Rancho Cordova Property Management Discounts That Save Investors and Tenants Money

What is your idea of the perfect tenant? Many would say it is someone who pays rent on time, reports maintenance requests promptly, respects the property they are renting, and follows all lease agreement rules. Now think about the perfect landlord. The best landlords respond quickly to maintenance requests, listen to their tenants, and make necessary repairs and improvements. What if we told you there is a Rancho Cordova property management team that gives more than that? The professional team members at RPM Select know that happy tenants stay long term, which saves property owners in turnover costs, vacancy loss, maintenance, leasing and advertising. It is our goal to keep tenants happy and confident in their knowledge that we care about them. That is why we created the Resident Club.

The Resident Club

When residents pay rent online and on time, they are automatically presented with a link to sign up for discounts and coupons to local restaurants, clothing stores, entertainment, and grocery stores. Some of the discounts offer up to fifty percent off. Offering these discounts and coupons allows Select to reward and encourage on time rent payments. When residents pay on time, they not only avoid late fees, but they save themselves money on everyday expenses. The leasing team at the Rancho Cordova property management Select location can also pass these same coupons and discounts on to clients. If you are a property investor who has a management contract with Select, simply ask a team member for access and you will be saving money immediately.

Annual Savings

When you think about saving fifty cents here or a dollar there, it can feel like the effort for the coupon is not worth the reward. But the discounts received by Select’s Resident Club is worth more than just a few cents that tenants save. Some discounts offer up to fifty percent off. When you sign up for the Resident Club, you can take advantage of the Savings Calculator. This helpful tool allows you to see how much money you could save each year. Below is a list of some questions that tenants will be asked in order to calculate their estimated savings with Rancho Cordova property management:

  • How many times per week do you eat out for lunch?
  • How many times per week do you eat out for dinner?
  • How many times per year do you attend theme parks?
  • How many times per month do you go bowling, laser tagging, to the movies, or mini golfing?
  • How many pairs of shoes do you buy each year?
  • How often do you buy flowers or chocolates for friends or loved ones?

Tenants and clients can save thousands of dollars each year by applying the Resident Club discounts and coupons.

How to Use the Coupons and Discounts

The Resident Club allows iPhone and Android users to download the discount app. This way you can carry your coupons and discounts everywhere you go. The app allows users to search for nearby places for on-the-go coupons and discounts throughout surrounding cities and Rancho Cordova. Property management teams know that the weekly grocery store bill adds up quickly. On the app, users can also click and save specific coupons for items on their grocery lists like cereal, yogurt, and other brand name items. Present the coupon or discount code to your cashier prior to payment. It is that simple. Pay rent on time and save big.

Cost Savings of Long Term Tenants

Every day that your rental property sits vacant is money out of your pocket. The Resident Club with Select aims to keep tenants long term. We know that rewarding tenants for on time rent payments keeps them happy. And happy tenants stay. The average cost of a single family home turnover can range between $1,500 and $4,000. This is dictated on the condition of the rental property in Rancho Cordova. Property management companies suggest a fresh coat of paint, carpet cleaning or replacement for houses that need it, repairs, new appliances as needed, professional cleaning services, landscape services, and much more. The Resident Club at Select has been proven in keeping tenants long term and making them feel valued. 

Why Rancho Cordova Property Management Clients Need Select 

As a client of Select, your circumstances cannot get much better. You can have the same access to the Resident Club as your tenants, you will save money on turnover costs, leasing and advertising costs, maintenance, and vacancy losses. The highly trained property management team is all about putting money back into the pockets of our loyal clients. We need each other to succeed and as a client of Select, you will see that we put our money where our mouth is and make you our priority. Call us today.