How Communicating Can Make or Break You in Rancho Cordova Property Management

Talking, exchanging information, telling stories, discussions, chatting, emailing, texting – whatever you want to call it, it is communication. Communication seems like it should come naturally, and for some it does. For others, not so much. Whether it comes naturally and unnaturally to you, it is crucial for property managers to communicate with home owners and tenants regularly and effectively. Clear communication goes both ways. Tenants and property owners are also encouraged to reach out and communicate with Rancho Cordova property management teams. Here are some tips that all parties involved can benefit from to ensure they get the best experience out of investment properties.

How Rancho Cordova Property Management Teams Should Communicate with Property Investors and Tenants

At RPM SAC-METRO, we value clear and often communication with our tenants and clients. We feel that like any successful relationship or business partnership, communication is key. Without it, one or both sides of the partnership would be lost and confused. We have many avenues for communicating and relaying information. In 2019, one of the quickest and simplest ways to communicate is through technology. Clients who hire SAC-METRO to manage their investment property will get instant access to an Online Owner Portal. Tenants who rent a property from us will get instant access to an Online Tenant Portal. These can be accessed from our website, 24 hour a day, from anywhere in the world. You can view the following information from your Owner and Tenant Portals:

  • Owner Portal: view financial statements, request assistance, view rent collections, review work orders, see property photos from your last property inspection, view weekly updates when your property is in the leasing phase, see application information during the leasing phase, and find tax return information.
  • Tenant Portal: pay rent, request maintenance, communicate with your Rancho Cordova property manager at SAC-METRO.

We also offer a 24-hour hotline that allows property owners and tenants to call if they need assistance. Tenants can report a maintenance emergency and owners can discuss urgent concerns. Even after hours, we are always ready and available to serve you. Property managers should communicate in a polite and professional manner at all times, even when a stressful or inconvenient situation arises. If you are unable to answer calls at all times of the day, consider outsourcing your maintenance hotline to a dispatch center.

How Property Owners Should Communicate with Property Managers

The friendly leasing professionals at SAC-METRO conduct thorough and rigorous market comparison research on a property as it is gearing up to enter the leasing phase. We encourage our clients to discuss preparations of the property before showing it to new prospective tenants, any renovations or updates they would like to perform, and even rate rates for their Rancho Cordova property. Management personnel with SAC-METRO are ready to listen and guide investors so they can get top dollar for their property.

How Tenants Should Communicate with Property Management

Lease agreements should clearly outline when tenants should contact property management. Some of these reasons include maintenance requests, nuisances, or any report of misconduct performed by a fellow tenant. Renters should alert a property manager immediately of maintenance requests or any pest findings. An infestation of pests can quickly spread, causing harm and a health hazard to occupants and surrounding structures. Tenants must also clearly and officially communicate a request to vacate the premises. These requests are often called a Notice to Vacate and should be turned into your property manager in writing.

Communicating with Vendors

Too often property owners complain about the amount of time it takes to get service from vendors. Our Rancho Cordova property management team is known for getting the best vendors in record time to respond to repairs. We work with our preferred vendors who provide us with affordable and discounted rates, they know our properties, and know they will get paid upon completion of the repair. Our SAC-METRO team follows up with tenants after the work in completed to make sure it is done to their satisfaction. Scheduling repairs with vendors while a house is occupied can be difficult. Management must communicate with the occupants with Entry Notices so that vendors do not enter unexpectedly. Doing so could result in a lawsuit.

Communicating Through Advertising

We use technology to its fullest capacity when communicating with all people involved in a rental housing market. Through technology, Rancho Cordova property management companies can advertise rental properties and communicate rental prices, show pictures to interested renters, and inform them of rental guidelines and requirements. Our expert staff at SAC-METRO is quick to respond to all property inquires and set viewing times. Every website that allows interested renters to email, call or text an inquiry about a property.

Why You Need SAC-METRO

Life gets busy and it is easy to forget to communicate with all parties and document all conversations you have had as a property manager. Do not let the stress and failure to communicate with tenants, vendors and Rancho Cordova property managers lead you to have a negative experience as a landlord. The trusted staff at SAC-METRO has many systems in place, many of them automated, to make certain that communication never slips through the cracks. Call us today.

How Rocklin Property Management Teams Keep Properties in Pristine Condition, Without Spending a Fortune on Maintenance

If you want to keep your investment property in excellent condition year-round, but are afraid of the cost, RPM SAC-METRO has a cost effective solution. Clients who hire SAC-METRO know that their properties are well cared for and maintained because we perform routine maintenance and property inspections to catch small problems before they become big ones. Our Rocklin property management team inspects everything from the exterior walls, landscaping, appliances, mechanical issues, and even things as small as bathtub caulking. We have a thorough checklist to make sure we never miss a beat during our inspections. Conducting routine property inspections helps appliances last longer, saves property owners money, and keeps tenants happy.

Interior and Exterior Property Inspections

Property investors can trust SAC-METRO to conduct quarterly or semi annual property inspections. During our inspections, we cover both the inside and outside. Our property care assessments are performed by proper personnel who have the skills, experience, and education to recognize a problem if and when they see one. Below is a checklist that we follow to make sure we complete a thorough inspection.

