Read This Before You Set the Rent in Sacramento Rental Property Management

Too many rental owners don’t take the time to make sure they set the right rent for their rental home.  This is a critical decision in Sacramento rental property management and can cost you thousands of dollars over the years, but perhaps not in the way you may expect.  Here are the top ten things to consider before setting the rent—from your expert team at SAC-METRO.  

  1. First, and probably the most obvious to many investors, is to avoid UNDERPRICING the rental home.  Not only does this result in less rental income for you, it becomes more difficult to make reasonable rental increases in the future to keep the rent consistent with market rates, whether your working in Cameron property management or Sacramento rental property management.  This can keep your rental underperforming for many years.
  2. And of course you don’t want to price it too high, either. If your property is OVERPRICED, it will be difficult to rent it quickly to well-qualified tenants. That will mean a longer vacancy period for you, which over the course of the coming year can be far more damaging to your overall rental income than a lower rent rate.  Remember that you won’t earn any income at all if you have to wait for someone who is willing to pay a too-high price, and this can quickly erase the increase rent income over the year.
  3. Start by considering your property’s LOCATION, always a primary factor with real estate, be it a sale or rental. If your home is in a desirable school district, it will be easier to draw families with school-aged children to your home. Properties that are close to public transportation or popular commuter routes are also sought after, and can usually earn more rent than homes in more remote areas. Feature the location’s benefits when you’re marketing and advertising as well.
  4. Evaluate your property SIZE in relation to similar properties.  Depending on where your property is located, you’ll earn more when you have the size and the layout that tenants are seeking. Three bedroom, two bath homes with a garage and a yard command the most rent in suburban neighborhoods. If your property is of smaller size, you can compensate with modern appliances and upgrades.
  5. Like it or not, SEASON of the year can influence rental prices. Families with children are less likely to move during the school year, and no one enjoys moving over the holidays. Areas around a university will see fluctuations around the semester breaks.  As a result, prices may be a little higher in the early summer months, and a little lower in the dead of winter.
  6. One area where you have more control is the property’s CONDITION. Put simply, a home that’s in great shape can command more rent than a home that is dated or run down. If you want to attract top rents, make some improvements and updates. You don’t have to do a complete remodel, but a fresh coat of paint on the walls, tidied up landscaping, new lighting, or modernized flooring can make a difference in what you can charge.  
  7. Whether or not your property accepts PETS can also impact your rent rate.  As single family rental homes are popular with families, allowing certain family pets will drive more interest to your property, allow for a stronger rent rate, and ultimately can cause a home to lease faster.  Good tenants are likely to take care of the property, pets notwithstanding, and pet deposits can be put in place to protect against any damage.
  8. In light of all the factors above, now consider the COMPETITION.  Plenty of online resources can help you understand your local market and your tenant pool. Talk to property managers, real estate agents, and investors. Pay attention to what is renting quickly in your area, and what isn’t. Is there is low inventory but high demand for rental homes? If so, you can charge a little more for your property. If there are plenty of great homes available to tenants, you’re going to need a more competitive price to get it leased quickly.  Compare the location, features, size, and condition of the available properties to your own, and adjust your price accordingly. Also, remember that just because another owner asking $1,500 for a property doesn’t mean that’s what the property will actually lease for.
  9. Of course every rental owner will want to first consider their FINANCIAL position, but remember, this can’t drive the final price. Perhaps you want to earn $1,250 a month in rent because that will cover your mortgage and your expenses, provide a little maintenance savings, and even a bit of monthly income. But, if homes similar to yours are renting for $1,100 per month, your price tag may leave you with a costly vacancy or an undesirable resident who is willing to pay more due to credit or other problems.
  10. Finally, consider a complimentary rental analysis from the expert team at SAC-METRO to get a fact-based, reliable price range that’s appropriate for your property.  We specialize in the local market and have access to several tools to provide you with an unbiased assessment that can help you confidently set your rent rate.

