Better Communications with Tenants: Sacramento Property Management Professionals Offer 4 Suggestions

There are countless ways to communicate in today’s world. Mobile devices make communicating across the country or around the world available at the touch of a few buttons. Computers and tablets are inescapable whether at work, school, or home. Even elementary-aged children know how to maneuver through this digital age. There is no denying it – technology has never been more accessible.

Living in a Digital Age

In 2017, the Pew Research Center reported: “nearly nine-in-ten Americans today are online, up from about half in the early 2000s” with roughly 77% of Americans owning a smartphone. Their study points out that while young adults were once the primary owners of smartphones, a wide range of Americans uses smartphones currently including both the lower-income and those 50 years and older.

The Pew Research Center also concluded, “nearly seven-in-ten Americans now use social media” and “half the public now owns a tablet computer.” The study states: “When the Center first began tracking tablet ownership in 2010, just 3% of Americans owned a tablet of some kind. That figure has risen to 51% as of November 2016.”

How To Take Advantage of Technology

How do you benefit from this digital era as a landlord? The Sacramento property management experts at Real Property Management SAC-METRO understand the rental industry. We know the essential elements needed for optimal communication between landlords and tenants. Our top four suggestions include:

  • Stop the Piles of Paperwork – This is the easiest, quickest way to make the best of today’s technology. Put an end to those paper lease contracts. Don’t send out another piece of snail mail. Kiss goodbye tenant application packets too. Rather than piling up paperwork, create online documents accessible with the click of a button. Have prospective tenants apply through an online screening process. Use a digital signature when signing a lease contract. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, landlords and tenants utilize personal online portals to view all their documents. Tenants can also submit maintenance requests through this portal. As a homeowner, utilizing online methods increases your profitability. You see shorter vacancy periods when using virtual resources. No more wasted time, waiting around for paperwork. An online approach to Sacramento property management is the way to go.
  • Market Your Home Online – When potential tenants are searching for houses for rent in Sacramento County, they need to be able to find your information and find it fast. Tenants do not want to drive around for hours trying to locate “For Rent” signs throughout neighborhoods. You are doing yourself a disservice by not marketing your rental home online. Use a variety of sites and resources. Create digital tours of the property. These online virtual showings allow tenants to view your unit at the time and place convenient for them. Then also give tenants the ability to schedule a live showing by submitting an online request.
  • Keep Communication Clear and Concise – When managing rental properties, Sacramento investors cannot afford messy communication with their tenants. Make sure there is a “paper trail” of your interactions. In today’s digital age, that trail applies to more than a literal stack of papers. This includes emails, online documents, and texts as well. This does not include phone calls or in-person conversations. There is no substitute for written communication. Document everything. Otherwise, you face a high level of risk and liability if caught in a legal battle. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a he-said, she-said situation. Also, remember that texting may or may not stand up in a court of law. Be careful what information you choose to confirm with your tenants through text.
  • Be Respectful – You can use digital devices to communicate with your tenants instantaneously, but should you? Just as you would not show up at someone’s doorstep at midnight, you should not send a text to your tenants at midnight either. Consider yourself a business owner first and foremost. Act like a professional in Sacramento property management. When you communicate via text or email, use correct grammar and spelling. Be courteous, kind, honest, responsible, and straightforward. Do not be rude, degrading, or emotional.

A Tech-Savvy Generation

If all this digital talk is not your cup of tea, you might find yourself in a pickle. Today’s generation thrives off of digital interactions. You need to use technology to be competitive among other landlords with houses for rent in Sacramento by owner.

The bottom line is you will be more successful and profitable when creating an online presence. Remember to:

  • Take advantage of online resources and eliminate piles of paper.
  • Give yourself the best chance at finding qualified tenants and decreasing extended vacancies by marketing your home listing across the Internet.
  • Document all tenant interactions and do not take shortcuts.
  • Remain respectful and polite no matter the circumstances.

Looking to Partner with Professional Sacramento Property Management?

Are you overwhelmed by the ongoing responsibilities of being a landlord? Let the team at Real Property Management SAC-METRO help you. With more than 30 years of experience, we know how to get you a better return on your rental properties. Sacramento investors can trust our experts to increase their cash flow and safeguard their investment business. Learn more about our hassle-free leasing cycle. Call Real Property Management SAC-METRO and put our experienced team to work for you.

How Sacramento Property Management Services Help You Avoid Costly Landlord Mistakes

Owning a rental property comes with risk. Being a do-it-yourself landlord isn’t as simple as collecting a rent check every month. Rental investing is a demanding, 24/7 job. To be successful, you need to understand the costs and complexities of managing rental properties. Sacramento investors make costly mistakes when they attempt to go about it alone without the proper knowledge and expectations.

