How to Reduce Energy Costs

Happy Tenants = Happy Landlord

When your tenants are satisfied, it makes your job as the homeowner a lot easier. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we strive to provide a great rental experience for both you and your tenants. One way to make your tenants happy with where they live is by offering an energy-efficient home.

Energy Savings Tips

As a Sacramento property management company with more than 30 years of experience, we know several ways to create an energy-efficient rental property. A programmable thermostat is a must. When used properly, tenants do not need to worry about adjusting the thermostat before running out the door to work. Instead, the thermostat can be set to automatically utilize energy-saving temperatures when no one is home.

Air leaks are another problem when trying to conserve energy in Sacramento. Property management companies like Real Property Management SAC-METRO can handle all necessary maintenance repairs to your rental unit including the need to replace caulking around windows. Sealing air leaks prevents energy loss.

Furthermore, the water heater should be left at the lowest comfortable setting. Setting the water heater too high results in wasted energy. An up-to-date water heater will reduce overall energy costs as well. Lastly, certain light bulbs can save tenants money. CFL or LED bulbs are the best ones to preserve energy.

A Trustworthy Sacramento Property Management Company

The professionals at Real Property Management SAC-METRO know exactly how to take care of your investment property. Even though there are other Sacramento property management companies out there, no one knows the rental business better than we do. We work hard to get you the best return on your property all while attending to everyday tenant needs and maintenance calls. Give the experts at Real Property Management SAC-METRO a call today. See what we can do for you!

Benefits of Professional Property Management Sacramento property management

Some Good Reasons to Look Into Sacramento Property Management

If you are considering renting out your home, now is a great time to get into the market. A wave of Bay Area residents are relocating to Sacramento. As the number one Sacramento property management company, Real Property Management SAC-METRO experts save you time, money, and headaches while you collect a better return on your investment.

Steep housing costs are driving citizens of San Francisco northeast to a more affordable market. With the influx of people moving to Sacramento, now is the time to invest in rental property. Real Property Management SAC-METRO provides expert services for all aspects of renting your property. You can choose as many or as few of these services as you like to help you get started.

Sacramento is a popular search for San Francisco residents. By paying a smaller percentage of income for housing, your tenants will be able to enjoy more of the food, arts, and cultural happenings in Sacramento. Property management companies will want your business, but only one local business has nearly 30 years of experience. Real Property Management SAC-METRO will help you set your rent at a marketable level getting you the most return on your investment while keeping vacancy days at a minimum. With the influx of new residents, home prices are increasing, but our careful screening process gets you the most reliable tenants in the area.

Sacramento Property Management Looks to Future Prospects

A recent effort toward urban development means a fresh feeling downtown in Sacramento. Think of it as the equivalent to the Gold Rush of the 19th century. By investing in rental property, you can guarantee your part of the economic growth happening in Sacramento. Property management companies are not all equal. Our professionals at Real Property Management SAC-METRO offer regular inspections, collection and eviction plans, insures federal, state and local compliance and allows you to monitor statis 24/7 online. We also give tips to property owners who want to do some of the work themselves.

With so many people moving into the Sacramento area, take advantage of the opportunity to provide affordable housing. Real Property Management SAC-METRO can help you get a better return on your property than you could on your own even minus the management costs because our experienced team helps prevent costly mistakes. Get in on Sacramento’s fortune without the headache of doing all the work yourself. Call today!


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The top Sacramento property management company with thousands of satisfied customers.

Choosing the perfect Sacramento property management company for your properties is like choosing the perfect nanny or babysitter for your kids. Just like you want your kids to be safe and happy while you’re away, property owners want their real estate investments to be protected and productive and in good hands. Real Property Management SAC-METRO is the professional, reliable, and experienced property management company for you. Among the other Sacramento property management companies to pick from, Real Property Management SAC-METRO has the backing of a national brand and thousands of satisfied customers.

You’re looking for a reliable property manager who will take care of hassles and troubles. We’re looking for great clients and rental properties to take care of. Real Property Management SAC-METRO can provide what no individual investor could accomplish on their own, and save you money along the way. Our local teams of specialists ensure the best performance in Sacramento property management. Real Property Management SAC-METRO experts help with:

  • Avoiding costly mistakes. DIY landlords sometimes find themselves in over their heads with maintenance issues or legal matters. Real Property Management SAC-METRO knows all the tips and tricks of the trade, including how to save you time and money. Our professionals are ready to help with whatever and whenever mistakes happen.
  • Reducing turnover. Every day your property sits empty is another day your cash flow is draining. As the number one Sacramento property management company, Real Property Management SAC-METRO specialists carefully analyze local market value to price your rental at a competitive price. Reliable tenants will flock to your property through our popular advertising outlets.
  • Placing reliable tenants. You want to avoid more turnovers and find tenants who will take care of your Sacramento property. Management teams from Real Property Management SAC-METRO thoroughly check each submitted tenant application, ensuring you get the best renter for your rental. Instead of simply hoping for excellent tenants, our professionals conduct background checks for all tenants.
  • Handling legal complications. If eviction processes and legal worries haunt you, let Real Property Management SAC-METRO legal experts save the day. We understand the law to provide you with excellent counsel and complete compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

Don’t settle for any other mediocre Sacramento property management companies. Real Property Management SAC-METRO is committed to helping investors get a better return than they can get on their own. Thousands of investors nationwide can tell you there’s no better property management company like Real Property Management SAC-METRO. Put our experienced team and proven process to work for you.

Moving Into Your Rental Home

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Moving into a rental home and need a little guidance? Take some advice from us at Real Property Management SAC-METRO, one of the leading Sacramento property management companies. Here are a few tips we’ve picked up from our experience in Sacramento property management:

What You’ll Get At Move In

When you move into your rental property, look for the resident’s manual provided by your leasing agent. This will contain important information about your new home. You will also find an Inventory and Condition form that you will need to fill out and return to your leasing agent. Be sure add photos of your home to help document condition of the unit when you move in. If you notice something that needs repair in this process, submit a maintenance request separately.

Know Your Responsibilities

As a tenant, it’s important to know exactly what is your responsibility when it comes to the maintenance of the home. You will be responsible for routine maintenance like keeping the property clean and tidy as well as seasonal maintenance like changing light bulbs and furnace or water filters. You’ll also be responsible for payment of the utilities and for keeping the property in compliance with property codes and regulations. The owner will be responsible for the locks on the outside doors, as well as compliance with state and federal safety laws on detectors.

Making Payments

Real Property Management SAC-METRO makes paying your rent on time easy through its online resident portal. You can pay monthly using your checking, debit, or credit accounts. If you’re busy and want to be sure you are paying on time every month, you can even set up automatic payments. You have the opportunity to establish a positive rental history with our easy payment options. When it is time to move out, take advantage of a positive letter of recommendation to help secure a new rental home wherever you are moving. Property management companies don’t always offer services like this – be sure to take advantage.
Trust us; we’ve learned a thing or two from our experience in Sacramento property management. Start your time in your new house or apartment off right. We at SAC-METRO know you want your move to go smoothly, and we do, too.