Once your rent is set and your property is on the market, there are two more steps to ensure that you’re asking the right rent rate for Sacramento rental property management:

  • First, make sure you MONITOR LEASING ACTIVITY. If you are getting consistent inquiries and prospective tenants are asking to see the property, you’re probably in an appropriate rental range. But, if no one is calling or applying after viewing the home, you might be pricing it too high. Track your marketing results, including the number of people who are contacting you, how many of those prospects are seeing the home, and whether they’re filling out an application after the showing. This will tell you whether you’re in the right range.
  • ADJUST THE RENT IF NECESSARY. If it turns out that no one is applying for your home, the price could be the problem. Consider lowering it to lease the home more quickly, and try not to get too emotionally attached to the amount that you charge. Losing an entire month of rental income is more expensive than lowering your price by $50 per month.

Once you have a tenant placed, you may have questions about raising the rent for existing tenants.  

  • Most tenants assume that their rent will increase at some point after the initial lease period. This is appropriate if the market supports a higher rent for properties like yours, your property-related expenses have gone up, or you’re offering additional value, such as landscaping, internet, replacing aging appliances, etc. Remember, not all markets will move at the same pace, Cameron property management won’t be like Sacramento rental property management.
  • That said, you don’t want to rush good tenants out of your property with risky price increases.  The costs of turnover, marketing, re-leasing, and potential vacancy days often outweigh a small rent increase, so weigh your choices carefully and keep the lines of communication open.

Again, your team of experts at SAC-METRO is always happy to help you determine the correct rent rate for your property at no cost to you. Give us a call today.

The Sacramento Rental Property Management Solution to Avoiding Tenant Conflict

As a rental property owner, negative tenant interactions are to be expected from time to time. While tenant conflict is the last thing you want to deal with, you need to be prepared to handle confrontations in a professional manner. The Sacramento rental property management team at Real Property Management SAC-METRO strives to help you be a successful rental investor and develop positive tenant/landlord relationships.

Ways to Develop Positive Tenant Interactions

Being a landlord is a tricky job, and requires patience and understanding. Your best chance at being a profitable homeowner is by creating satisfied customers, in other words, happy tenants. Tenants that feel valued and cared for are more likely to respect and maintain your property. With the help of our professional team, you can better avoid tenant conflict.

Lease Agreement – Disagreements often begin when one party misunderstands the other. A clear and concise rental contract is the best way to make sure all individuals involved understand their duties. The lease agreement needs to distinctly state tenant versus homeowner responsibilities. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we use a well-written contract that outlines exact obligations to help tenants know what to expect from the very beginning.

Work Orders – Maintenance repairs can also create disputes. Landlords should financially and even mentally prepare to put money into their rental every once in a while. Anticipate fixes and set aside funds for those fixes. Homes naturally deteriorate no matter who is living in them. Expect normal wear and tear to happen. As for your tenants, they can feel neglected and unheard if maintenance requests are not handled in a timely manner. But when partnering with Real Property Management SAC-METRO, you won’t have to worry about that. We promptly respond to submitted requests and work hard to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Home Inspections – Frustrations escalate when costly repairs could have been prevented with regular upkeep. Home inspections allow you to catch small problems before they turn into significant problems. Landlords are allowed to enter their rental home when they follow the proper legal steps. Complying with the law not only saves you from legal ramifications but is also a way to show respect and keep the peace with your tenants. The experts at Real Property Management SAC-METRO know the law regarding home inspections and make sure to follow all applicable regulations.

Emotional Attachment – Some investors have a difficult time transitioning from homeowner to business owner. It is important to operate your rental like a business investment, even if it was once your beloved home. Remember that tenants notoriously do not provide the same level of care for a house as a direct homeowner would give. All the while, your landlord/tenant relationship hinges on your ability to personally detach, and rather, remain objective and courteous. The help of a third party such as Real Property Management SAC-METRO is especially beneficial when trying to make the emotional switch to a business investor.

