How Sacramento Property Management Companies Handle Maintenance Requests

Home repairs are inevitable. Maintenance requests are simply part of the business of owning a rental property. You can’t escape work orders, no matter the age of a home or how well qualified the tenants. Systems break. Appliances need replacing. And that’s where Real Property Management SAC-METRO can help.

Maintenance Costs and Concerns

All Sacramento property management companies have different ways of dealing with maintenance problems. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we take the most cost-effective, proactive approach. As our client, we want to help you get a better return on your investment property and remain profitable. Our proven maintenance process does just that.

Response Time – Avoiding needed repairs won’t make them disappear. Instead, we address maintenance needs quickly. Ignored problems become expensive over time. It is always best to take care of maintenance issues promptly. For ease and convenience, tenants use a personal online portal to submit all maintenance requests.

Safety Concerns – It is critical for landlords to comply with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Failing to maintain safe living conditions can result in a lawsuit, or leaving maintenance issues unresolved may lead to hefty violation fines. The professionals at Real Property Management SAC-METRO have the experience and knowledge to help you follow applicable habitability laws. We make sure your home meets specific safety standards to comply with housing codes.

Home Inspections – Conducting regular home inspections is an easy way to catch small maintenance problems before they escalate into substantial costly repairs. A trained eye can see details in a home that might indicate the need for a repair before the tenants catch it themselves. The team at Real Property Management SAC-METRO knows what to look for during an inspection to help you save money down the road due to an expensive repair.

Seasonal Maintenance – Routine seasonal maintenance is a way to ensure everything is in working order and properly cared for. Minor repairs handled in a timely manner often prevent major fixes, or worse, the need for an entire appliance or system replacement. The best approach to maintenance is a proactive approach.

Detailed Lease Contract – Maintenance issues can create tension and disagreements between a landlord and tenants. A well-written rental lease agreement is one way to circumvent conflict before it begins. Contracts made up by Real Property Management SAC-METRO are clear and concise. While other Sacramento property management companies might use a generic or vague contract, we make sure to outline exact duties of the landlord versus specific responsibilities of the tenant.

Financial Preparedness – While investors may hope for their rental property to only bring in money, unfortunately, that’s not reality. We advise all homeowners to anticipate that their home will need repairs. It is wise to be prepared for the costs of such home fixes by setting aside one to three months worth of rent. But there is good news––a well-maintained home brings a better return. Tenants are willing to pay more in rent for a quality rental house. What you put into your rental property is what you will get out of it.

Happy Tenants – Be the kind of landlord you would like to have. Treat your tenants with respect at all times. Tenants feel cared for when you show home repairs are a priority. Homes naturally deteriorate over time. Wear and tear will happen, even with careful tenants. Understanding this can help landlords mentally and emotionally prepare for the stress and, financial strain maintenance issues might bring.

RPM SAC-METRO Stands Out Among Sacramento Property Management Companies

The rental industry is highly competitive. Landlords and tenants will see a difference with our proactive approach to maintenance compared to other Sacramento property management companies. Our proven process includes:

  • A quick response to maintenance requests submitted by tenants
  • Prompt handling of home repairs to stay in compliance with all habitability laws
  • Regular home inspections to catch repairs that can escalate into expensive fixes
  • Routine seasonal maintenance to maintain and upkeep appliances and systems
  • A well-written rental agreement to clarify landlord versus tenant duties
  • A financial plan to be prepared for the costs of needed maintenance
  • Respect for tenant concerns and needs

Real Property Management SAC-METRO is committed to helping homeowners get a better return on their investment properties than what they could get on their own. We handle so much more than just maintenance requests and home fixes. There are many complexities and risks of owning a rental property. Our comprehensive list of services will help you avoid costly mistakes, all while increasing your cash flow. You can hand off the everyday hassles and headaches of being a landlord to our experienced team. With more than 30 years experience, we understand the rental industry and know how to make you a successful rental investor. Call Real Property Management SAC-METRO today.

Sacramento Property Management Companies Strive to Protect Landlords from Legal Implications

Managing an investment property is a 24/7 job with no nights, weekends, or holidays off. Emergency circumstances can arise at any time of the day or night, and you must respond quickly to your tenants. Otherwise, it is easy to get caught in a sticky situation if you’re not following all landlord laws and regulations. Sacramento property management companies do so much more than simply collect a rent check each month. The team at Real Property Management SAC-METRO knows how to maneuver through the ins and outs of owning a rental home, all while avoiding costly legal pitfalls.