When Partnering with Professional Property Management

Rental investments bring a better return with professional Sacramento property management services. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we understand the rental industry and work hard to increase your bottom line. If you want to be a profitable landlord, you must know all the pros and cons of owning a rental home.

What Being a Landlord Requires

Being a landlord is as simple as receiving an in full and on time rent payment then seeing your bank account funds increase every month, right? Wrong. If only it were that easy. Being a rental investor can be an expensive journey if you do not know how to maintain and safeguard your property. What must you consider before becoming a landlord? Here are our top eight suggestions:

  • Think About Time Constraints – Every aspect of Sacramento property management takes time, energy, and effort. You do not get to stop being a landlord on nights, weekends, or holidays. Those emergency maintenance calls can come at any time of the day or night. But maintenance is just the tip of the iceberg. The entire leasing process takes a considerable amount of time such as preparing your home to be rent-ready, advertising your rental, coordinating home showings, conducting tenant screenings, creating a lease contract, and more. A rental investment is a time investment.
  • Understand All Laws and Regulations – Violation fines are hefty and legal pitfalls hurt your cash flow. Follow all levels of the laws – federal, state, and local. Specific laws and regulations apply to property owners. Be aware of collection and eviction laws, property inspection regulations, local city ordinances, state property code laws, and trust accounting laws when handling security deposits and rental payments.
  • Create a Firm Lease Contract – Outline tenant responsibility versus landlord responsibility. This will eliminate disputes down the road. A well-written lease protects you as the homeowner. It is your chance to communicate your expectations and set firm-but-fair rent policies.
  • Treat Tenants with Kindness – Your landlord/tenant relationship carries a direct financial impact on your investment business. Your tenants are more likely to better maintain your home when they see you care. On the other hand, tenants who feel wronged or are unhappy with your service will leave. View yourself not as just a homeowner, but a business owner. The bottom line is that tenant turnover costs you money. Your kindness increases your odds of seeing a steady profit.
  • Complete a Rigorous Tenant Screening – Careless tenant screening is asking for trouble. Your financial stability hinges on placing qualified tenants. Verify tenant income and rental history. Conduct background and criminal checks. Require an application for every tenant over the age of 18. A thorough tenant screening sets you up for success.
  • Keep Up on Maintenance – Do not skimp on maintenance. Be proactive. Respond to tenant needs. Address any safety or health issues. Reliable Sacramento property management services create satisfied tenants. Ignored maintenance requests produce unhappy tenants, leading to tenant turnover. Diligent maintenance pays off and is worth your time and money.
  • Make a Budget – It is important to account for unexpected costs. Money flows both ways with a rental investment. You must save and account for the costs of home repairs, vacancy times, insurance costs, legal fees, and property taxes. If a simple home repair has you in a panic, you need to reconsider your cash flow management. Reality is that not everyone is cut out to be a DIY landlord.
  • Remember Regular Home Inspections – Always conduct home inspections. It is the easiest way to know the status of your rental and protect yourself as a homeowner. Inspections are a time to catch maintenance problems before they escalate into expensive fixes. You can also look for signs indicating your tenants are not complying with the rules of their lease.

The Reality of Rental Investing

You must have a game plan before becoming a rental investor. If you want to be profitable, Sacramento property management requires an in-depth understanding of the rental industry. Being a landlord involves a lot of work no matter how ideal the tenants or how new the home. Before taking the plunge, consider:

  • Time Constraints
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Lease Contracts
  • Tenant Interactions
  • Tenant Screening
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Costs and Budget
  • Home Inspections

Benefits of Professional Sacramento Property Management Services

You can trust the Sacramento property management services of Real Property Management SAC-METRO. Our team wants to see you succeed. We help you avoid costly mistakes and set realistic expectations for your rental business. Even the most inexperienced landlords can be profitable when partnering with Real Property Management SAC-METRO. See what our experienced team can do for you. Put our hassle-free leasing cycle to the test. Give us a call today.

Why You Need Sacramento Property Management

Do you own a rental home, but struggle to keep up with the daily duties of being a landlord? Managing a property is a non-stop job. You cannot take off weekends or holidays, and emergency maintenance requests can come at any time of the day or night. If you are looking for an easier way to manage your tenants, maintain your rental unit, and make money in the meantime, Real Property Management SAC-METRO is the solution.