Exterior Inspections Checklist

  • Inspect the roof and check for any areas that could manifest a leak.
  • Clean out rain gutters and downspouts.
  • Test out the sprinkler system to make sure sprinklers are spraying the correct landscaped areas and there is little to no overspray. Rocklin property management companies have been especially sensitive to overspray as many counties in California have strict guidelines regarding irrigation since the drought. Though the drought is over, we are still conscious of water conservation.
  • Prune any trees, bushes or flowers. Check for overgrowth of trees and trim tree limbs so they cannot reach second story windows. This could cause a safety hazard or lure an intruder.
  • Inspect the sidewalks, driveways, and patios for cracks or caving of the cement. Restain wood decks to prevent splinters.
  • Check for cracks or splitting in exterior stucco walls. If cracks are big enough to slide a quarter in, they need repairs.
  • Test all door and window locks. Inspect the weather stripping and silicone seals on doors and windows to prevent drafts or leaks.

Habitability Laws and Rocklin property management companies are required to assess the conditions of rental properties to make sure they are safe. These inspections are most commonly completed during turnover, but SAC-METRO conducts regular property inspections even while it is occupied to ensure the health and safety of its tenants.

Interior Inspections Checklist

  • Post a formal and proper Entry Notice on the resident’s door, informing them of the date and time frame that you will be entering the premises.
  • Inspect and test all appliances to make sure they are in proper working order.
  • Inspect the flooring for any tears, rips, or stains. Look for edges of flooring that could cause a tripping hazard.
  • Check walls for excessive or large holes. Normal wear and tear is expected, but gaping holes should be addressed and repaired.
  • Inspect toilet seat covers, glass shower doors, and stairway railings to see that they are fastened tightly and correctly.
  • Change filters on air conditioning units and furnaces. Rocklin property management companies recommend regular tune ups on heating and cooling systems to prolong the life expectancy.
  • Test all window blinds and replace damaged blind slats.
  • Test all window and door locks. Failure to provide a secure premises could result in harm to your tenants.
  • Look for any evidence of pests. Signs may manifest themselves through animal droppings or particle dust on window sills. Know which type of pests are common for housing in Rocklin and study about them accordingly.
  • Enter any crawl spaces or attics to looks for leaks or pests.
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries as needed.

Lease Violation Checks

While inside the premises, you can also inspect for lease compliance in your home in Rocklin. Property management experts know that laws allow for a certain number of people to occupy a home depending on the number of bedrooms. A clear sign that your tenant is overcrowding their rental is when beds and clothing are out of place. For example, if you see a mattress and clothing dresser located in the living room, and more beds and clothing in the bedrooms, you can feel confident assuming that unauthorized tenants are occupying the property with your authorized tenants. Allowing unauthorized tenants to live at the property is a lease violation and the tenants listed on the lease should be notified immediately about your findings. Landlords can also check for the presence of pets. Many property management companies do not allow pets. If you are managing a No Pet Policy property, look for dog feeding bowls on the floor or a litter box. If you have a No Pet Policy and find that there is a pet living at your property, address it immediately in writing and tell the tenant a date by when the violation must be fixed.

Rocklin Property Management Team, SAC-METRO Takes Action

A way to track the condition of your property is to take pictures during your inspections. Take photos if you find a large hole or bubbling paint on the wall, mold growing on the bathroom walls, or a smoke detector that has been removed from its proper location. You can also take pictures of evidence of a lease violation like the ones listed above. After your inspection is complete, take action if needed with scheduling repairs with licensed and insured vendors. Being proactive with repairs will save property owners money in the long run. Small repairs now prevent big repairs later.

Why It Matters

When you care for your property, tenants notice. When tenants see that a landlord cares about the property and them as tenants, they will likely treat the property with more care and respect. Tenants are also more likely to report maintenance when they know it will be addressed promptly by their landlord. All of these things will save investors money, keeping their cash flow coming in on time each month. At SAC-METRO, we can do all this and more. With more than 30 years of experience, investors trust the leader of Rocklin property management companies, SAC-METRO. Call us today.

Roseville Property Management Teams Avoid Legal Problems

There is a right way and a wrong way to conduct Roseville property management. Do it the right way and you will have a positive experience while getting a good return on investment. Do it the wrong way and you can land yourself in hot water, quickly. Landlords who do it the wrong way are often uneducated about laws, lazy or cheap. Do not let yourself fall into one of these categories. Doing so can cost you thousands of dollars, days in court, and can ruin your reputation as a property manager. If you want to stay out of trouble, educate yourself on all federal, state, and local laws. Participate in continued education courses and simply treat others the way you would want to be treated.

Adhere to All Laws

Some of the most popular and important laws that landlords must obey are the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair House Act, and Habitability Laws. Each law protects the following people:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act: This law protects and prohibits discrimination from Roseville property management companies against individuals who are disabled. This includes physical and mental impairments that severely limits one or more major life activities.
  • Fair Housing Act: This law protects and prohibits discrimination against people based on their race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disbility.
  • Habitability Laws: These laws provide minimum requirements for landlords with the purposed to protect renters by ensuring they are living in safe, habitable conditions that safeguard life, health, limb, property, and public welfare.