A Complex Job

Some landlords learn the hard way that having an investment property is not as easy as it may appear. Renting out a house comes with legal and financial risk. You need to be careful to comply with any federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Expensive violation fines hurt your cash flow and can ultimately put you out of business. Remaining up-to-date on all codes, ordinances, and rules can be difficult due to the law constantly changing and being restructured. The legal experts at Real Property Management SAC-METRO offer a few suggestions to protect yourself as a homeowner and safeguard your property.

Comply with Anti-Discrimination Laws

Selecting tenants can be an overwhelming process. After all, your profitability hinges upon receiving a rent payment on time and in full every month. While a thorough screening is the best way to find qualified applicants, you must not discriminate against potential tenants as defined by the Fair Housing Act. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development:

“In the sale and rental of housing, no one may take any of the following actions based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability:

  • Refuse to rent or sell housing
  • Refuse to negotiate for housing
  • Make housing unavailable
  • Deny a dwelling
  • Set different terms, conditions, or privileges for sale or rental of a dwelling
  • Provide different housing services or facilities
  • Falsely deny that housing is available for inspection, sale, or rental
  • For profit, persuade owners to sell or rent (blockbusting)
  • Deny anyone access to or membership in a facility or service (such as a multiple listing service) related to the sale or rental of housing”

Protect Tenant Information and Handle Funds Properly

During the tenant screening process, you gather a significant amount of personal information about your applicants. You should keep this information secure and private. There are serious legal consequences if you fail to keep their personal data confidential.

There are also rules pertaining to the application fees and security deposits you gather during the application process. According to the government website for California legislative information,

“A landlord may not demand or receive security, however denominated, in an amount or value in excess of an amount equal to two months’ rent, in the case of unfurnished residential property, and an amount equal to three months’ rent, in the case of furnished residential property, in addition to any rent for the first month paid on or before initial occupancy.”

No matter where your rental home is located in the greater Sacramento area, from Auburn to Roseville, property management experts from Real Property Management SAC-METRO can help you handle the tenant application process in a legal manner.

Document Calls, Requests, and Interactions

Precise documentation is a huge asset if you find yourself in a court battle. It all begins at the lease signing. A clear and concise rental agreement helps protect you in a court of law. It is vital for a contract to outline exact tenant duties versus landlord responsibilities. Once tenants move in, the need for documentation only continues. Sacramento property management companies use a variety of methods to track tenant interactions. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, landlords and tenants have access to user-friendly online portals. This is a convenient and reliable way to record every exchange.

Provide Notices

As an investment property owner, you will encounter various circumstances when you are required by law to provide notice to your tenants before taking action. The government website for California legislative information outlines what scenarios necessitate formal notices. For example, if you need to terminate the lease, whether your tenants are violating their rental agreement or have not paid rent, a written notice is necessary. On the other hand, if you want to extend an offer to your tenants to renew their contract, this requires notice as well. If you intend to increase the rent rate, notification is mandatory. If you need to enter the home to conduct a home inspection or make maintenance repairs, a notice of entry is essential. Just because you own the home, does not mean you can enter it at any given time.

Maintain Safe Living Conditions

Your rental home must meet certain habitability standards. Under the law, a number of conditions can deem a property uninhabitable including:

  • A serious water leak
  • Missing structural elements (roof, stairs, walls)
  • Fire hazards
  • Environmental toxins (mold, asbestos, lead paint dust)
  • Broken plumbing
  • Non-working heating, ventilating, or A/C systems

Tenants are entitled to a safe and livable environment. While making needed repairs can be a financial burden upfront, not fixing a problem can drastically impact your profitability if you incur legal expenses or fines. Conforming to the law saves you money in the long run. Also, make sure to hire licensed and insured contractors to conduct all maintenance.

Compared to Other Sacramento Property Management Companies

Whether you own a rental property in Carmichael or Roseville, property management professionals at Real Property Management SAC-METRO can help you stay clear of costly legal mistakes. Our highly trained experts understand the rental industry and know how to protect your investment. We ensure you:

  • Avoid discrimination during the tenant screening process
  • Keep tenant information confidential while managing funds appropriately  
  • Document all tenant interactions
  • Supply written notices when necessary
  • Provide safe living conditions

We are committed to your success. With more than 30 years of experience, other Sacramento property management companies do not compare to our standards. You can trust our proven processes to increase your cash flow. Check out our comprehensive list of services and see how our experienced team can get you a better return on your rental property. Call Real Property Management SAC-METRO today.

