How Rocklin Property Management Companies Keep Maintenance Costs Down

When investors enter the property management industry for the first time, one of their biggest worries is maintenance costs. Too often, landlords find themselves unprepared for maintenance costs or did not see the need for repairs coming. When it comes to Rocklin property management, there are too many balls to juggle to be worrying about maintenance. RPM Select wants to see property managers succeed, so here are a few tips from our professionals who have more than 30 years of experience in handling maintenance and repairs.

Be Proactive

The best time to address any sort of maintenance issue is when the property is vacant. During the turnover process, inspect and assess what repairs need to be completed. Inspect the property for safety hazards, ensure the appliances are working properly, change filters on the stove hood, air conditioning and furnace units, check the condition and quality of the flooring, make sure there are not any leaking pipes, signs of water damage, or mildew growth, and much more. For a general rental house inspection checklist from the city of Sacramento, click here. Once you have completed your inspection checklist, ask yourself, “would I want to live here?” If you can answer “yes,” then the property is most likely in good condition. Rocklin property management companies recommend that landlords study up on local codes to make sure your property is legally safe and rent ready. At Select, we conduct routine property inspections during occupancy to stay on top of maintenance. We schedule regular gutter cleaning, fire extinguisher inspections, landscape inspections, pest control inspections when needed, and smoke and carbon monoxide detector inspections.

Quick Response Time

The best Rocklin property management companies know a quick response time for maintenance makes for happy tenants. And happy tenants stay long term. This sends a message to your tenants that you care for and respect your property. In return, they will too. When you phone rings, whether it is a 2PM or 2AM, answer the phone. Document in writing what your tenant’s maintenance request is, whether it is minor or an emergency. Act quickly to inspect or send a professional technician to inspect and make the proper repairs. Always hire licensed and insured professionals. This protects property owners from lawsuits and allows you to rest easy knowing your house is in good hands. If a tenant requests a minor repair, remember that small repairs to you might feel like a big deal to your tenants because they live with them every day. Keep lines of communication open between tenants and your Rocklin property management team to let them know you are there to help make sure the problems get resolved.

Who Pays for What? Rocklin Property Management vs. Tenants

If you own your home and and find a leaking pipe, there is no question who gets hit with the bill—it’s you. If you rent, all you have to do is call your landlord, who will most likely be the one flipping the bill. In California, property owners are legally bound to provide a safe and habitable living environment for tenants. It is a landlord’s responsibility to take care of repairs and maintenance so that residents can comfortably live in the dwelling.  If it is a maintenance repair that is caused by general wear and tear or a random repair, the landlord is responsible. However, there is a loophole. A tenant is responsible for payment of a repair is if they caused it to happen. Examples include punching a hole in the wall, trying to install a shower head that resulted in a pipe break, damage caused by your pet, breaking a window while throwing a football inside, or flushing a diaper down the toilet causing it to flood. Rocklin property managers can also require tenants to pay for damages caused by neglect or abuse while the tenant lived on the premises. Landlords must make prompt repairs to maintenance requests and uphold a comfortable living standard for their tenants. Property managers should clearly state in the lease agreement which repairs are paid by the landlord versus the tenant.  

Setting Money Aside for Maintenance

Deciding the correct amount of savings for a rainy day is too often underestimated by property owners. As a general rule of thumb, Select recommends landlords set aside one percent of the value of the property for annual maintenance. If you property is valued at $300,000 a good way to be prepared for maintenance is to set aside $3,000 annually. This breaks down to $250 per month. There will be months where zero maintenance requests are submitted, and there will be months where you have a hefty repair bill. Either way, putting aside one percent is a safe way to protect yourself from draining your bank account when repairs arise.

Preferred Pricing with Select

When you become a client at Select, we provide you with our preferred pricing from our certified vendors. This ensures that our property owners keep maintenance costs low, while still getting quality work from licensed and insured technicians. Call our Rocklin property management team today to get cost-effective solutions through our extensive network of professionals. Our streamlined process for maintenance has never been better.