Tenant Screening – Placing quality tenants in your unit can drastically reduce the likelihood of encountering conflict down the road, not to mention the impact on your cash flow and profitability. The Sacramento rental property management team at Real Property Management SAC-METRO uses a thorough tenant application process for this reason. We verify credit, employment, and income. Plus, we conduct a criminal and background check. We also look at rental history and talk to previous landlords. Finding well-qualified tenants can make the world of difference, resulting in either pleasant tenant experiences or rocky ones.

Develop Mutual Respect

Most tenants don’t want to stir up trouble, but they do want to feel listened to and respected. Your success as a rental home investor largely depends on the landlord/tenant relationship you develop. Remember to:

  • Set expectations upfront and enforce the terms of the lease
  • Anticipate and prepare for maintenance requests, small and large
  • Conduct regular home inspections to catch needed repairs before they snowball
  • Don’t stress over normal wear and tear to your home
  • Follow all federal, state, and local laws and regulations
  • Make a mental adjustment to operate your rental as a business
  • Utilize a rigorous tenant screening process
  • Hire a professional intermediary to help you maneuver the complexities that come with being a landlord

What Our Sacramento Rental Property Management Experts Can Do for You

The professionals at Real Property Management SAC-METRO understand the rental industry. They know how to improve your tenant communication, all while increasing your bottom line. To be a successful rental property owner, you need to understand the job requires time, energy, and knowledge. Landlord responsibilities don’t stop on the nights, weekends, or holidays. But you can handoff the everyday hassles and headaches of your Sacramento rental property management duties to our experts. We offer a comprehensive list of services and proven processes that are designed to get you a better return on your investment. Put our experienced team to the test. Call Real Property Management SAC-METRO today.

Tenant Screening with Sacramento Rental Property Management

Your financial success as an investment property owner hinges on finding qualified tenants. The cash flow of your business depends on a regular incoming rent payment. To be profitable, you need tenants who will pay rent on time and in full, while also maintaining and respecting your home.

A Rigorous Tenant Screening

Tenant selection should be one of your top priorities as a landlord. Poor tenant qualification tends to lead to trouble down the road including payment delays, property damage, added maintenance repairs, increased vacancies, more turnover, plus possible evictions and legal battles. Be proactive and take the time to properly screen potential tenants.

Real Property Management SAC-METRO uses a process proven to help homeowners find reliable tenants. Our Sacramento rental property management team has the experience and resources needed to be able to thoroughly screen applicants. We are committed to making sure our homeowners see the benefits of placing the most qualified tenants possible.

What to Verify

Combined Income – Real Property Management SAC-METRO requires an application for every tenant over the age of 18. When we verify employment, we check the combined income among tenants. The income should be at least three times the rent rate.

Credit Check – A credit check can be eye-opening. It is a good way to see if tenants have a proven history of following through with their financial obligations. In the public records portion of a credit report, you can see if they have been evicted or had any judgments served against them in the past. While it is tempting to dismiss someone based on score alone, you should avoid hasty decisions. If you spot something of concern on the report, request an explanation from the applicant regarding your concerns.

Rental History – Talking with previous landlords is the easiest and best way to get to know tenants before they even move in. Discuss whether they caused damage to the property, paid rent every month, or ran into problems with the law. Rather than experiencing problematic tenants firsthand, learn from past landlords instead.

Background Check – A criminal background check is a solid way to confirm if a tenant has a history of drugs, theft, violence, or sexual offenses. The check with help you determine if a tenant might be an increased safety and security risk.

Watch Out for Costly Legal Mistakes

From Carmichael to Auburn, property management companies must follow certain laws and regulations when screening applicants. As a landlord, you can encounter numerous legal pitfalls at the local, state, and federal level. You cannot afford to be caught in a legal battle from not adhering to the law.

The Sacramento rental property management team at Real Property Management SAC-METRO is extensively trained to know how to protect you when taking in applications and selecting tenants. The law continually changes, so it can be difficult to maneuver the tenant screening process alone. Our experts stay up-to-date on the rules applicable to landlords, so you don’t have to worry about understanding every law. There are numerous regulations to be aware of, including:

  • The Americans with Disability Act
  • The Fair Housing Act
  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Real estate contract laws
  • Trust accounting laws
  • Local city ordinances

These regulations make sure you do not discriminate against tenants based on race, gender, age, religion, nationality, or disability. Other rules require you to keep personal tenant information confidential and properly handle funds such as security deposits.

