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As the leader in the property management industry, our team of property managers in Sacramento helps you avoid the headaches and common mistakes that often come with property management. Our landlord help section is specifically designed to help owners get answers to frequently asked questions and learn more about how to avoid common mistakes.

As experienced property managers in Sacramento, Real Property Management Select frequently hears the same questions from both inexperienced and seasoned property owners. Here are our answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding residential property management in Sacramento:

What’s the fastest way to get my property rented with reliable tenants?

Ensure all maintenance and needed repairs have been made before showing the property to attract more applicants. Then market the home aggressively until the most qualified tenant is found.

How do I take the headache out of rent collection?

Offer online payment options, communicate expectations at the lease signing, and enforce the rent cycle.

How do I best protect myself legally as a landlord?

Be the landlord you would want to have— someone with an ethical business practices. It also helps to have a professional property management team that is well versed in both state and federal laws.

How do I cut maintenance expenses?

Be proactive about maintenance needs and don’t let small things turn into big issues. Real Property Management Select clients also benefit from national discounts offered by our network of partners.

How can I stay informed if I use a property management company?

Transparent communication is our specialty, and you should expect nothing less from a professional property manager. Here at Real Property Management Select, all documentation related to your property can be found in your online owners portal, and our live hotline is available 24 hours a day.

Wouldn’t I save money by managing my property myself?

Property management is complex and requires both time and industry understanding. You save time and money when you partner with the right property management professional. Your property is maintained. You avoid legal fines for non-compliance to codes and regulations. Discounts on property insurance and maintenance costs are also a financial benefit.

How will paying professional management fees affect my cash flow?

While hiring a professional property manager may seem like it would negatively affect your cash flow, the opposite is actually true. Our services help to minimize vacancy days, provide cost-efficient maintenance, and help you avoid costly mistakes. The result is a maximized cash flow. We put your management fees to work for you by leasing your unit faster and making fewer mistakes that cost you money. Management fees often serve as a tax write off.

Okay, I don’t want to do all this myself. How do I choose the best Sacramento property manager?

Ask lots of questions, compare fees, and look for hidden costs. As a leader in property management, Real Property Management Select encourages you to compare companies and their offered services.  Learn more about how to select the right property manager for you.

Why should I choose Real Property Management Select?

Our team knows Sacramento. We are the local leader in property management services and provide unrivaled levels of service, fair pricing structures, and no hidden fees. Whether you are searching for ways to keep maintenance costs low, streamline the leasing process, or get more out of inspections, our team of property managers in Sacramento are uniquely able to help you avoid the hassles associated with owning rental property.

Experienced Team, Proven Process

Owning rental property is smart, but only when managed properly. The complexities of property management are often underestimated by those who choose to do it themselves. Cutting corners and forgetting details can lead to costly mistakes. Real Property Management Select Sacramento helps real estate investors get the most out of their investment, find quality tenants, increase cash flow, and avoid common mistakes.

Whether you are new to property management in Sacramento or a seasoned investor, see how Real Property Management Select can help you get the most from your property owning experience.

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