How to Choose a Sacramento Property Manager


Property Management Customer Service


With the myriads of Sacramento property management companies to choose from, how do you select the one that will be most responsive to your needs as a property owner, keep you informed about ongoings at the property, answer phone calls, lease the property, and look out for your legal rights? For property managers in Sacramento, it is critical to find a company that will be as interested in taking care of your needs as they are to collect their monthly management fees.


Not all Sacramento property management companies are the same, and Real Property Management Select is living proof of that statement. With over 30 years of experience in property management services, we have raised the industry standards and provided quality customer service. Through our reliable and efficient systems and processes, we help investors get the best return on their investment, and forego the headaches associated with property management.

We also invite all potential clients to shop around for property management companies and compare services to find the one best company suited for their needs. Here are five things an investor should look for in a management firm:

  • Open Communication: Handing your property over to a professional management company shouldn’t mean being left in the dark about the happenings at the home. Look for a manager that provides live support at all hours of the day and night, has online access to information regarding the property, and keeps you up-to-date during the leasing phase of the rent cycle.
  • Clear Expectations: What you can expect from your management team should be clearly stated in your terms of service agreement. This document should outline each phase of the rent cycle and duties the management team will perform.
  • Simple Pricing Structure: All leasing, management, and any other fees should be clearly stated with no hidden fees in the management agreement.
  • High Standards: Training, certifications, experience, and an ethical track record matter, and will directly impact your success as a rental property owner contracted with this company.
  • Positive Reviews: Since you don’t want to trust your valuable investment to just anyone, don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials from other happy clients.

Real Property Management Select has earned the trust of individuals, investors, and institutions in the Sacramento area. Since our business is based on high standards and integrity, we help homeowners get more from their investment properties.  Call today for a free quote:  (916) 452-5000.