Homeowner Versus Business Owner

Selecting tenants is only the first step in establishing a professional landlord/tenant relationship. No matter the quality of tenants, there will be a need for future tenant interactions. Even the most careful tenants will request maintenance repairs. Wear and tear on your home is inevitable. Appliances break and systems fail. Because homes naturally deteriorate, do not let this be a source of frustration.

Once your tenants have moved in, it is crucial to operate your rental property as a business. Even if you once lived in the home, it is no longer your personal residence. This mental adjustment is necessary to maintain an orderly relationship. How you treat your tenants carries a direct financial impact on your business. The better you treat your tenants, the better the results. Be objective. Do not react on emotions. Respond to your tenants in a businesslike manner and with respect.  

A Clear and Concise Lease Contract

A well-constructed contract sets you up for success. A detailed rental lease agreement is the foundation for positive tenant interactions. When both parties know their responsibilities beforehand, it reduces the chance of conflict later on.

A lease should specifically outline what your tenants can expect from you as a landlord, and in turn, what you expect from your tenants.

At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we utilize a lease contract that is designed to safeguard your property and protect you as a business owner. We take the time to explain at signing what duties fall under tenant responsibility compared to landlord obligation. Plus, our knowledgeable and experienced team makes sure to conduct signings and prepare documents in accordance with the law. We do not want you to encounter costly legal mistakes that hurt your bottom line.

What to Remember

No matter where your investment property is located, from Roseville to Auburn, property management is a complex job all across the greater Sacramento area. To be profitable, you must understand the rental industry and have the necessary resources to operate your home as a business. When selecting tenants, remember the importance of:

  • Conducting a complete and thorough tenant screening process that includes a credit and background check, plus verification of employment, income and rental history
  • Complying with federal, state, and local laws and regulations
  • Acting level-headed, professional, and respectful at all times
  • Constructing a well-written rental lease contract

The Need for a Reliable Sacramento Rental Property Management Team

The Sacramento rental property management team at Real Property Management SAC-METRO is trustworthy and dependable. Our hassle-free leasing cycle is proven to help landlords increase their cash flow and remain profitable. Learn more about our comprehensive list of services and put our skilled team to work for you. Call Real Property Management SAC-METRO today.

How to Reduce Vacancy Days with the Help of Professional Sacramento Rental Property Management

A vacant rental home costs you money. Without tenants, you have no income. The American Apartment Owners Association states, “Reducing your vacancy rates to a bare minimum is extremely important if you intend to have a successful real estate investing career.”

Unfortunately, being a homeowner does not always mean you will see a monthly rent payment. Sacramento rental property management is a complex job with many moving components. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we have developed a leasing process proven to shorten vacancies.

A Leasing Process that Works

Being a rental property owner takes a great deal of time, knowledge, and resources. A first-time homeowner can make expensive mistakes when trying to maneuver the complexities of property management alone. Our precise process is designed to minimize leasing delays and find reliable tenants for your home. We have the resources and expertise needed to protect your property and increase your cash flow. We accomplish a smooth transition from one tenant to the next in several ways.

Prepare Your Home for Showings

One way to delay the leasing process is to show your home before it is ready for tenants to move-in. The property needs to be rent-ready when you begin advertising. The AAOA recommends: “The day your tenants vacate is the very same day your handyman/contractors should assess repairs and then begin refreshing your rental property. Every day that passes while your contractor ‘gets around to it’ will cost you money; the clock is ticking and the bills piling up on your vacant investment.”

Create a Marketing Strategy

If you want to find qualified tenants, Forbes says, “The first step to doing so is to market your property the right way in the right places, so the right property hunters find you. Marketing is always about reaching the right audience, and property advertising is no exception.” Our experienced team advertises your home listing across dozens of most-visited rental sites. As The Balance puts it, “If you want to find tenants quickly for your rental, prospective tenants need to be able to find you … The Internet is a great way to reach the masses.”

