Andrew Michaelson, Inspector

Andrew Michaelson is the site survey specialist for Real Property Management Select and has been with the company for three years. He is primarily responsible for completing annual and semiannual preventative maintenance and initial property condition inspections. Benefiting customers by routinely visiting properties, addressing and documenting maintenance concerns. Andrew also strives to thoroughly document, identify, and address all concerns brought to his attention. He provides exceptional customer service to our customers by maintaining the quality of our properties.

Before joining Real Property Management Select, he worked for real estate agents helping them maintain and improve the condition of marketed properties. Andrew’s primary strengths are in his ability to see and carefully document details. He also can listen to individuals and understand how to effectively address their concerns. Andres received his training from over seven years of hard work in the real estate and property management industry. In his spare time, he is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sacramento State. He enjoys spending time outdoors and looks for every opportunity to go camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting.

“I enjoy working at RPM Select as it gives me an opportunity to meet many of our great customers and build relationships with them over the years.  I get a lot of joy seeing our customers’ families and lives grow and change over time, and being part of this type of family is truly amazing.  I am lucky to work with so many great people, not just our customers, but also my fellow coworkers, who share the same expectation for customer service that I do. And work hard every day to meet those expectations by maintaining and improving our relationships, communication and service to them.  

I really think our customers get better service with us because we strive to provide exceptional service to both owners and tenants by addressing concerns efficiently and promptly.  Whether it is a maintenance concern or a simple question, we are here to serve you.  I am committed to helping our customers by addressing and identifying all concerns they may have during an inspection, documenting those concerns, and providing a thorough report to our property managers for evaluation and further action.  

I pride myself on being respectful of our customers’ homes and time.  You may be renting a property, but it is still your home, and I promise to treat your home as I would treat mine, and to treat all our customers with the respect they deserve.  I work hard every day to ensure our properties are taken care of, and that our properties take care of those residing in them.”