Where to Find Dependable Property Management in Sacramento, CA

As a landlord, you hope rent comes in every month, on time, and in full. Ideally, that rent check would clear the bank every time and you would never worry about an eviction. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

Maybe you have that habitually late payer. Perhaps your tenant consistently does not pay the entire amount due. Or you might even be dealing with a tenant that has stopped paying altogether. Whatever the circumstances, the fact is that to be successful in property management in Sacramento, CA, you need to have a strict rent collection process in place. With Real Property Management SAC-METRO, our proven process is designed to tackle all those common delays.

Be Fair, Yet Firm

Your success as an investment property owner hinges on receiving a rent payment every month. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we have in place a firm-but-fair collections system to make you a profitable landlord. A few of the key components include:

  • Selecting Qualified Tenants – Our tried and true method starts long before you get that first rent check. A rigorous tenant screening process is crucial. Placing qualified tenants gives you the best shot at receiving an on-time payment every month.
  • Offering Technology-Driven Services – While some people still prefer writing out a paper check, an online system is a necessity as well. When using professional property management in Sacramento, CA, such as Real Property Management SAC-METRO, tenants have access to a personal online portal to provide the option of quick, convenient payments.
  • Communicating Expectations – Be upfront about what happens if rent isn’t paid. Write out your collections process in the lease contract. By doing so, you ensure your tenants know what to expect in the case of a missed or late payment.
  • Knowing the Next Step – You need to know already what you are going to do before it happens. Do you have a grace period? When will you begin the eviction process if a payment is missed?
  • Understanding Relevant Laws and Regulations – Do not break the law. If an eviction is necessary, move as quickly as the law allows. Know what you can and cannot do, then move forward following the rules.

Searching for Property Management in Sacramento, CA?

The eviction process is difficult. Emotions are high, and tenants are typically upset. With the help of Real Property Management SAC-METRO, you can leave behind the daily headaches and hassles of being a landlord. If your tenants run into financial difficulty, we have you covered. Give our proven process a try. See what our experienced team can do for you. Call Real Property Management SAC-METRO today.

Property Management in Sacramento, CA: Low-Maintenance Landscaping

A yard speaks volumes about a house. A property’s landscape is one of the first impressions people have when they see a home. Establishing a healthy and clean-looking yard is important. But as a landlord, what can you do to keep landscaping attractable yet affordable?

Make the Yard a Priority

Curb appeal is an important component of a rental home. Better-qualified tenants are typically interested in well-maintained homes. Low-maintenance landscaping is an easy way to sustain your curb appeal. If you seek out professional property management in Sacramento, CA, rental experts can help you incorporate into your lease agreement tenant versus landlord responsibilities when it comes to maintaining the yard. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we offer a few tips to keep your landscaping under control long-term.

  • Use Rock Gardens to Fill Space Rock gardens are not only nice to look at but can be filled with drought-tolerant plants. Those plants stay alive and looking fresh without needing large amounts of water or caretaking. Rock features beautify a yard and require little maintenance.
  • Apply Weed Killer – Weeds can easily overtake a yard if left unmanaged. Instead, use weed killer regularly to stop them before they start. While you hope your tenants will take the time to pull weeds, you cannot count on that to happen. Be proactive and preventative.
  • Build a Patio – Patios are easy to maintain. Put a layer of pea stones beneath the area you plan to build the patio, and this will help prevent weeds from sprouting up.
  • Select the Right Kind of Plants – Pick plants, bushes, and flowers that can survive with or without you. Seek out the types that will stay alive with little human care or involvement needed. After all, the last thing you want in your yard is a bunch of dead plants.

Looking for Property Management in Sacramento, CA?

Partnering with Real Property Management SAC-METRO will benefit your investment business. No one can beat our unsurpassed service and affordable fees. Property management in Sacramento, CA, is a more than a full-time job. Emergency maintenance can come at any time of the day or night. You don’t get to take off nights, weekends, or holidays. Instead, hand off your daily landlord duties to the professionals at Real Property Management SAC-METRO. Call today and put our experienced team to work for you.

Why Avoiding Rental Maintenance Cost

Common and Costly Mistakes: Failing to Maintain a Rental Property

Investing revenue into property repairs can be painful to a landlord, but neglecting repairs will only create more problems down the road. Required maintenance is not something that can be planned. Sacramento property management owners can save money and vacancy days if they maintain a positive relationship with tenants by fixing problems quickly. Having good relations with local vendors can also help in the event of an emergency situation, like gas leaks or plumbing problems. Real Property Management SAC-METRO experts schedule regular maintenance inspections twice a year to assess any potential problems. This lessens the chance of an emergency and keeps properties in proper working order. As the top property management in Sacramento, CA, we have a vast network of trustworthy plumbers, electricians, and technicians ready to solve any problem.