Respond Quickly to Prospective Residents

All Sacramento residential property management companies operate at different speeds. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we understand the urgency to end a vacancy. Our professional leasing agents are ready to show your home and answer any inquiries from potential tenants. You personally will not deal with the hassle of scheduling any home showings or coming out to walk-throughs. Our team handles it all for you.

Collect Applications

The tenant screening process is a crucial step in the leasing process. Tenants can make or break your financial success as a landlord. Our Sacramento rental property management experts check employment, credit, rental, and criminal history including terrorist and sex offender checks. Forbes reports:

“Having all rental applicants fill out a detailed application form is important, and while it may be a lot of extra work to follow up on every last reference, the time investment can be revelatory. Not only can you verify that prospective tenants are telling the truth, but current and former landlords may have some of the most critical insight into your applicants.”

Securing qualified tenants gives you the best chance at receiving a long-term and steady rent payment, paid in full and on time.

Select Tenants and Get Them Moved In

We work with you to select the best possible tenants based on the received applications. From there, we manage the lease signing and coordinate a move-in date. We use a lease that sets clear expectations and rules for your tenants to follow. The lease also explains every detail of landlord duties versus tenant responsibilities. This serves as a protection to you if any legal matters arise.

Do Not Get Emotional

You compromise your ability to be a good landlord when you are emotionally attached to a property. You need to make decisions from a pure business standpoint, approaching matters of business with a logical and legal mindset rather than an emotional outlook. You must accept that tenants do not have the same emotional tie to your home as you do. Wear and tear will happen. Maintenance repairs are inevitable. Investing in real estate is a business venture and requires an objective viewpoint.

The Sacramento Rental Property Management Team You Can Trust

Sacramento residential property management companies come in all shapes and sizes. You will receive unsurpassed service from the team at Real Property Management SAC-METRO. With more than 30 years of experience, we understand the rental industry and know how to reduce vacancy days with our proven leasing process. Our Sacramento rental property management experts want to see you succeed. We work hard to get you the best return on your rental home. You can have a profitable rental business. Put our experienced team to work for you. Call Real Property Management SAC-METRO today.

How Our Sacramento Property Management Team Makes You Profitable

Real Property Management SAC-METRO turns homeowners into successful business owners. Our hassle-free leasing cycle is proven to make property owners profitable. Your rental investment is important to us. Our Sacramento property management team is committed to increasing your cash flow, all while taking away those everyday burdens and responsibilities of managing a rental home.

INSPECTING – Routine home inspections are a key component to maintaining the value of a rental property. It is one of the best ways to ensure your property is well maintained during a lease term. Inspections allow you to catch maintenance issues before they turn into expensive repairs. Inspections also prepare you for when a tenant moves out. Your home will be one step closer to being rent-ready due to your proactive care during the previous tenants.

MARKETING – An aggressive marketing strategy reduces leasing delays and extended vacancies. A vacant home costs you money. Our professionals understand the rental market and know what is required to help you find qualified tenants. The goal is for your home listing to reach as many potential tenants as possible to provide you the best chance at receiving an application from quality tenants. We advertise your listing on dozens of high-traffic websites, plus utilize yard signs to catch the attention of those passing by.

SHOWING – We make sure prospective tenants have multiple ways to view your rental home. We post a virtual tour of your property online, plus provide opportunities for live showings. Those interested in your home can use our online booking system to schedule a walkthrough. We quickly respond to those requests and conduct tours every day of the week during day and evening hours.

SCREENING – Finding quality tenants tends to lead to less property damage and decreased vacancy periods. Poorly qualified tenants increase your risk of legal liability issues and the likelihood of eviction. All Sacramento rental management companies have their own tenant screening process. Our application process verifies income, rental history, employment, criminal, and credit history.

SIGNING – Our Sacramento property management team prepares a lease contract that follows all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. To best protect you as a homeowner, we make sure the lease outlines tenant duties versus landlord responsibilities. We also properly handle security deposits to stay in compliance with trust accounting laws.