When leasing your rental property, be certain to treat all prospective renters equally and with respect. If you give a discount to one, you must give that discount to all until the day is over. Starting on the next day, you can change your rental price or promotions. Market or advertise your rental property to all classes of people. Do not target certain audiences that you want to rent your property. For example, Roseville property managers cannot say in their ads “…looking for female occupants only” or “…only for high income professionals with no kids.” There are people who are hired by anti-discrimination companies to be Secret Shoppers. A Secret Shopper is someone who pretends to be interested in your rental, but is really there to test you to see if you present any signs of discrimination against them that fall under the ADA or FHA.

Remove Liability from Yourself

Private landlords and Roseville property management experts can protect themselves from legal problems by hiring licensed and insured repair workers. Ask your vendors if their liability insurance is current. Most vendors will be happy to show you proof of licensing and insurance as a guarantee. Hiring repair companies with good reputations and the proper credentials helps to remove liability from yourself if the work is not done correctly or if a faulty repair results in the harm or injury of your tenant. If you complete a do-it-yourself repair and something goes wrong, resulting in the death or injury of your tenant, you can expect an expensive lawsuit coming your way. Roseville property management companies must also operate under a licensed real estate agent. Licensed agents are allowed to collect money for security deposits and rent. Respond quickly to all maintenance requests, whether small or large, and keep yourself available at all times. Yes, that means even at 4:00 AM and on Christmas Day. Making yourself available to tenants lets them know you care about them and your property. In return, they will treat your property well and with respect knowing that you do too.

Honesty, Record Keeping, and Confidentiality

Accounting and Security Deposits must all be handled correctly and by a licensed real estate agent or overseen by him or her. This includes disbursements of funds or deposits after move out, accounts payable, and receivable. Be honest in your money dealings and keep spreadsheets or use official property management software for record keeping. Roseville property management teams that want to avoid legal troubles document everything. Document maintenance, when the request was received, when and how you responded, what company you hired to make the fix, and your follow up conversation with the tenant regarding their satisfaction with the work. Document all conversations you have tenants regarding lease violation findings, property concerns, entry notices or rent payment difficulties. Keep all private data confidential. Tenant applications have Social Security Numbers listed on them and must be kept in a locked filing cabinet.

Avoid All Risks of Lawsuits by Hiring Roseville Property Management Team, RPM SAC-METRO

The experts at SAC-METRO have more than 30 years of experience and have been highly trained and certified to operate as property managers. They participate in continued education classes to make certain they are always up to date on the latest changes to housing laws and that they are following each law perfectly. Do not risk your chance of a lawsuit by hoping you know the laws well enough. As you can see above, there is a lot to know and remember. One slip and the profit margins on your rental property are down the drain. Keep yourself and your money safe, call SAC-METRO today.

Additional Services Offered by RPM SAC-METRO, The Leader In Property Management In Sacramento

The majority of property management companies require that you hire them for the whole kit and kaboodle. They want your money and they will find ways to mask hidden fees without you noticing. Unfortunately, this can put a bad taste in property investor’s mouths for the rest of the management companies who are honest and upfront about all costs. At RPM SAC-METRO, our clients will never find a hidden fee or extra cost they did not expect. We simply do not operate that way. We put our client’s needs first and make that our priority in property management. Sacramento property investors can hire SAC-METRO for as much or as little work as they need and we always respect their wishes. We offer additional services to accommodate all investors.

Lease-Only Service

One of the most exhausting and risky tasks that landlords can participate in is the marketing and leasing phase of property management. Many things can go wrong during this crucial time if they are not educated and cautious in their proceedings. Landlords can run into hiccups in Fair Housing Laws, accept applicants with bad credit or rental history, fail to market in the right places, or neglect conducting market comparisons to ensure they will get top dollar for their rental. SAC-METRO is the top pick for investors for property management in Sacramento because these mistakes will never be made with us on your side. If you are looking to rent out your property faster, find highly qualified tenants, market aggressively, and have all things done legally, you need SAC-METRO. We offer lease-only contracts to property owners who do not need the continued management service once the property is occupied. You are not obligated to any other fees or contracts when you choose the lease-only option. Some of the things that are included in the lease-only contract include the following:

  • Re-Keying of the property
  • Repairs and updates to the property
  • Cleaning of the premises
  • Aggressive marketing and advertising
  • Showings of the property
  • Rigorous tenant screening process
  • Curb appeal maintenance
  • Lease signings

Once your tenant has moved in, we move out of your way and your bank account. If you desire more help after this process, we would be happy to assist you.

Preferred Vendor Partnerships

Maintenance costs can be expensive and inconvenient. Our clients who participate in a Sacramento property management contract with SAC-METRO will get access to our preferred vendor pricing and partnerships. We hire only licensed and insured vendors who have reputable track records. They offer us deep discounts on service and parts, which we pass on to our clients. Whether it is a small repair to a garbage disposal or a leaking pipe that has caused thousands of dollars of damage, you no longer have to worry about high maintenance costs eating away at your profit. And no more phone calls to multiple vendors or waiting for quotes to come rolling in. Our professional property management Sacramento team works quickly and efficiently to respond to maintenance requests from tenants and schedules the proper vendors. Clients who participate in our vendor partnerships remove liability from themselves, which in turn protects them from legal fees in the future.  

