee transparent communication and 24-hour support. All activity can be viewed in an online owners portal.

  9. How do I choose the best property manager?

    Remembering to ask the right questions for your property helps you find the best manager. Real Property Management SAC-METRO is a proven leader that stands out from other property management companies. Sacramento landlords can ask us for a comparison checklist to review other options.

  10. Why should I choose Real Property Management?

    Simply put, we provide our property management clients with unsurpassed service. Full stop.

We do all of our services with the highest standards, affordable fees, and no hidden charges. Put our experienced team and proven processes to work for you today!

Renters: Protect Yourself From Evictions

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Nobody wants to have to deal with an eviction. Even when renters try to do everything right, sometimes it’s necessary to evict them. We at Real Property Management SAC-METRO have decades of experience in rental property management. Sacramento owners don’t need to deal with eviction unprotected —  we have the experience necessary to help you protect yourself in the case of an eviction.

Dangers of Evictions

Evictions can be expensive. On top of the average court fees, if the eviction is contested, that can take months with additional expenses. If you make mistakes in trying to comply with state and federal laws, unnecessary penalty fees may be incurred. Dealing with an eviction can also take a real emotional toll on owners with threatening tenants. Improper eviction methods or mishandled evictions can lead to lawsuits or damage to the home by an angry tenant. To mitigate these risks, many investors engage the help of professional Sacramento property management companies.

Sacramento-Area Eviction Protection

Real Property Management SAC-METRO’s Eviction Protection program is available to all our clients. For a low monthly fee per property, we will pay the filing fees, legal fees, and court costs in case of an eviction. This program lowers your financial risk and can leave you with greater peace of mind knowing that, even if something goes wrong, an eviction situation is taken care of. Because of our experience in rental property management, Sacramento’s local, state, and federal laws and regulations are second nature to us. We know how to smoothly and efficiently carry out an eviction.

The stress of owning a rental home should not be compounded with the dread of having to deal with an eviction. Real Property Management SAC-METRO is one of the foremost property management companies, Sacramento-based, and well-versed in what we do. Sacramento-area owners can count on us to know what we’re doing and keep them protected in the event of an eviction.