Tips and Tricks for Sacramento Property Management

When partnering with Real Property Management SAC-METRO, you can be a profitable homeowner without the headaches and hassles of being a landlord. Our team understands the rental industry and works hard to increase your bottom line. With more than 30 years of experience, we know how to maneuver the ups and down of the rental industry. We make you a successful property owner by:

  • Getting Started – We aggressively advertise your rental home to lessen the number of vacancy days. We find qualified tenants using our rigorous tenant screening process. With our proven leasing process, we get that rent check coming to you in no time.
  • Managing Tenants – Once tenants move in, that’s when the real work begins. But we take care of it all for you. Tenants communicate straight to our team of experts. Say goodbye to those midnight phone calls.
  • Staying Up to Date – We take care of all maintenance requests. We provide more cost-effective maintenance options as well. As our client, you receive special discounts on services and materials needed for repairs when using our national partners.
  • Following Legal Regulations – You do not want to hurt your cash flow with unexpected legal fines. We make sure your property stays in compliance with all local, state, and national laws and regulations.
  • Charging No Hidden Fees – Is the cost of Sacramento property management worrying you? We have affordable fees that will not hurt your investment gains. We understand you want to be profitable. We work hard to help you reach your financial goals. With unsurpassed service and no hidden charges, you can trust Real Property Management SAC-METRO.

Sacramento Property Management You Can Rely On

Your property is in good hands with Real Property Management SAC-METRO. We do so much more than just handle the occasional maintenance request. There are many complexities and risks of managing tenants and properties. Failing to partner with a trustworthy property manager can easily turn into a costly mistake. See what our experienced team can do for you. Give our hassle-free leasing cycle a try. Call us today at Real Property Management SAC-METRO.

New Year’s Resolutions From Sacramento Property Management

Do you want to receive a better return on your rental property in 2018? At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we are committed to helping you increase your bottom line. We understand the rental industry and know how to safeguard your property. As an investor, there are several things you can do to increase your profits and decrease your daily stress as a landlord.

What to Improve in 2018

In Sacramento, property management is an important component of operating a profitable rental and keeping your tenants content. Unhappy tenants tend to lead to expensive problems. A good rule of thumb is to be the landlord you would want if you were a tenant. This can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Proactive Maintenance – Respond to maintenance requests promptly. This will not only create happier tenants but will save you money in the long run. Maintenance left undone leads to larger repairs down the road.
  • Clear Expectations – Make sure your tenants understand the rules. Tenants should know what to expect from you as a landlord and also understand the expectations you have of them as renters. This will make for clear communication and fewer misunderstandings.
  • Regular Inspections – Knowing the condition of your rental home is crucial. This way you can catch maintenance repairs before they grow out of hand. Plus, conducting inspections allows you to keep an eye on how the tenants are treating your property.
  • Legal Pitfalls – Another reason for regular property inspections is to check your property for potential regulatory issues. Legal pitfalls hurt your cash flow. Keep your home up-to-date, and you will see positive results.
  • Curb Appeal – If you want to attract qualified tenants, your property needs to look the part. Maintain the yard and hire pest control services. A well-kept home is a simple way to stabilize your bottom line.

As Your Sacramento Property Management Company

At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we want to see you be successful. With more than 30 years experience, we are a reliable and trustworthy choice for Sacramento property management. We can help you achieve your financial goals in 2018. From marketing and tenant screening to fixing and inspecting, we do it all. There is nothing we can’t handle. Put our experienced team to work for you. Call today and see how a dependable property management can make you profitable.

Sacramento Property Management Companies to Follow Price-Gouging Law After Wildfires

During a State of Emergency

Rental laws vary from state to state and also can change in emergency situations. In the case of the North Bay wildfires that devastated parts of California, lawmakers issued a state of emergency. During the declared emergency, landlords were prohibited from price-gouging rental rates to profit from the situation when consumer demand was high. Penalties for disregarding this law included steep fees and possible jail time.

The wildfires brought regulation changes that were situational. Our Sacramento property management team at Real Property Management SAC-METRO helps landlords understand local and national laws in order to avoid costly legal pitfalls. Various Sacramento property management companies offer a wide range of services. But our professionals are highly trained to know every rental law to make sure you as a homeowner are legally protected at all times.

Habitability Laws

Landlords also need to be aware that rent cannot be collected for any home that is uninhabitable. Rental regulations require that a unit is livable and safe for the tenant. The wildfires displaced many renters and sent families looking for new housing options. Our Sacramento property management professionals are available to guide landlords and tenants through such situations.

Why You Need to Partner with an Expert Sacramento Property Management?