Eviction Protection Program

Did you know that one in seventeen renter households between the years of 2000 and 2016 received eviction filings against them? According to data collected by The Eviction Lab at Princeton University, one in forty households were actually evicted during this time. Did you also know that an eviction can cost a property owner roughly $6,000 – $8,000 and can take four to six weeks? Just think of the monetary losses and headaches evictions can cause for property owners. The risk of eviction is not worth it. As the leader in property management in Sacramento, we take every precaution to prevent an eviction for our clients. We have a rigorous and proven tenant screening process, which has helped us achieve a less than one percent eviction rate. But we cannot guarantee it will not happen. That is why we offer an Eviction Protection Program to our clients. Our Eviction Protection Program costs $19/month and covers the following:

  • Servicing the Complainant with a Notice to Vacate
  • Preparation of Paperwork and Filing
  • Lawyer Fees
  • Two Appearances in Court
  • Court and Filing Fees
  • Coordination with Law Enforcement for Notices to Vacate
  • Writ of Possession

Do not gamble with the risk of eviction. Keep your investment safe and let us protect you from an expensive eviction.

Why Clients Get the Best Sacramento Property Management Service From SAC-METRO

If you are looking for the most experienced and professional property management team, SAC-METRO is the choice for you. We handle all things property management including turnover, maintenance, property inspections, marketing, showings of the property, application processing, lease signings, rent collection, evictions, and renewals of contracts. You can rest easy knowing our 30 years of unmatched experience has served us well in protecting property investors. Call us, the leader in property management in Sacramento, today.

Why Property Management Companies in Sacramento See Single Family Homes As the Most Profitable Investment

Should I invest in a multifamily property or a single family property? It is a decision that all property investors debate. The reason for the debate is that both prove to be profitable, but investors choose between the two types of properties depending on their holding strategy, exit strategy, and affordability. Property management companies in Sacramento are seeing investors get huge returns on investment on single family homes. Many factors play a role in these returns including appreciation, affordability, rent rates, management, and the stigma that surrounds the term “renters.”

Affordability and Appreciation

Home values have slowly been on the rise since 2008 and investors who bought single family homes back between 2008 and 2015 are seeing big appreciation gains. If you did not get into the investor housing game back then, it is not too late. Housing prices are still affordable due to relatively low mortgage rates and single family homes are cheaper to purchase than a multifamily complex. Even more important than those variables are rising rent rates. Record high rent rates are allowing property management companies in Sacramento to get top dollar for their clients who own single family homes. Property owners are cash flowing better than ever in 2019 thanks to the supply and demand in the rental market, driving up rent rates.

Easier Lending Terms

Single family homes have easier lending terms than multifamily complexes. You only have to put down between 10 and 15 percent for a down payment. On multifamily housing, buyers are required to put down between 25 and 30 percent. Interest rates are also lower for single family properties, but keep in mind that lenders change interest rates based on the home being owner-occupied versus renter-occupied. Mortgage rates are hiked up for renter-occupied single family housing. Property management companies in Sacramento report seeing mortgage rates increase between 0.25 and 0.50 percent for renter-occupied dwellings.

Easier to Manage

Plain and simple, a smaller property is easier to manage than a large property. For starters, less maintenance goes into a single family home than a multifamily property. Maintenance costs are lower, the amount of time that you spend on maintenance is less, and a fewer number of tenants means not as many things should go wrong due to tenant error. Property management companies in Sacramento also see that less yard maintenance is a bonus for owners of single family homes. Owners of multifamily complexes need to hire a landscaping company to care for the lawn, plants, flowers, trees, and sprinkler system. On the contrary, the renters who occupy a single family home are generally required to maintain landscaping. Management companies enforce the lease agreement rules that state they must care for the landscape. Showings of the property during vacancy are less stressful and less frequent. The more units you have, the higher the risk for vacancy. Sacramento property management companies know that single family homes generally attract renters who plan to stay in the home for a couple of years. They are also more likely to have children, so school schedules and job stability keep them from moving often.

Buy and Hold

Single family homes will always be in demand. When you purchase a single family home for the purpose of an investment, you have a bigger buyers market to pick from when you are ready to sell. Selling a single family home can attract buyers who plan to occupy it as well as buyers who are ready to rent it out with the help of property management companies. Sacramento property investors have switched their previous business models from buy and flip, to buy and hold. A few reasons why the buy and hold strategy is working for property owners right now is that rent rates are sky high, the demand for rental properties is high, and the newer generation does not value the “settling down” mindset as much as people did in past years. Millenials are on the go and enjoy the flexibility of not being tied down by home ownership.

High Income Clientele

Renters of single family homes have changed as the economy has changed. Property owners are seeing more stable and reliable tenants in their single family homes than with multifamily housing. RPM SAC-METRO, the top rated Sacramento property management company recently reviewed results released by the U.S. Census which states that the number of high income renter-occupied households was increasing faster than owner-occupied households. They defined high income renters as those making $150,000 annually or more. The stigma that once surrounded the term “renter” is obsolete.  

