Communicating with Your Sacramento Property Manager

Rental Property Management Services


Property owners who choose to self-manage their rental units in Sacramento start to think about delegating tasks to a professional property management company when the actual day-to-day managing work begins and the headaches, unexpected interruptions, maintenance, and legal compliance issues become too much. Yet many new rental property owners are concerned about whether they will feel uninformed about their property if they hire a professional.


To several of our clients, it comes as a pleasant surprise that Real Property Specialized Select places a heavy emphasis on transparent communication with our owner clients. The constant flow of communication about your property is what sets us apart from other property management companies in Sacramento. Here are just a few ways we keep you informed about the ongoings at your rental home:

  • Weekly Leasing Updates: During the leasing phase, we send weekly email updates regarding the status of your rental property. These emails containing information about the number of unit showings and potential tenant applications will continue until we find the right tenant to occupy the home. Our property management team is also available to discuss setting rent rates and planning leasing strategies to ensure the fewest amount of vacancy days. We also provide services that will make sure your property is rent-ready.
  • Live Support: If you have questions or concerns, we want to hear about them— any time— night or day. With our 24-hour hotline, you will always reach a live person to discuss any concerns you have about your property.
  • Online Owner Portal: The best way to keep our owner clients informed about their rental units is by providing access to an online owners portal available anytime of day. This portal provides financial statements, details about property inspections, rental payment history, and more.

While there are many property management companies in Sacramento to choose from, finding one that keeps you informed about your property is critical to your success as a rental property owner. Real Property Management Select strongly believes in open communication as part of our business integrity.

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