COLLECTING – A firm-but-fair rent collection process is a must. While you can hope you receive a rent payment-in-full and on-time every month, that is not always the case. To encourage timely payments, tenants can pay their due amount online using our tenant portal. If rent is not paid, our experts begin a collections process that works to resolve the matter as quickly as the law allows. An eviction is a time consuming and expensive legal process. It is crucial to follow all relevant laws to financially protect your investment business.

MAINTAINING – Maintenance requests can come at any time of the day or night. Our maintenance team works around the clock, including weekends and holidays. We strive to respond promptly when maintenance is required. This helps tenants feel listened to and valued. A proactive maintenance strategy also helps your home meet code and safety standards.

RENEWING – Tenant turnover drains the profitability of a rental investment business. An empty home that sits for even a month or two puts a serious dent in your bottom line. We are committed to creating a positive rental experience for both our clients and their tenants. Our unsurpassed service helps retain tenants, which helps landlords see a better return on their rental home.

MOVING – Tenants come and tenants go. We work hard to make moving a smooth transition for all involved. Tenants are notified of the move-out process and what is required of them. We then conduct a final walkthrough, manage the deposit disbursement, and work hard to get your home rent-ready for the next tenants.

REPORTING – We stay in constant communication with our homeowners.  Our online client portal is user-friendly making information accessible at the click of a button. Through the portal, landlords can view any information about their rental home, including detailed monthly financial reports and year-end tax statements. Plus, during the leasing process, homeowners receive frequent updates to keep them informed of the progress made toward securing tenants.

A Hassle-Free Leasing Cycle with Our Sacramento Property Management Team

Self-managing a rental home can be a financial nightmare. Don’t go about rental investing alone. Property management is a complex job that requires a lot of time and energy. Instead, put our experienced team to work for you.

Real Property Management SAC-METRO is not like other Sacramento rental management companies. With more than 30 years of experience, our experts understand the complexities of Sacramento property management. We have the resources and expertise to help landlords avoid costly mistakes and legal pitfalls. You can put your trust in our proven hassle-free leasing cycle. We know how to minimize your risks and maximize your cash flow to make your investment business thrive. Call Real Property Management SAC-METRO today to learn more about our comprehensive list of services.

storm clean up tips from sacramento rental property management

Storm Clean-up Tips From Sacramento Rental Property Management Experts

The interior and exterior of a rental home can be damaged and need costly repairs following a large storm. As a property owner, a storm can interrupt your cash flow and have a big impact on your investment business. When you partner with Sacramento rental property management experts like Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we will help you weather any storm.

Sacramento Rental Property Management Helps With Landscape Recovery

Our team of experts knows how to help your rental recover from a storm. With more than 30 years of experience, our specialists have seen it all. Sometimes a storm will cause no damage to the actual structure of a home, but wreak havoc on the landscaping. No matter the circumstances, Real Property Management SAC-METRO can help. Here are a few suggestions to get yard restoration underway:

  • Prioritize Clean Up – Identify current and potential dangers. Look for hanging tree limbs or unstable trees. Get those out of the way first.
  • Call in the Experts – Tree removal is a dangerous job. Trees are extremely heavy and are known to cause serious injury or death when not handled properly. Individuals trained in tree removal know how to safely clean up after a storm.
  • Inspect for Drainage Issues – A large storm can change the natural water drainage of a yard. Because storms wash away soil and shrubbery, the drainage system can be altered. When cleaning up after a storm, make sure to lead water away from your home.
  • Watch Out for Standing Water – Water accumulated after a storm can be a health hazard. Standing water hoards dangerous substances such as sewage and industrial waste. It is not recommended to enter such water without proper clothing, gloves, and protection. Do not risk the chance of infection and health consequences by not taking the appropriate precautions.
  • Create a Plan – Small shrubs and perennials can wait. Make a priority list of what is required to get the yard back to an acceptable condition. Access the overall damage to smaller plants. See what can be salvaged and then determine a game plan from there.