Why You Can Trust SAC-METRO, the Top Property Management Company in Sacramento

If you have a single family home for rent and need a management company, you can put your trust in SAC-METRO. Single family homes make up 70 percent of our nationwide portfolio.  We have more than 30 years of experience in the property management industry and have proven to our clients that we know this business better than our competitors. If you want the best, call us today.

Why RPM SAC-METRO is The Leader of the Auburn Property Management Industry

Are you looking to hire an Auburn property management company, but don’t know how to pick the best one? Most of the confusion when trying to pick the right management company for you stems from not asking the right questions. It is wise to be knowledgeable about what aspects of property management acn make or break your success as an investment property owner. At RPM SAC-METRO, we want investors to feel empowered and confident knowing they have picked the property management company that can help them achieve their investment goals. We have compiled the following list of the top questions that investors should ask when shopping for management companies.

  1. How Can I Get My Property Rented More Quickly? This is the question where everyone wants to hear a magical answer. The truth is, there is no magic to renting out your property quickly. Hard work, research, advertising aggressively, and a quick response time can increase your chances to fill a vacancy quickly. Auburn property management teams conduct thorough market research of comparable properties within a close proximity to your property to determine the correct rental price. We recommend you start high to gauge interest. If no calls or emails come through, lower the price a little. Quickly respond to all inquiries and schedule showings promptly. Having a property that is clean, well maintained, and that has a functional floor plan work in your favor to rent it out quickly. At SAC-METRO, we guarantee we can rent out your property within 28 days.
  2. How Do I Make Sure My Property Stays Rented? Tenants who rent with SAC-METRO property management in Auburn, state that they stay long term in their rentals for multiple reasons. The most common reason we hear is that they see that we care for the property and address maintenance problems quickly. It shows tenants that we care about them and the house. People like to feel valued and cared for. It is human nature. We treat our residents with respect, set clear expectations, and only accept applicants who meet our rigorous tenant screening process.
  3. How Can I Make Rent Collections More Efficient? Clearly state in your lease agreement the amount of rent due each month, which day it is due, and how payments can be given. If possible, automate your rent collection system. The Auburn property management team at SAC-METRO keeps up with the digital age by automating its rent collection process. There are many software options out there for rent collection, so use them to make your life easier.
  4. How Can I Avoid Costly Mistakes? The easier and most sure way you can avoid costly mistakes is by hiring a property management team. Property management requires landlords to have a lot of knowledge in many areas including legal and maintenance. Know your state, local, and federal laws. Knowledge in the laws will protect you from costly lawsuits. Treat all applicants and residents equally. Uphold and stick to the rules stated in your lease agreement and do not make exceptions for anyone. Hire licensed and insured maintenance technicians and follow up with maintenance to ensure it was completed and that the tenants are satisfied with the solution or repair.
  5. Should I Management My Property to Save Money? This question piggybacks on the previous one. Often times when landlords attempt the do-it-yourself method, they find it is more than they bargained for. Auburn property management professionals know that managing a property is time intensive, requires a lot of paperwork, physical showings of properties, phone calls, documentation, and legal advice from our attorneys. It is not for the fainthearted. But even those who have the determination to self-manage, find that the tiniest slip or naivety could land them in hot water.
  6. How Will I Know What Is Happening With My Rental Property If It Is Professionally Managed? The best property management companies communicate with both residents and clients on a regular basis. At SAC-METRO, we know that communication is a two way street. We encourage our clients to contact us with any questions or concerns they have about their investment properties. We update clients through phone calls and give them access to our Online Owner Portal where they can view information regarding their rental. By signing in online, investors can view financials, the amount of showings their property has had during marketing, application status, see maintenance requests, and much more.
  7. Why Should I Choose Auburn Property Management Company, SAC-METRO? At SAC-METRO, you know that you are our priority. With more than 35 years of experience, we know a thing or two about property management in Auburn. We have proven, tried and true, and automated processes that protect you as an investment property owner. We handle all things property management including marketing your property, conducting professional showings, upholding a rigorous tenant screening process to get you only the most qualified tenants, lease signings, maintenance requests and scheduling of maintenance, move outs, turnovers, financials, and so much more.

Call us today to see how we can help you.

How Folsom Property Management Experts Save You Money with Routine Property Inspections

Entering the waters of property management can be a daunting task. So many what-ifs and unknowns can make it difficult to navigate the stormy seas. You know your end destination, but how will you get there and how many storms will come your way? Folsom property management experts at RPM SAC-METRO are here to assist you in smooth sailing. While there are many tasks at hand when it comes to managing a rental property, we believe that one of the best and easiest ways to land you safely on the white sandy beach of your sailing destination is through conducting routine property inspections. Routine inspections do cost a little bit of money up front, but by doing so, they can save you bundles of money in the long run.

Proper Entry Notice

Before you enter the front door of your rental property, you must post a proper entry notice letting your tenants know what day and time you will be entering the premises. Proper entry notices usually come in the form of an official paper notice posted on their front door, though as more management companies keep up with the digital age, some notices are known to be delivered via email or even text message. Check with your attorney before settling for a less formal entry notice. This notice should be posted no less than 24 hours in advance, but 48 hours is preferable in property management. Folsom teams like to give tenants 48 hour advance written notice to be courteous and give them time to get their things in order and make sure the property is presentable. On the entry notice, tell your tenants the reason for your inspection. Set clear expectations and intentions of what you will be inspecting.

