Low-Maintenance Landscaping

A yard speaks volumes about a house. A property’s landscape is one of the first impressions people have when they see a home. Establishing a healthy and clean-looking yard is important. But as a landlord, what can you do to keep landscaping attractable yet affordable?

Make the Yard a Priority

Curb appeal is an important component of a rental home. Better-qualified tenants are typically interested in well-maintained homes. Low-maintenance landscaping is an easy way to sustain your curb appeal. If you seek out professional property management in Sacramento, CA, rental experts can help you incorporate into your lease agreement tenant versus landlord responsibilities when it comes to maintaining the yard. At Real Property Management Select, we offer a few tips to keep your landscaping under control long-term.

  • Use Rock Gardens to Fill Space Rock gardens are not only nice to look at but can be filled with drought-tolerant plants. Those plants stay alive and looking fresh without needing large amounts of water or caretaking. Rock features beautify a yard and require little maintenance.
  • Apply Weed Killer – Weeds can easily overtake a yard if left unmanaged. Instead, use weed killer regularly to stop them before they start. While you hope your tenants will take the time to pull weeds, you cannot count on that to happen. Be proactive and preventative.
  • Build a Patio – Patios are easy to maintain. Put a layer of pea stones beneath the area you plan to build the patio, and this will help prevent weeds from sprouting up.
  • Select the Right Kind of Plants – Pick plants, bushes, and flowers that can survive with or without you. Seek out the types that will stay alive with little human care or involvement needed. After all, the last thing you want in your yard is a bunch of dead plants.

Looking for Property Management in Sacramento, CA?

Partnering with Real Property Management Select will benefit your investment business. No one can beat our unsurpassed service and affordable fees. Property management in Sacramento, CA, is a more than a full-time job. Emergency maintenance can come at any time of the day or night. You don’t get to take off nights, weekends, or holidays. Instead, hand off your daily landlord duties to the professionals at Real Property Management Select. Call today and put our experienced team to work for you.

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