Sacramento rental property owners don’t invest in real estate to be in the business of collections. Yet, they sometimes find themselves facing late rental payments, or even the legal process of an eviction. Even though collecting the rent may seem like a straightforward process, the reality is that tenants don’t always pay on time, checks don’t always clear, and property managers can quickly be placed in a sticky situation. If the home was previously occupied by the homeowner, decisions regarding the eviction process can be made on an emotional level instead of with a business mind, bringing more complications to the situation.


With over 30 years of experience in property management, Real Property Management Select has heard every excuse in the book for late or delayed rent payments. However, we avoid collection delays by establishing firm, but fair rent collection policies at the lease signing, so tenants rent schedules and late payment policies. Our experienced property management team also streamlines the rent collection process by:

  • Performing thorough screenings for every applicant over the age of 18 to know who has a history of following through on their financial obligations
  • Offering online rent payment options for tenants that are then ACH direct deposited into the owner’s account
  • Enforcing an automated collections process as soon as allowable by law to resolve unpaid rents
  • Providing an in-house legal team to assist with evictions as necessary
  • During an eviction, it is paramount to follow the law. You will need to file all necessary paperwork promptly, understand the risks and costs associated, never threaten your tenant and always give them proper notice and time frames as to when actions will be taken. An eviction can take an emotional toll on property managers, but with the help of a professional property management company, the process can go smoothly.


Along with other financial services provided to our clients, Real Property Management Select offers eviction protection plans for a low monthly fee per property that covers legal costs of filing and time in court associated with evictions.

For help streamlining your rent collection process and avoiding the legal implications of evictions, put our experience and ethics to work for you today.  Simply call  (916) 452-5000 for a no-obligation quote.