Folsom Property Management Teams Should Commit Now to Semi-annual Inspections

Routine property inspections should be done semi-annually to make sure your property is in perfect working order. These inspections should include both the interior and exterior of the property. A good rule of thumb is to conduct one inspection in the spring and another in the fall. Keep in mind, you will be responding to maintenance in between these inspections as needed. By conducting regular inspections, you will be able to see any signs of a maintenance problem, hopefully before it becomes a big maintenance emergency. When tenants see that Folsom property management teams make regular inspections of the property, they are more likely to care for the property and treat it with respect. Having clean and respectful tenants will save property owners money on maintenance.  

What You Should Inspect

Property owner’s inspection checklists vary depending on if the property is occupied or vacant. For the purpose of this article, we are going to point out which items you should inspect during occupancy while conducting a semi-annual property inspection.

Inspection Checklist for Interior

  • Clean and replace air conditioning and furnace filters
  • Clean and inspect the fireplace
  • Inspect all appliances: turn on the stove and oven to ensure they are in proper working order and replace the filter on the microwave as grease buildup can be a fire hazard
  • Check the stability and security of glass shower doors, hand railings on stairways, and toilet seats
  • Look for signs of leaks including bubbles in wall under paint, warping of flooring, or mildew growth on walls
  • Folsom property management companies always test and replace smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and its batteries so they are always in proper working order
  • Inspect and replace any caulking or silicone around the kitchen and bathroom sinks, and the showers and tubs
  • Clean out the lint from the dryer vent
  • Inspect the attics and basements for pests or signs of pests (animal droppings)
  • Ensure windows and doors all lock and create a tight seal to prevent a draft or leaks during the rainy season
  • Check for signs of overcrowding from tenants, including an excessive amount of mattresses or clothing
  • Check for any pets or signs of smoking, especially if a lease agreement prohibits pets or smoking

Inspection Checklist for Exterior

  • Inspect and turn on the sprinklers
  • Rake and clean dead branches, leaves and other debris from the yard
  • Prune trees and shrubs
  • Check for new or large cracks in the concrete that could cause a tripping hazard
  • Repair any window or door screens so there are no holes or tears in the screens.
  • Inspect the roof shingles
  • Clean out debris from gutters
  • Place a fresh coat of stain on any wood decks to prevent splitting or splinters

Property Managers in Folsom Always Document

Protect yourself as a property manager and always document your findings after your property inspection. Doing so will help protect you if legal action is brought against you. Take pictures of the property on the interior and exterior during your inspections as proof of your findings. If you find anything during the inspection that lets you know your tenant is in violation of any part of the lease agreement, follow up with an official notice and a time by when the violation must be resolved.

SAC-METRO’s Way is the BEST Way

At SAC-METRO, we pride ourselves on open communication with our clients and tenants. As the top rated Folsom property management company, we always give clients updates on what we find during routine inspections and tell them of the proper course of action to take if needed. Our property inspections are proven to help clients reduce the amount of money they spend on maintenance. Don’t try to navigate the rough seas without us. Come on a smooth sail with us. With SAC-METRO, you’ll never land yourself on the rocks. Call us today.

How Elk Grove Property Management Companies Keep Maintenance Costs in Check

One of the biggest costs to owning an investment property is maintenance. Unlike your mortgage payment each month, maintenance can be unexpected and can range in price. The unknown is what causes concern for new investment property owners. While the unknown in any aspect of life creates worry, the top Elk Grove property management company, RPM SAC-METRO, has created the perfect recipe to put property owner’s minds at ease when it comes to expected and unexpected maintenance.

Set Aside a Maintenance Budget

Follow the Scout Motto: Be Prepared. SAC-METRO advises its clients to set aside one to two month’s rent amount per year to account for maintenance. Another way to plan for maintenance costs is to save one percent of the value of home, per year, for maintenance costs. If your home is worth $400,000 in Elk Grove, property management companies recommend you should have a maintenance savings account of $4,000 to cover maintenance on the home. Keep in mind that older homes may require a larger maintenance budget than new homes, but the one percent rule is an accurate guideline to follow.

Plan for Annual Maintenance

Like the car you drive needs gas, oil changes, and tire rotations, a house needs regular and annual maintenance to keep it performing in tip top shape. This regular maintenance can be performed by a landlord, but is best if hired out to a professional who has liability insurance. As springtime approaches, homeowners and landlords of rental properties should follow this routine checklist:

  • Inspect and turn on sprinklers
  • Care for your landscaping—clean up dead shrubs and trees and prune overgrown branches
  • Consider fertilizing the lawn and call your landscaper to plant fresh flowers
  • Tune up the air conditioning unit and clean out the furnace
  • Inspect outside faucets
  • Check the safety of the concrete to make sure there are no major cracks or tripping hazards
  • Spruce up the woodwork on the deck or put on a fresh coat of stain to prevent splinters from cracked and unsealed wood
  • Inspect the basement and attic for any signs of leaks, mold, or mildew growth
  • Always inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and change the batteries as needed