Researching Property Management Companies? Sacramento Homeowners Choose RPM SAC-METRO

While you can hope never to have a reason to evict your tenants, you must be prepared to carry out the eviction process if necessary. An eviction is a time-consuming, expensive, and potentially risky process. There are numerous laws and regulations to follow to make sure you avoid hefty legal fines. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we use an in-house legal team to assist with evictions. Our professionals work quickly and efficiently through the legal process, so you see limited impact on your cash flow.

Steps to Avoid an Eviction

Our rent collection process is designed to help landlords avoid evictions. Compared to other property management companies, Sacramento landlords partner with Real Property Management SAC-METRO because our process is proven to help homeowners create a successful and profitable rental investment business.

Our rent collection process begins with a thorough screening of every applicant over the age of 18. We verify income, employment, credit, rental history, and criminal background. The goal is to find reliable tenants that have a record of meeting their financial obligations. Placing qualified tenants in your rental reduces the risk of eviction and gives you the best chance at receiving a rent payment on time and in full.

After selecting your tenants, we create a clear and concise lease contract that outlines tenant versus landlord duties. It is crucial to communicate your expectations upfront. This way all parties involved know their responsibilities and can plan accordingly without surprises. We also make sure tenants understand what happens if rent is not paid. As a professional Sacramento property management company, we use an automated collections process that works to resolve the matter as quickly as the law allows.

Furthermore, we make paying rent a simple task. All tenants have access to a personal online portal that allows them to pay rent through our website. Our technology-driven payment process gives tenants the opportunity to pay rent at any time of the day, whenever convenient for them.

When Can a Landlord Begin the Eviction Process?

According to the California Courts website:

“In California, a landlord may be able to evict a tenant if the tenant:

  • Fails to pay rent on time;
  • Breaks the lease or rental agreement and will not fix the problem (like keeping your cat when pets are not allowed);
  • Damages the property bringing down the value (commits “waste”);
  • Becomes a serious nuisance by disturbing other tenants and neighbors even after being asked to stop; or
  • Uses the property to do something illegal.

In most cities, the landlord can also evict the tenant:

  • If the tenant stays after the lease is up,* or
  • If the landlord cancels the rental agreement by giving proper notice.*

*If your city has rental control, these 2 reasons may not be good enough to evict a tenant. Contact your local city or county government office to find out if you live in a rent-controlled area.

A landlord cannot evict a tenant for an illegal reason like discrimination or to get back at the tenant for taking action against the landlord, like filing a complaint because the property’s heating system is broken.

An Unlawful Detainer Lawsuit

The website of the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) states:

“If the tenant doesn’t voluntarily move out after the landlord has properly given the required notice to the tenant, the landlord can evict the tenant. To evict the tenant, the landlord must file an unlawful detainer lawsuit in superior court … The court-administered eviction process assures the tenant of the right to a court hearing if the tenant believes that the landlord has no right to evict the tenant. The landlord must use this court process to evict the tenant; the landlord cannot use self-help measures to force the tenant to move. For example, the landlord cannot physically remove or lock out the tenant, cut off utilities such as water or electricity, remove outside windows or doors, or seize (take) the tenant’s belongings in order to carry out the eviction. The landlord must use the court procedures.”

Our Eviction Protection Program

Every Sacramento property management company operates differently. With other property management companies, Sacramento landlords might not get the support they need through the eviction process. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we offer a comprehensive Eviction Protection Program. For a low monthly fee per property, we will pay the filing, legal fees, and court costs in connection with an unlawful detainer action. We have the experience and resources needed to get you through the eviction process while following all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Comparing Property Management Companies? Sacramento Landlords Trust RPM

With more than 30 years of experience, Real Property Management SAC-METRO offers a hassle-free leasing cycle proven to help landlords be profitable. Our experts understand the rental industry and know what is required to make you successful. We work hard to safeguard your rental property, plus legally protect you as a homeowner. Call today and learn why compared to other property management companies, Sacramento landlords trust the experienced team at Real Property Management SAC-METRO.

