How To Avoid Vacancy Days and Tenant Turnover by Being a Good Landlord

The Golden Rules of Landlords

An empty property is an empty investment yet still requires a considerable cost to maintain. Whenever a tenant moves away, it can create difficulties for the property owner. High renter turnover can threaten profitability and make your work as the property owner more difficult due to all the additional activities required to fill a vacancy such as marketing, showings, and screenings. But how do you persuade a tenant to remain? The answer is simple. Treat him the way you want to be treated. Consider it this Golden Rule of Roseville Property Management. Follow this checklist to reducing vacancies, created by the experts at Real Property Management Select.

The Golden Rules of Landlords

  1. Be honest and upfront. If tenants feel like they are not being treated fairly, they won’t stick around one minute past the initial contract. Put everything in writing that you care about and verbally discuss it during lease-signing so there are no surprises on what you will and will not enforce.
  2. Show you care. Address your tenants’ needs quickly. Make needed repairs promptly, especially with regards to safety and health issues. When you respond to tenant requests for maintenance they know you care about them and the property.
  3. Be the landlord you would like to have. This is the essence of successful property management. Roseville CA property owners who treat their tenants the way they would like to be treated come out ahead time and time again with less turnover.

The secret to loyal tenants who will rent from you for the long haul is to keep them happy by following the golden rules. Remember happy tenants make for happy property owners. It’s a win-win.

At Real Property Management Select, we live the Golden Rules of Landlords. We use time-tested practices and offer superior services in property management. Roseville, CA teams are waiting to provide you with the best in Roseville property management services.