The Elk Grove property management team at SAC-METRO also has an annual fall maintenance checklist to protect homeowners:

  • Clean gutters and downspouts—remove any debris that could cause the gutters to overflow, causing a leak into your roof
  • Inspect roof shingles for any repairs or areas that could allow water into the attic
  • Check that windows and doors close tightly and lock
  • Tune up your furnace and replace the air filter
  • Make sure that your water pipes are well insulated
  • Inspect the safety and security of handrails on staircases to make sure they are tightly fastened to the wall
  • Always inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and change the batteries as needed

Property management teams in Elk Grove also budget for maintenance ahead of time by carefully thinking about the age of the appliances in the home and which ones might be in need of replacement during the coming calendar year. As a general rule of thumb, a refrigerator lasts about seven years, dishwashers and garbage disposals are good for about twelve years, microwaves last about eight years, stoves and cooking ranges for about sixteen, and washing machines and dryers should last for twelve to fourteen years. For a full list of appliances in your home and their expected lifespan, click here.

Care for Your Property

Just as you perform regular maintenance and your vehicle, perform routine maintenance on your house in Elk Grove. Property management experts know that when you care for and show respect for your property, your tenants are more likely to care for the property too. Respond quickly to maintenance requests. This shows that you not only care about keeping your property in good working order, but also that you care about and value your tenants. And remember, happy tenants stay. Keeping your tenants happy is not the only reason you should respond quickly to maintenance. A quick response time generally cuts down on the amount of damage done by the item that is broken. For example, if a tenant reports a bubble under the paint on the wall, that could be a sign of a leaking hot water pipe. Time is of the essence when it comes to a leaking pipe, especially a hot water one. Finding a solution and acting on that solution quickly will save property owners money and will prevent further damage.

How the Elk Grove Property Management Team at SAC-METRO Can Save You Money

When investment property owners join the clientele of SAC-METRO, they immediately get access to our preferred member pricing. We have tried and true maintenance technicians and companies that we hire on a regular basis that give our property owners discounts on service. They are licensed and insured for your protection. Our professional leasing teams have also been trained to follow routine property inspections to catch any signs of maintenance problems early. Finding a potential problem before it turns into a maintenance emergency has saved our clients thousands of dollars. Let the professionals at Elk Grove property management team, SAC-METRO protect your investment property. Call us today.  

How Sacramento Property Management Companies Make You Big Bucks When You Invest in Rental Properties

If you are looking for a safe and stable investment, invest in property. Sure, the stock market might be easier to throw your money into and let some bigwigs on Wall Street manage your fund, but unlike the stock exchange, property is fairly stable, predictable, and can yield big returns on your investment. Yes, it takes a lot of work and education on your part if you plan to manage it on your own, but if you hire a property manager, you get to sit back and relax while they do the hard work and you reap the rewards. One of the best Sacramento property management companies, RPM SAC-METRO, has seen these large returns on investment come into the hands of their faithful clients. Below are some of the reasons why we believe property investments are the best and easiest way to make your money grow.

There are More Renters than Homeowners

The American dream of homeownership is changing for residents around the country. According to US Census data, between the years of 2006 and 2016, twenty-two of the nation’s largest cities have more renter-occupied housing than owner-occupied. Sacramento has just over 50 percent of its residents living in renter-occupied housing. As a resident of Sacramento or the surrounding areas, you have every opportunity to seize the moment and make your money grow in Sacramento. Property management companies are seeing renters migrating from the Bay Area over to Sacramento in search for a safer neighborhood, larger home and yard, and affordability. Years ago, the stigma that surrounded the word “renter” meant they had less money than homeowners. However, this stigma has greatly changed over the past ten years. A new study released by Apartment List found that during the past decade, the number of high income renters has increased to forty-eight percent, nationally. They define high income renters as those who make $100K or more. This means investors are now leasing their properties to tenants who have stable incomes, are more likely to be able to pay their rent each month, and who are able to care for the home.

Tax Breaks for Renters

Renting is an attractive option for millenials who are constantly on-the-go and continually searching for better job opportunities, which may come at the cost of moving frequently. In addition, renters can receive tax breaks. If Senate Bill 248 was to become law, it would be the first time the tax credit for renters would be raised since 1979. This bill is aiming to help California renters who are struggling to pay rent as prices continue to rise. Sacramento property management companies expect single parent renters could see a tax credit ranging from $60-$434, while single people without dependants could see an increase of $160 in their tax returns. In the past year, rent prices in Sacramento have jumped nearly two percent, and that follows an eleven percent increase in the previous year. Investment property owners have never seen returns this great.

