10 Steps to Faster Leasing


How to Turn your Turnover Nightmares into Sweet Dreams

A vacant home can be a property owner’s worst nightmare. Every day costs you more money, and it’s even scarier when you take into account the average vacancy term is 2-3 months unless you have a strong marketing plan. To make matters worse, vacant homes still require upkeep and regular maintenance and can be vulnerable to crime and vandalism in some areas. But as frightening as it is, it’s still an unavoidable part of property management. Auburn CA owners can rest assured, however, with Real Property Management Select’s proven process. No more nightmares, it’s time to wake up.


Our Auburn Property Management Setup

First things first. The home must be prepared for renting, a term we call ‘Rent-Ready’. This includes walking through the property to address any maintenance concerns and ensure the home has ‘curb appeal’. Establishing a market-supported rental price is also important in property management. Auburn CA owners should look at other properties locally to determine a rent rate that isn’t too high and dissuade potential tenants. If it’s too low, it will impact profits. The final part of setting up is an aggressive advertising plan. Tenants won’t lease from you if they don’t know you exist! Auburn property management company Real Property Management Select uses a proprietary marketing strategy to ensure you get the exposure you need to rent your home fast.



The next step is to show the property. Answer inquiries from potential tenants about the property quickly, and be available to work with agents to schedule the home be shown. The faster you can get back to tenants and agents, the faster your home can be rented. Real Property Management Select works with responsive agents who are experienced in property management. Auburn CA home shoppers can also use our information-enabled yard signs to call or text about your RPM listed property day or night!



You should strive to collect as many applications from as many potential tenants as possible. This will give you a larger pool to choose from when selecting your new tenant. Auburn property management company Real Property Management Select collects and then screens each adult applicant with expedited yet thorough criminal, credit, employment, and rental history checks. Well-screened tenants are more likely to avoid turnover and stay longer, so your home stays rented.

Turn your turnover nightmares into sweet dreams of hassle-free property management. Auburn CA owners can make use of Real Property Management Select’s unsurpassed service and proven process. Let us handle the lease signing and move in, so you can rest easy! 

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