Professional Folsom Property Management Saves Money

Professional Folsom Property Management Saves Money

As a landlord in Folsom, you likely have one or more of the following goals:

  1.     Earn extra income
  2.     Break even (or lose less) on a house that can’t be sold for what is owed to the bank
  3.     Receive tax deductions
  4.     Invest in long-term equity

We recognize it all comes down to money and because of this, some owners worry that hiring a professional Folsom property management would be an extra expense and counter to their goals of saving or making more of it.

The Cost of Self-Management

Managing your own property can be costlier since it is a demanding, complex job with significant financial and legal strings attached. It requires around-the-clock availability, and regular, unpleasant encounters with tenants. It’s all part of property management. Folsom-area experts from Real Property Management Select, however, have seen it all: drugs and crime, family crisis, natural disasters, tenant excuses, and evictions. Experience breeds better preparation. We take active preventative and emergency response measures daily.

The Savings of Professional Management

Professional Folsom property management from Real Property Management Select pays for itself. Vacancies are filled faster, you get volume discounts on service and equipment, you avoid costly mistakes, and it is often tax deductible.

We love the advice, “don’t step over dollars to pick up a dime.” Tens of thousands of landlords across the nation get a better return on their investment by truly evaluating the costs of professional management then putting Real Property Management Select to work for them. We treat your rental as a business since that’s what it is.

So, before you assume self-management is your only option, ask yourself if you are truly qualified, if you know everything a property manager does, if you can afford costly mistakes, if you understand all the legal risks, if you are willing to put your personal life on hold for unexpected issues, if you can handle the stress, and if you have the time. If the answer is no to any of these, then give yourself the old pink slip and call Real Property Management Select to take care of all your Folsom property management needs. We guarantee you will save valuable time, headaches, and especially money.