Do Not Wait to Get Started

Do not delay cleaning up after a storm. We are ready to help you restore your rental property landscape. Real Property Management SAC-METRO works hard to safeguard your property and protect you as a homeowner. There is no need to let the stress of a being a landlord overwhelm you. Find out more about our hassle-free leasing cycle and how we can make you a profitable in Sacramento rental property management. Give Real Property Management SAC-METRO a call today.

7 Things to Never Do in Sacramento Rental Property Management

Managing a rental home is a 24/7 job. As a landlord, you work nights, weekends, and holidays. It’s not just about receiving a rent check every month and seeing your profits increase. If that is your expectation, you will be met with a lot of stress and frustration. Being an investment property owner requires a significant amount of time, attention, and resources.

What Not to Do

To be a successful homeowner, you must treat your rental as a business endeavor. It is important to know and understand how the rental market works. Partnering with a Sacramento rental property management company such as Real Property Management SAC-METRO, helps you avoid these common landlord mistakes. Here is a list of what not to do:

  1. Put Off Maintenance. Needed maintenance doesn’t disappear if you ignore it. Don’t leave it undone. Take maintenance requests seriously and respond to them promptly. A small repair can turn into a big repair if not handled properly.
  2. Ignore Regulations. You must always follow the law. Always, always. Know your local, state, and national rules and regulations. Otherwise, you might find yourself with some hefty violation fines.
  3. Get Emotional. While it is your home, you decided to make it a business investment once you placed tenants in it. Tenants generally do not care for your home at the same level you would do the homeowner.
  4. Go Without Proper Tenant Screening. A lot of common landlord problems can be avoided by placing qualified tenants. Check credit, income amount, employment, and rental history.
  5. Act Disrespectfully. Tenants can rub you wrong, but you have to react like a professional business owner. You can be stern, but do not belittle or argue. An easy way to avoid potential conflict is to make sure the lease carefully and meticulously explains tenant responsibilities as well as landlord duties.
  6. Not Be Reachable. Whether partnering with a Sacramento rental property management company or not, it is important to be available. Emergencies inevitably arise. Crucial decisions need to be made. Make sure you can be contacted.
  7. Be Unrealistic. Rental homes require you to put money into them. Normal wear and tear will happen. You cannot expect to go without maintenance and needed repairs. Maintaining a rental home costs you money as well as makes you money.

Hiring Sacramento Rental Property Management

The specialists at Real Property Management SAC-METRO want you to have a positive experience being a rental investor. With more than 30 years of experience, our experts utilize a hassle-free leasing cycle that is proven to be successful. You can be a profitable landlord and see investment gains. Put our team to work for you. Learn how our proven processes can increase your bottom line. Give Real Property Management SAC-METRO a call today.

Why Seek the Expertise of Sacramento Rental Property Management

The Cost of Rent

As a landlord, you have to figure out an appropriate rent rate. It is a tricky balance between choosing a price that will make you a profit, yet a rate that will attract a good pool of tenants. The professionals at Real Property Management SAC-METRO know the rental industry and can help you determine a competitive rent rate.

What to Consider

Our Sacramento rental property management team is highly trained to make sure you are profitable through all the ups and downs of the rental market. There are many factors to consider when selecting the price of rent for your investment property. In today’s economy, more and more renters are finding it difficult to pay the cost of rent. Rent rates are rapidly increasing creating a financial hardship on families. Evictions are not ideal and ultimately hurt your bottom line. So, how do you stay afloat when everything around you is sinking into an economic crisis?

As a professional Sacramento rental property management company, we work hard to safeguard your cash flow. With the guidance of property management, Sacramento, CA, landlords are advised to select qualified tenants–tenants that can pay rent on time and in full every month. That is why our Sacramento rental property management experts utilize a rigorous screening process on all applicants over the age of 18. We verify employment, credit, criminal background, and even contact past landlords. It is also important for you to not overprice your rent rate, and therefore, limit the amount of tenants that can afford your rental.