While many Sacramento property management companies strive to keep their clients happy, we don’t stop until you are completely satisfied. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we work day and night to provide the best care possible of your investment property. During a state of emergency or on any other given day, we take our duties seriously.

You do not want to be caught in a lawsuit for not complying with local or national regulations. Penalties and fines hurt your cash flow and interrupt your business. We want to see you be successful. With more than 30 years experience, we know how to make you a profitable landlord while also following all necessary rental laws. Put our team to work for you. Give Real Property Management SAC-METRO a call today.

Property Management Rancho Cordova: Prepare for Freezing Temps

Be Proactive

When the weather starts to cool down, it’s time to think about winterizing your rental home. If frozen pipes burst, you can end up paying thousands of dollars in water damage repairs. It is best to be proactive before severe weather hits. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we make sure your investment property is protected against cold temperatures.

What to Winterize

When working with property management, Rancho Cordova homeowners can trust the professionals at Real Property Management SAC-METRO. Your property is important to us. We deal with the daily duties of being a landlord all while increasing your cash flow. A burst water pipe hurts your bottom line. Hence, it is very important to winterize your rental unit.

The best way to minimize the risks of a pipe bursting is to install proper insulation. Insulate any pipe that is exposed. This includes outdoor faucets and pipes that run through the attic. A hard faucet cover is best for outdoor faucets or hose bibs. For indoor pipes, you have several options depending on the type and location of the pipe. Considering using tubular pipe insulation, a heat cable, or applying blown-in insulation.

Also, if your rental unit is vacant during winter months, it is wise to keep the heat on even without tenants in the home. Go throughout the home and open any cabinet and closet doors where pipes are visible as well. This allows warmer air to circulate around the pipes.

The Help of Sacramento Property Management Professionals

Do you need the help of property management? Rancho Cordova investors know their property is in good hands when working with Real Property Management SAC-METRO. With more than 30 years of experience, our Sacramento property management team knows the rental industry and knows how to safeguard your investment. If you want reliable yet affordable property management, call Real Property Management SAC-METRO today!

How to Reduce Energy Costs

Happy Tenants = Happy Landlord

When your tenants are satisfied, it makes your job as the homeowner a lot easier. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we strive to provide a great rental experience for both you and your tenants. One way to make your tenants happy with where they live is by offering an energy-efficient home.

Energy Savings Tips

As a Sacramento property management company with more than 30 years of experience, we know several ways to create an energy-efficient rental property. A programmable thermostat is a must. When used properly, tenants do not need to worry about adjusting the thermostat before running out the door to work. Instead, the thermostat can be set to automatically utilize energy-saving temperatures when no one is home.

Air leaks are another problem when trying to conserve energy in Sacramento. Property management companies like Real Property Management SAC-METRO can handle all necessary maintenance repairs to your rental unit including the need to replace caulking around windows. Sealing air leaks prevents energy loss.

Furthermore, the water heater should be left at the lowest comfortable setting. Setting the water heater too high results in wasted energy. An up-to-date water heater will reduce overall energy costs as well. Lastly, certain light bulbs can save tenants money. CFL or LED bulbs are the best ones to preserve energy.

A Trustworthy Sacramento Property Management Company

The professionals at Real Property Management SAC-METRO know exactly how to take care of your investment property. Even though there are other Sacramento property management companies out there, no one knows the rental business better than we do. We work hard to get you the best return on your property all while attending to everyday tenant needs and maintenance calls. Give the experts at Real Property Management SAC-METRO a call today. See what we can do for you!

Property Management Mistakes

Common and Costly Mistakes: Using Unqualified Management

One common regret veteran investors have is trying to manage rental property investment themselves. Your rental property deserves an expert Sacramento property management team just like any other mutual fund or financial investment. Real Property Management SAC-METRO is committed to helping you get a better return than you could on your own even when factoring in management fees. Deciding if your time is worth the hassle and headache is not a decision made lightly. Self-management may lead to cutting corners by hiring under-qualified labor to save money. Be smart and hire an experienced Sacramento property management company. With over 30 years of experience, Real Property Management has the answer you’re looking for.

If you already have some experience managing property, make sure you’re educated in all aspects of the property management. Rancho Cordova landlords should that check all licensing, regulations, and codes are up to date. Read up on marketing strategies in your area and how to avoid vacancies. Another great tip is calculating how much money is needed to insure good cash flow. Create a customer service plan as well as establishing cost-effective maintenance resources. A plan for collections and evictions is also important. If this sounds like a lot to take on, call Real Property Management SAC-METRO for help with any services you don’t want to handle yourself.