How RPM SAC-METRO Leasing Management Beats Other Sacramento Property Management Companies

Owning rental properties comes with risk. Without the help of experienced property management professionals, it can be difficult to maneuver the ups and downs of the rental industry. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we use a hassle-free leasing cycle proven to minimize costly mistakes and maximize cash flow. Read below to learn the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

What’s the fastest way to get my property rented with reliable tenants?

Being proactive is the best way to decrease vacancy periods and ensure a smooth transition between the previous and incoming tenants. You need to complete maintenance repairs when they are needed. This way your rental consistently stays up-to-date and will not need major fixes between tenants. Plus, you increase the odds of attracting qualified tenants if your home meets certain standards. A strong marketing strategy is crucial as well. With more views, you have a higher chance of finding reliable tenants. Other Sacramento property management companies may rely on yard signs alone. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we advertise your home listing across dozens of websites and also include a virtual showing.

How do I take the headache out of rent collection?

Clear communication is key. A lease contract should outline tenant duties versus landlord responsibilities. It is important to communicate your expectations at the lease signing. Then once tenants move in, enforce a firm-but-fair rent collection process. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, tenants can use a personal online portal to make rent payments. This gives tenants an easy and convenient way to make an on-time payment.

How do I best protect myself legally as a landlord?

Be the kind of landlord you would want to have yourself. Be kind, courteous, and respectful. Your landlord/tenant relationship carries a direct financial impact. Tenants that feel valued tend to better maintain a property, follow the rules, and stay longer which decreases tenant turnover and vacancy time. Make sure to use ethical business practices. Your rental property is a business and should be operated as such. You must follow all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Our leasing management team understands the rental industry and knows how to help you avoid costly violation fines.

How do I cut maintenance expenses?

While it may seem contradictory, you can save money by spending money on necessary maintenance repairs. Small repairs turn into big repairs when not cared for promptly. A simple fix can turn into a costly project if left unattended. Be proactive and take care of maintenance issues when they arise. As one of the leading Sacramento property management companies, we have experts that work around the clock. Tenants can contact our professionals any time of the day or night in case of a maintenance emergency.

 How can I stay informed if I use a property management company?

Real Property Management SAC-METRO is committed to keeping our landlords informed about their properties. Using our online owners portal, you can find all the documentation related to your property at any time. We provide detailed monthly financial reports and year-end tax statements. Plus, during the leasing process, we send weekly updates notifying of the status of your rental. Our live hotline is also available 24 hours a day.

Wouldn’t I save money by managing my property myself?

Property management is a 24/7 job. You cannot take off nights, weekends, or holidays. If your property is mismanaged, you can see a decrease in cash flow and even encounter expensive violation fines if not following all federal, state, and local regulations. Our team has the expertise and knowledge to make you a profitable investment business owner, even after paying our low fees.

How will paying professional management fees affect my cash flow?

Investors can see an increase in their cash flow with the use of our professional services. We help you avoid common but costly mistakes such as too many vacancy days, unnecessary leasing delays, lax tenant qualifications, inadequate rent collection terms, and overlooked maintenance. While rental properties can be a smart financial investment, the leasing management process takes skill, knowledge, and resources.

Okay, I don’t want to do all this myself. How do I choose the best Sacramento property manager?

Not all Sacramento property management companies are created equal. It is best not to select a company based solely on price. Look at what services are offered and whether they have the necessary staff, technology, and resources needed to be a reliable property manager. Take the time to ask the hard-hitting questions, so you know exactly what your fees are going toward. Also, watch out for any hidden costs.

Why should I choose RPM SAC-METRO over other Sacramento Property Management Companies?

The professionals at Real Property Management SAC-METRO want to see you succeed. Our team understands the rental industry and knows the Sacramento market. We can help you get a better return on your rental properties. We take the headache and hassle out of being a landlord.

Experienced Team, Proven Process

Our unsurpassed leasing management service trumps other Sacramento property management companies. The team at Real Property Management SAC-METRO knows how to protect your property and make you a profitable homeowner. We are trustworthy, dependable, and affordable. Call today and put our proven processes to the test.

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Creating Rental Properties Sacramento Tenants Can Feel Safe In

All landlords must comply with habitability laws. Every rental property needs to meet certain standards that deem it safe and livable. As a homeowner, it is important you follow all legal regulations and do what is necessary to create a safe home environment for your tenants.