Keeping tenants happy is a crucial part of Sacramento rental property management and your financial game as well. Unhappy tenants tend to get out of their lease early leaving you with a vacant home and no rent income. Furthermore, dissatisfied tenants typically do not care or maintain a property meaning more repairs for you down the road. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we respond to all maintenance requests in a timely manner. If tenants have questions or concerns, we address those immediately. We understand the impact of happy tenants on your bottom line.  

A Trustworthy Property Management Sacramento, CA, Partner

When looking for reliable property management, Sacramento, CA, homeowners receive the best service from the experts at Real Property Management SAC-METRO. We use tried and true methods to help our property owners stay out of the red. Don’t let the economy affect your profitability. See what we can do for you. Give us a call today!

Tenant Turnover Hurts Your Bottom Line

Tenant Turnover Hurts Your Bottom Line

Find Success with the Help of Property Management

Sacramento, CA homeowners need to act like the landlord they would want to have. Tenant retention makes money. Vacancies interrupt cash flow and hurt your bottom line. If you want to achieve your investment goals, avoid tenant turnover. The Sacramento rental property management professionals at Real Property Management SAC-METRO know how to make you successful.

How to Secure Your Cash Flow

Ignoring maintenance requests is one of the top reasons tenants become unsatisfied. Tenants feel undervalued when maintenance repairs are not handled quickly and efficiently. If you want to be a profitable business, you must respond promptly to legitimate tenant concerns.

When tenants see you take care of your property, they are more likely to maintain and respect your home. A quality rental home attracts quality tenants. Conduct regular inspections so you can catch maintenance issues before they grow into expensive repairs.

Most importantly, follow all local, state, and federal laws. If your tenants point out a safety or health concern, comply with all legal regulations and work to resolve the matter. Treat your tenants in a fair manner. After all, content tenants reduce turnover.

Hiring a Sacramento Rental Property Management Team is Worth It

Dealing with maintenance requests interrupts the life of a landlord. With more than 30 years of experience in property management, Sacramento, CA homeowners can hand off those maintenance requests to the experts at Real Property Management SAC-METRO. We know the rental industry and can make you a profitable investor. We value your investment and work hard to safeguard your property. Put our experienced team to work for you. Give us a call today!

Common and Costly Mistakes: Finding Quality Tenants

At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, our goal is to help you avoid rent delays and increase cash flow. But new investors sometimes don’t understand the risks and liabilities involved with managing tenants and properties. One common mistake Sacramento rental property management owners make is poor tenant qualification. Failing to properly screen potential tenants can likely lead to property damage, increased legal liability, and a greater likelihood for eviction. With decades of experience in Sacramento rental property management, the dedicated professionals at Real Property Management SAC-METRO stop landlords from making avoidable mistakes and forgetting common procedures. We save you time, headaches, and lost revenue down the road.

Thorough Tenant Screening

The first step to proper tenant screening is requiring all potential tenants over 18 years old to submit an application. It’s hard to manage and track renters if you aren’t aware of who is living at your property. Next, verify tenants have a combined income of at least three times the rent rate. If landlords are having trouble pricing their rental properties, Real Property Management SAC-METRO specialists can analyze local market value to price your rental at a competitive price.

DIY landlords should also remember that poor credit can be common among tenant applicants. Avoid hasty judgements and recent evictions and instead request written explanations of unpaid balances or late payments to property management. Sacramento, CA landlords should also verify at least the past two years of rental history with previous landlords. Ask if there was any damage to the last rental property.

Finally, remember to comply with all anti-discrimination laws and the fair credit reporting act throughout the screening process. Sacramento rental property management owners should not discriminate against tenants based on race, gender, nationality, disability, religion, familial status, or age.

A smooth tenant experience or a rocky client relationship all depends on property tenant screening. Real Property Management SAC-METRO helps thousands of satisfied customers, and our experts are ready to help you. Our proven process includes expedited credit, employment, and rental history checks. If you want the highest protection and service for your cash flow and property, call Real Property Management SAC-METRO today and find the best qualified tenant for you.