Once landlords establish a plan, it is important to set aside time to be available for tenants. Inability to contact a landlord is a primary reason for tenant discontent and vacancy. If you calculate your hourly income and usually make more than $50 per hour, it makes sense to hire a property management team. Real Property Management SAC-METRO has the expertise to handle all aspects of your rental home.

When you partner with a professional property management, Rancho Cordova rentals are a great financial investment. Let Real Property Management SAC-METRO handle the details of your investment for you. We’ll help you avoid late night maintenance calls, costly fines, unnecessary vacancies, unexpected emergencies, and dealing with evictions or late rent payments. Call today!

Why Avoiding Rental Maintenance Cost

Common and Costly Mistakes: Failing to Maintain a Rental Property

Investing revenue into property repairs can be painful to a landlord, but neglecting repairs will only create more problems down the road. Required maintenance is not something that can be planned. Sacramento property management owners can save money and vacancy days if they maintain a positive relationship with tenants by fixing problems quickly. Having good relations with local vendors can also help in the event of an emergency situation, like gas leaks or plumbing problems. Real Property Management SAC-METRO experts schedule regular maintenance inspections twice a year to assess any potential problems. This lessens the chance of an emergency and keeps properties in proper working order. As the top property management in Sacramento, CA, we have a vast network of trustworthy plumbers, electricians, and technicians ready to solve any problem.

Our Sacramento Property Management Keeps Tenants Happy

One of the main reasons tenants leave a rental property is because of neglected repairs. Replacing those tenants is a costly endeavor, and going days without collecting rent is money lost. It’s also costly to continue marketing and advertising, as well as preparing the unit and screening prospective renters. By continuously upkeeping rental units, landlords are more likely to keep tenants long term.

Dealing with tenants in a timely and honest way builds positive landlord and tenant relations. Meeting with tenant quickly needs shows renters you care about them, and they in turn will more likely care about the property. Keep in mind renters should never be allowed to fix any maintenance issues themselves. This can lead to liability and accountability problems. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, our proven process includes biannual maintenance checks to fix short and long term maintenance problems.

In developing positive relationships with local vendors, follow up with maintenance workers to ensure their work meets regulations. To reduce your stress as a Sacramento property management owner, Real Property Management SAC-METRO already has those relationships developed so you can rest easy.

The better you take care of your tenants, the better they take care of your property. Having someone else to manage the headaches of maintenance repairs quickly and efficiently will keep tenants happy and save you money. Even after subtracting manager costs, property owners still report higher gains with Real Property Management SAC-METRO. We’ve been taking the hassle out of owning rental property for nearly 30 years. Call us today!

Benefits of Professional Property Management Sacramento property management

Some Good Reasons to Look Into Sacramento Property Management

If you are considering renting out your home, now is a great time to get into the market. A wave of Bay Area residents are relocating to Sacramento. As the number one Sacramento property management company, Real Property Management SAC-METRO experts save you time, money, and headaches while you collect a better return on your investment.

Steep housing costs are driving citizens of San Francisco northeast to a more affordable market. With the influx of people moving to Sacramento, now is the time to invest in rental property. Real Property Management SAC-METRO provides expert services for all aspects of renting your property. You can choose as many or as few of these services as you like to help you get started.

Sacramento is a popular search for San Francisco residents. By paying a smaller percentage of income for housing, your tenants will be able to enjoy more of the food, arts, and cultural happenings in Sacramento. Property management companies will want your business, but only one local business has nearly 30 years of experience. Real Property Management SAC-METRO will help you set your rent at a marketable level getting you the most return on your investment while keeping vacancy days at a minimum. With the influx of new residents, home prices are increasing, but our careful screening process gets you the most reliable tenants in the area.

Sacramento Property Management Looks to Future Prospects

A recent effort toward urban development means a fresh feeling downtown in Sacramento. Think of it as the equivalent to the Gold Rush of the 19th century. By investing in rental property, you can guarantee your part of the economic growth happening in Sacramento. Property management companies are not all equal. Our professionals at Real Property Management SAC-METRO offer regular inspections, collection and eviction plans, insures federal, state and local compliance and allows you to monitor statis 24/7 online. We also give tips to property owners who want to do some of the work themselves.

With so many people moving into the Sacramento area, take advantage of the opportunity to provide affordable housing. Real Property Management SAC-METRO can help you get a better return on your property than you could on your own even minus the management costs because our experienced team helps prevent costly mistakes. Get in on Sacramento’s fortune without the headache of doing all the work yourself. Call today!