There is Safety in Property Investments

People are always going to need a place to live. That is the way it has always been and the way it will always be. The real estate market can fluctuate, but the demand will always be strong. Property owners can find peace of mind knowing that investing in real estate has worked for millions of people before and is still working for them today in Sacramento. Property management companies see a variety of investment properties ranging from single family homes, to condos, duplexus, single apartments, entire apartment buildings, or office buildings. No matter your budget, an investment property is attainable for those looking to make more money. There are multiple ways to make money off of a property investment. Perhaps the most obvious is cash flow through monthly rent, but the best and easiest way is through property appreciation. The real estate market can be your best friend when you are presented with opportunities to buy low and sell high. During the market crash in 2007, many investors who stayed informed were able to capitalize on expanding their property portfolio by purchasing properties for cents on the dollar. Today, these properties are worth two times the amount they paid in 2007 through 2009. As an investment property owner, you are also eligible for tax benefits and write offs.

You Can Hire it Out to Sacramento Property Management Companies  

Possibly the best reason of them all is that you do not have to be present to make money. Unlike a dentist, lawyer or doctor who only make money if they are present or are actively participating in “billable hours,” investment properties bring cash flow while the property owner is off living life to its fullest. This is not to say that property management takes zero time and energy, because it is quite the opposite. However, you can outsource your work to a management company. There are many Sacramento property management companies to choose from, but our highly recommended team at SAC-METRO has with more than 35 years of experience and can handle all things property management for you. Our management fees are competitive and because of our faster than average leasing times, our fees practically pay for themselves. So if you don’t feel like going to work today or in the future, no problem. SAC-METRO has your back. We keep the cash coming into your pocket whether you rise and shine in the morning or have a lazy day watching Netflix in bed. Call us today.

Don’t Sell. Rent Out Your House with Sacramento Rental Property Management

If you are a homeowner in the Bay Area or a surrounding community like Sacramento, you are sitting on a gold mine. This should not come as news to you. If you have even poked your head out of the window for five minutes in the last ten years, it would be impossible not to notice how sky-high home and rental prices have become. But because home prices are at a near all-time high and mortgage rates are climbing, the affordability to potential homeowners has become obsolete. This is why America is seeing more renters than homeowners. Did you know that a UC Berkeley study discovered that between the years of 2006 and 2016, more than 3.8 million additional households became renters of single family homes instead of homeowners? No matter your circumstances, if you are looking to get out of your home, Sacramento rental property management company, RPM SAC-METRO, is certain it can help you turn your house into a cash flowing rental property.

The Mass Exodus from the Bay Area

The Bay Area is seeing an exponential increase in the number of people seeking to move away from the highly congested region. A new study by Redfin found that approximately 24 percent of home searches conducted online by residents living in the Bay Area are looking elsewhere for housing. That is up from 19 percent the previous year. Some of the communities that Redfin reports residents are looking to move to include Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, and even Austin, Texas. Sacramento rental property management companies are able to confirm these findings, as they have seen a classic supply and demand shortage, causing rental rates to rise. A report released by Hotpads found that rent prices in Sacramento rose faster within the last 12 months than in any other major city in the United States. An annual study that was recently released by Joint Venture Silicon Valley backs up the above mentioned findings. It reports that Silicon Valley gained roughly 20,500 foreign immigrant last year, while 22,300 residents relocated away from the area to other regions and states.

How the Mass Exodus Benefits Sacramento Homeowners

Sacramento rental property management teams see this outward migration as a big opportunity for homeowners. While Sacramento is less expensive than the Bay Area, working professionals are willing to drive the distance. Employees are able to keep their current high paying jobs in the sought-after tech industry while sacrificing the quick commute so they can have a more affordable living space for themselves and their families. Sacramento real estate agent, Devone Tarabetz, states she has collected clients from San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Milpitas, and Petaluma within the past year. She states “affordability” as the number one reason for the relocation. The median home price in Sacramento in $360,000 versus $775,000 in San Francisco, although not all relocating individuals are buying. This is where things get exciting for Sacramento residents who are already homeowners: if you are looking to move, you can bet your bottom dollar that you can find a highly qualified renter to occupy your house, turning it into a cash flowing property.

High Income Renters in Sacramento

At SAC-METRO, we are one of the highest ranked Sacramento rental property management teams in the region, and we pride ourselves on finding quality tenants for our clients. Not only do we have a rigorous screening process, but an Apartment List study shows that the number of high-income renters has grown more than 48 percent nationally in the past decade. In Sacramento, it’s even higher with a 61 percent increase in high-income renters. The study identifies high-income renter households as those that earn at least $100,000 per year.

So why are the wealthy renting instead of buying? It goes back to 2008 when loose lending guidelines lead to a mortgage crisis, forcing homeowners to foreclose on their homes they could not afford. Sacramento rental property management teams have seeing the aftermath of the mortgage crisis which has lead to tightened lending regulations and multiple barriers of homeownership. Another factor that comes into play giving Sacramento high income renters is that the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that annual wage growth was up just under two percent, while home prices are up more than five percent.

Why You Need the Best Sacramento Rental Property Management Team on Your Side

If you find yourself looking to make extra money by renting out your house in Sacramento, you need SAC-METRO on your side. With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, we know property management. Future homeowners have been forced to wait longer before buying their first house due to the economy, and you, as a Sacramento homeowner can benefit from it. Clients can depend on SAC-METRO to handle all things property management – from marketing the home, to getting it rent ready, finding you the reliable and clean tenant that you expect, taking care of all maintenance scheduling and contracting on the home, and much more. Let us make you rich. Call us today.