Laws and Regulations

The California Department of Consumer Affairs outlines what responsibilities fall on landlords:

“When a landlord (property owner) rents an apartment or a house to a tenant (renter), the rented property must be fit to live in. In other words, the rented property must be ‘habitable.’ During the time that the property is being rented, the landlord must do maintenance work and make repairs which are necessary to keep it habitable. However, a landlord is not responsible for repairing damage caused by the tenant, or the tenant’s guests, children, or pets.”

Ways to Produce Safe Rental Properties

Sacramento investors can take several measures to ensure they provide safe living conditions for their tenants.

  • Chimney Maintenance – Chimneys need to be inspected and cleaned by a qualified professional on an annual basis. Heating equipment is a leading cause of home fires during winter months, according to the National Fire Protection Association. A report issued in December 2017 by the NFPA concluded the top factor contributing to home heating fires was “failure to clean, principally from solid-fueled heating equipment, primarily chimneys.”
  • Fireplace Safety Measures –Make sure your tenants understand how to operate the specific type of fireplace in your rental unit. Wood burning, electric, and gas fireplaces each have certain guidelines. A sturdy screen needs to be in place to stop sparks from flying out of the fireplace as well. Tenants should be advised to remove any flammable materials or belongings within a three-foot radius of heating equipment. Also, the wall switch that controls a gas fireplace should have safety features on it to ensure it cannot be turned on accidentally or manipulated by small children.
  • Fire Precautions – All rental units need to have working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Sacramento property management companies suggest you replace all alarm batteries regularly, particularly before new tenants move in. You can even consider interconnecting the CO alarms, so they will all sound when one is set off. Also, a fire extinguisher should be provided to tenants.
  • Seasonal Maintenance – Homes naturally deteriorate. Proactive maintenance is a way to keep a home in good condition. Watch for electrical hazards. Outlets should not feel warm to the touch. Electrical wiring should not be exposed. Inspect heating and cooling systems. Clean and replace filters. Remove build up on fans. Conduct a chimney sweep and remove any obstructions. It is also wise to show tenants where gas and water shut off valves are located.
  • Other Home Features – Providing safe conditions extends beyond fireplaces and smoke alarms. There are numerous additional ways to help tenants feel secure in your rental properties. Sacramento investors can make sure all window and door locks operate properly. Doors with double locks are an added bonus. All exterior lights need to be in working condition. A motion-sensor home security system is a valuable asset as well.

When Between Tenants

You have worked hard to make sure your investment property meets habitability laws. Do not waste all your efforts to safeguard your rental by not maintaining it during a vacancy. Criminals see an empty home as the ideal time to break in. It is important to have your home appear occupied at all times. You can accomplish this by up keeping the exterior of your home, especially the yard and landscaping. Mow the lawn. Trim bushes. Turn on an exterior or porch light. Collect old newspapers and mail that pile up. Do not stop protecting your home between tenants.

A Well-Maintained Home

Habitability laws and regulations do not need to overwhelm you as a homeowner. Preventative and proactive maintenance is a sure way to safeguard your investment property. Remember to:

  • Clean and inspect the chimney
  • Know how to safely operate the fireplace
  • Have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in working condition
  • Conduct seasonal maintenance to catch potential safety hazards
  • Ensure window and door locks function properly

Have Multiple Rental Properties? Sacramento Property Management Specialists Can Help

The professionals at Real Property Management SAC-METRO understand the rental industry. Not all Sacramento property management companies are created equal. With more than 30 years of experience, our experts know how to effectively manage rental properties. Sacramento investors can trust our experienced team with their investment business. We work hard to increase your bottom line and make you a profitable landlord. We offer a comprehensive list of services and use proven processes to make you successful. You can leave behind those daily duties of being a homeowner when partnering with Real Property Management SAC-METRO. Learn more about our hassle-free leasing cycle and call Real Property Management SAC-METRO today.

RPM SAC-METRO Stands Out Among Sacramento Property Management Companies

Unfortunately, not all Sacramento property management companies are dependable or trustworthy. Partnering with the wrong company can be a costly mistake and hurt your bottom line. It is important to use a company with proven processes and an experienced team that understands the rental industry. With more than 30 years of experience, the experts at Real Property Management SAC-METRO know how to safeguard your property and help you reach your financial investment goals.

