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Avoid Going to Court: A Landlord Story of What NOT to Do in Sacramento Property Management  

I thought I was a perfect candidate to do my own Property Management. In Sacramento, CA, with the high demand for housing, I had nothing to lose. In reality, I had everything to lose.  Three years ago, I got myself into some serious Sacramento property management legal trouble. How many of my violations can you catch in the following story?

I started the day with the typical cup of coffee, sitting in my home office. I had just noticed an urgent email an important client sent at 5 a.m. when the phone rang.  

“The water from the back outdoor faucet is leaking,” my tenant said, I apologized for the inconvenience, then told her I would stop by to take a look at it shortly.” I then returned to my email, and the rest of my day is history. I got sucked into my projects and completely forgot about the call. Three weeks later, my phone rang at 10:30 p.m. just as I was getting ready for bed. I decided to let the phone ring this time. I was too tired to deal with anything.

The next morning I listened to my voicemails. “The basement is flooding!” my panicked tenant said. “We just discovered it in our storage room. Everything is soaked!” I remembered the faucet and slapped my head. It was too late.

On the way over, I thought how I never planned on water issues when I started doing my own property management in Sacramento, CA. To save money, I hired a friend who said he could do restoration, but the damage was double what I would have last night due to the increased damage, so I still lost any hope of any profit that month. He asked for the information of the tenant so he could follow up with her later on the leak and I provided both her e-mail and cell phone number.

How many Sacramento property management violations did you catch?

  1. Failure to document the first and second call.
  2. Failure to respond to the first requestion.
  3. Failure to answer emergency calls 24/7.
  4. Failure to document the mitigation efforts and response.
  5. Failure to provide a safe, comfortable living environment.
  6. Failure to hire licensed and insured contractors.
  7. Failure to protect privacy and secure information

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