How Folsom Property Management Gets Your Property Rent Ready

When it comes time to get your home rent ready, time is money. Everyday that your property sits empty is money out of your pocket. It is crucial to your cash flow to work as quickly and efficiently as possible to turnover your rental property and get it ready for viewing by new prospective tenants. Folsom property management company, Real Property Management Select, leases more than five thousand properties each month and has perfected the rent ready process. Follow along for efficient steps when getting your home ready for your next tenant.

Curb Appeal

Inspect the property from the street view. How does it look? Are the flowers pruned and vibrant? Are tree branches dead and overgrown? Are there weeds intertwined between bushes? Is the driveway clear of oil stains or debris? All of these factors impact curb appeal. The front view of your house is the first thing that applicants see when they arrive for a showing. Make your landscape beautiful and attractive. Folsom property management teams suggest landlords fertilize, mow the lawn, trim dead tree branches and flower stems, or replace dead plants as needed. Check the sprinkler system and make sure your vegetation is getting sufficient water.

Maintenance and Repairs

No one wants to move into a new rental property to find appliances are broken, the air conditioning system does not work, or a pest control problem. Once the previous tenant moves out and returns keys, enter the property immediately. Time is of the essence when turning over a rental property. First things first, rekey the property. This should be your first step upon starting the turnover process. This protects Folsom property management companies from liability, and protects the future tenant. Even though a landlord may have received all keys that were issued at the time of lease signing, you never know if they have made extra copies and handed them out to friends or family. Test all appliances, replace filters on the air conditioning unit, furnace, and hood ranges. Paint the walls a neutral color that is attractive to all people. Do not do a touch up paint, as the wall will likely appear blotchy. Paint the entire wall that is in need of paint. Clean or replace carpets and flooring as needed. Test and replace the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Know the laws in your city regarding smoke, carbon monoxide, and radon detectors. Folsom property management firms are required to provide smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in dwellings.

Get Your Price Right Through Market Comparisons

Pricing your rental property can be crucial to your success and vacancy time. If you price it too high, you run the risk of an extended vacancy time. If you price it too low, someone will snatch it up immediately, and you could have achieved a higher rent price, which would have  increased your monthly cash flow. Complete a market comparison analysis to make certain your price is competitive with similar properties. Folsom property management teams conduct market comparisons by looking at active rental listings that offer similar square footage, bedroom and bathroom ratios, have similar amenities, updates, and features. Pick properties that are within a 5 mile range of your property. Call the manager or landlord and ask them what their property has to offer. Find out about their security deposit prices, application fees, and any other fees that are included or excluded in the rental price. Once you have determined a ballpark range, start high. Test a rental price on the higher end of the range and see how much interest you get. If your phone is slow to ring, this is a good indicator that you should lower the price. Folsom property management professionals list their rental rates just below the fifty dollar increment mark. For example, a rental price appears more attractive to potential renters if it is listed at $2,295 instead of $2,300. Likewise, $2,245 looks more attractive than $2,250. Try it out and see if you are more successful by listing with this strategy in mind.

Showing the Property

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your prospects. Keep the utilities turned on and keep the thermostat at a comfortable temperature. It is a quick turnoff for renters when they walk into a dark house that is freezing cold or blistering hot. Place a neutral air freshener inside the property in a conspicuous location. Make sure it is not too potent. Keep up with lawn care during vacancy or hire a landscaping company to do it for you, so you can focus on showings and applications. Folsom property management team, RPM Select wants to remind landlords to please consider your safety when showing a property. Stand at the front door or on the front porch while your prospective renters walk through the house themselves. This often makes them feel more comfortable anyway, and it keeps you safe.

Folsom Property Management Company, Select’s Proven Rent Ready Process

Select is known for getting rental properties rent ready in record time. When you hire Select to lease your property for you, you know that all work will be done efficiently, showings and correspondents will be carried out in a professional manner, and you will end up with the highest quality of renters who are more than qualified to lease your home. Put our proven process to the test in Folsom. Property management experts are standing by waiting for your call. Call us today.