Our Sacramento Property Management Keeps Tenants Happy

One of the main reasons tenants leave a rental property is because of neglected repairs. Replacing those tenants is a costly endeavor, and going days without collecting rent is money lost. It’s also costly to continue marketing and advertising, as well as preparing the unit and screening prospective renters. By continuously upkeeping rental units, landlords are more likely to keep tenants long term.

Dealing with tenants in a timely and honest way builds positive landlord and tenant relations. Meeting with tenant quickly needs shows renters you care about them, and they in turn will more likely care about the property. Keep in mind renters should never be allowed to fix any maintenance issues themselves. This can lead to liability and accountability problems. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, our proven process includes biannual maintenance checks to fix short and long term maintenance problems.

In developing positive relationships with local vendors, follow up with maintenance workers to ensure their work meets regulations. To reduce your stress as a Sacramento property management owner, Real Property Management SAC-METRO already has those relationships developed so you can rest easy.

The better you take care of your tenants, the better they take care of your property. Having someone else to manage the headaches of maintenance repairs quickly and efficiently will keep tenants happy and save you money. Even after subtracting manager costs, property owners still report higher gains with Real Property Management SAC-METRO. We’ve been taking the hassle out of owning rental property for nearly 30 years. Call us today!


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Don’t fall behind in your Sacramento property management seasonal cleaning!

Leaves on the trees are turning colors and falling to the ground. The days are shortening, and temperatures are cooling. Just like each season brings changes to the world, each season brings new cleaning reminders for property management in Sacramento, CA. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we offer a complete line of services to protect your home no matter what the weather.

Sacramento property management owners know it is essential to protect and prepare rental properties for colder weather. Real Property Management SAC-METRO offers four optional services this time of year to proactively maintain the long term value of your investment:

  1. We offer complete heating, ventilation, and air conditioning maintenance and cleaning service. Preparing now is essential in preserving the life of your heating and cooling systems in winter. Some of our services include cleaning and replacing filters, removing build up on fans, and protecting the outside A/C unit. Our experienced teams help you avoid expensive repairs and keep your tenants comfortable.
  2. We offer a comprehensive seasonal property inspection.
    Frequent property inspections keep your home safe and preserved during any season. Our local experts in property management in Sacramento, CA schedule a complete assessment of your rental inside and out. We verify all tenants are keeping in compliance with the conditions of the lease. Property inspections also help spot any needed repairs before they turn into bigger problems.
  3. We offer incredible fall landscape maintenance for your home.
    Keeping pace with the changing landscape around your home will preserve your property’s long-term value. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, our trained professionals offer services such as fertilization, pruning trees and shrubs, and removing plants or roots that impact the siding of the home.
  4. We offer full cleaning and maintenance for any functioning fireplaces or wood stoves.
    Colder weather means your tenants are going to want to keep warm. Don’t wait for freezing temperatures before you clean your chimney. If your property has a functioning fireplace or wood stove, now is the time to hire a chimney sweep. As the number one Sacramento property management company, our professionals clean and inspect all wood burning appliances or fireplace chimneys to catch any end-of-season problems.

Proactive fall maintenance is important to keeping your investment well-maintained during colder weather. With decades of experience, our professional teams stand ready to help you prepare for any season around the corner. Protect you, your property, and your tenants from faulty seasonal mishaps. Call Real Property Management SAC-METRO, the top property management in Sacramento, CA.


Managing Multi-Family Properties? Get Help with Sacramento Property Management

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Managing a large, multi-family rental property can be a lot of work. When you are dealing with a large number of tenants, you have more work and stress. Real Property Management SAC-METRO provides superior Sacramento property management to help you with your larger multiplex units. You can benefit from our decades of experience with property management in Sacramento, CA.

Extensive Services

Real Property Management SAC-METRO provides round-the-clock help to both tenants and owners. With our help, owners can avoid mistakes that can end up being costly and difficult to deal with. Our proven processes give you:

  • Rent-Ready Services— We repair and maintain units, offer re-keying services, make upgrades and improvements, install lock-boxes, and take care of repairs as cost-effectively as possible. Our managers give you and your tenants an added measure of long-term stability in the care of your rental property.
  • Local Expertise— Since we’ve been working in property management in Sacramento, CA, for more than twenty years,  we know local, state, and federal requirements inside and out, and ensure you comply with them.
  • Faster Leasing— We have an extensive local advertising network to help you decrease vacancy rates, and screening methods to make sure you’re getting the kind of tenant you want. We’ll do background checks, as well as credit and rental history checks.

Unique Convenience

Through our online portal, you’ll have access to all that information you can never keep straight in the file cabinet. You quickly have access to financial statements, rents collected, disbursements, payment history, work orders, or property photos. We provide centralized accounting services and on-site management for larger rental properties that require day-to-day leasing, customer service, logistics, rent processing, or notice-posting.

Make your life easier with the consistency and reliability of Real Property Management SAC-METRO. Don’t suffer needlessly with the hassles of managing a large, multi-family property. As the leader in Sacramento property management, we know how to deal with all that day-to-day maintenance and inconvenience, so you don’t have to. Put our expert team to work for you today!