How to Protect Your Rental Home

At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we value your investment property and want you to be profitable. We utilize a hassle-free leasing cycle that is designed to create a positive rental experience for you and your tenants. Among our comprehensive list of services, we conduct regular property inspections. They are a key component to maintaining your home and protecting yourself as a homeowner. Here are five reasons you should always complete inspections:

  • Show Your Tenants You Care – Tenant turnover is expensive. Rather, happy tenants make you money. If they are satisfied, they tend to stay longer which means fewer vacancy days without incoming rent. When you show you value the condition of your property by conducting inspections, your tenants are more likely to better care for your home as well.
  • Find Repairs While They are Small – Repairs do not disappear if you ignore them. Instead, they grow and become a larger problem. Inspections are an opportunity to catch maintenance needs before they expand into pricey fixes.
  • Look for Preventative Maintenance – Be a proactive landlord. Be attentive too. Every home has predictable seasonal needs. During an inspection, document the wear and tear of your home so you can pinpoint what upkeep is necessary and limit surprise, large maintenance requests.
  • Avoid Legal Pitfalls – It is essential you follow all local, state, and national laws and regulations. You cannot risk the liability and expense of non-compliance. Home inspections help you prevent, catch, and fix any regulatory violations.
  • Ensure Lease Compliance – Make sure your tenants are following the terms of their lease contract. During an inspection, take note whether you see evidence of any undocumented pets or people living in the home.

Trying to Decide Between Sacramento Property Management Companies?

Real Property Management SAC-METRO finds regular home inspections an important aspect of Sacramento property management. Companies come in all shapes and sizes. With our team of specialists, you will experience quality care and unsurpassed service. Find out how we can take over all those mundane landlord duties while also helping you get a better return on your investment property. Give Real Property Management SAC-METRO a call today.

5 Tips to Rent Your Home Faster from Sacramento Property Management Companies

A vacant rental home costs you money. The longer the vacancy, the longer you go without tenants making a rent payment. You can reduce the number of vacancy days with planning and preparation. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we understand the rental market and can help you maintain a steady cash flow.

What to Do

In Sacramento, property management companies come in all different shapes and sizes. With more than 30 years of experience, our dedicated staff works hard to make you a successful investor. There are several ways to rent out your home quicker including:

  • Proper Prepping – Your rental home needs to be presentable on the inside and out. A nice-looking property attracts more qualified and reliable tenants. The yard should be tidy and well maintained. Keep the grass trimmed and free of weeds. Consider the exterior look of the home as well. A fresh coat of paint makes a big difference. If you do not want to paint the entire home, instead focus only on the front door. A worn or scratched front door doesn’t give the best first impression. Don’t forget the interior of the home. Make sure it is clear of any prior tenant belongings or trash. A clean home speaks for itself.
  • Aggressive Marketing – Once the home is ready to show, get it out on the market. A simple yard sign isn’t the best way to get the most looks. You want to create the best chance for qualified tenants to find your home. Create listings on several websites in Sacramento. Property management companies have extra resources available to help landlords list their property.
  • Prompt Home Showings – If someone is interested in your home, jump at it. Don’t delay responding to possible tenants. You don’t want to miss the chance of finding those perfect tenants that will care for your home, respect your property, and pay rent in full and on time.
  • Thorough Tenant Screenings – Check everything from credit and income to employment and rental history. Finding qualified tenants gives you the best chance at having a positive rental experience.
  • Hassle-Free Leasing – Once you have found tenants, make it easy for them to move in. Process paperwork quickly. Take the lockbox off the home. Re-key if necessary. Set a move-in date and have the home ready to go.

RPM Stands Out Among Sacramento Property Management Companies

Real Property Management SAC-METRO is a company you can trust. We use proven processes to make you profitable. Our experienced professionals help you avoid costly mistakes by taking over the everyday duties you face as a landlord.  Put our team to work for you. Call today and see what Real Property Management SAC-METRO can do for you.

Sacramento Property Management Companies to Follow Price-Gouging Law After Wildfires

During a State of Emergency

Rental laws vary from state to state and also can change in emergency situations. In the case of the North Bay wildfires that devastated parts of California, lawmakers issued a state of emergency. During the declared emergency, landlords were prohibited from price-gouging rental rates to profit from the situation when consumer demand was high. Penalties for disregarding this law included steep fees and possible jail time.

The wildfires brought regulation changes that were situational. Our Sacramento property management team at Real Property Management SAC-METRO helps landlords understand local and national laws in order to avoid costly legal pitfalls. Various Sacramento property management companies offer a wide range of services. But our professionals are highly trained to know every rental law to make sure you as a homeowner are legally protected at all times.

Habitability Laws

Landlords also need to be aware that rent cannot be collected for any home that is uninhabitable. Rental regulations require that a unit is livable and safe for the tenant. The wildfires displaced many renters and sent families looking for new housing options. Our Sacramento property management professionals are available to guide landlords and tenants through such situations.

Why You Need to Partner with an Expert Sacramento Property Management?

While many Sacramento property management companies strive to keep their clients happy, we don’t stop until you are completely satisfied. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we work day and night to provide the best care possible of your investment property. During a state of emergency or on any other given day, we take our duties seriously.

You do not want to be caught in a lawsuit for not complying with local or national regulations. Penalties and fines hurt your cash flow and interrupt your business. We want to see you be successful. With more than 30 years experience, we know how to make you a profitable landlord while also following all necessary rental laws. Put our team to work for you. Give Real Property Management SAC-METRO a call today.

energy saving tips

How to Reduce Energy Costs

Happy Tenants = Happy Landlord

When your tenants are satisfied, it makes your job as the homeowner a lot easier. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we strive to provide a great rental experience for both you and your tenants. One way to make your tenants happy with where they live is by offering an energy-efficient home.

Energy Savings Tips

As a Sacramento property management company with more than 30 years of experience, we know several ways to create an energy-efficient rental property. A programmable thermostat is a must. When used properly, tenants do not need to worry about adjusting the thermostat before running out the door to work. Instead, the thermostat can be set to automatically utilize energy-saving temperatures when no one is home.

Air leaks are another problem when trying to conserve energy in Sacramento. Property management companies like Real Property Management SAC-METRO can handle all necessary maintenance repairs to your rental unit including the need to replace caulking around windows. Sealing air leaks prevents energy loss.

Furthermore, the water heater should be left at the lowest comfortable setting. Setting the water heater too high results in wasted energy. An up-to-date water heater will reduce overall energy costs as well. Lastly, certain light bulbs can save tenants money. CFL or LED bulbs are the best ones to preserve energy.

A Trustworthy Sacramento Property Management Company

The professionals at Real Property Management SAC-METRO know exactly how to take care of your investment property. Even though there are other Sacramento property management companies out there, no one knows the rental business better than we do. We work hard to get you the best return on your property all while attending to everyday tenant needs and maintenance calls. Give the experts at Real Property Management SAC-METRO a call today. See what we can do for you!

Some Good Reasons to Look Into Sacramento Property Management

If you are considering renting out your home, now is a great time to get into the market. A wave of Bay Area residents are relocating to Sacramento. As the number one Sacramento property management company, Real Property Management SAC-METRO experts save you time, money, and headaches while you collect a better return on your investment.

Steep housing costs are driving citizens of San Francisco northeast to a more affordable market. With the influx of people moving to Sacramento, now is the time to invest in rental property. Real Property Management SAC-METRO provides expert services for all aspects of renting your property. You can choose as many or as few of these services as you like to help you get started.

Sacramento is a popular search for San Francisco residents. By paying a smaller percentage of income for housing, your tenants will be able to enjoy more of the food, arts, and cultural happenings in Sacramento. Property management companies will want your business, but only one local business has nearly 30 years of experience. Real Property Management SAC-METRO will help you set your rent at a marketable level getting you the most return on your investment while keeping vacancy days at a minimum. With the influx of new residents, home prices are increasing, but our careful screening process gets you the most reliable tenants in the area.

Sacramento Property Management Looks to Future Prospects

A recent effort toward urban development means a fresh feeling downtown in Sacramento. Think of it as the equivalent to the Gold Rush of the 19th century. By investing in rental property, you can guarantee your part of the economic growth happening in Sacramento. Property management companies are not all equal. Our professionals at Real Property Management SAC-METRO offer regular inspections, collection and eviction plans, insures federal, state and local compliance and allows you to monitor statis 24/7 online. We also give tips to property owners who want to do some of the work themselves.

With so many people moving into the Sacramento area, take advantage of the opportunity to provide affordable housing. Real Property Management SAC-METRO can help you get a better return on your property than you could on your own even minus the management costs because our experienced team helps prevent costly mistakes. Get in on Sacramento’s fortune without the headache of doing all the work yourself. Call today!