Sacramento landlords and property managers may receive stacks of applications from prospective tenants for their rental properties, but are often unsure about how to go about the selection process. If the homeowner once lived in and loved the property, emotional ties to the home can further complicate the process.

Your ability to detach yourself emotionally from the property will directly impact your success as a Sacramento rental property owner. The California Real Estate Commission considers rental property as a business venture, and any decisions made in regards to the home should be made objectively to protect yourself from any legal ramifications.


As an experienced property management company, Real Property Management Select helps homeowners make the transition into rental property owners by offering the following tips:

  • Take time to make a conscious mental adjustment to being a business owner rather than a homeowner
  • Even if you intend to occupy the home at a future date, while the home is a rental property, it must be operated as a business
  • Accept that even with carefully selected tenants, the interior of the home will not be the same in five years as it is today, as wear and tear is a normal part of the home’s aging process
  • Understand that landscaping and other details will not be as lovingly attended to as you may like
  • You may enforce the lease agreement to ensure the tenant is holding up to their end of the agreement, but tenants will not have the emotional tie to the home that an owner will

Real Property Management Select helps homeowners through the transition to business owners by serving as a non-emotional point of contact for both parties and relieves you from the stress of dealing with difficult tenants.


Selecting the right tenant to occupy your rental home can make all the difference in your experience as a Sacramento property investor. Real Property Management Select recommends conducting a thorough tenant screening process that includes employment, credit, past rental and criminal histories as well as terrorist and sex offender checks. Screening applicants will help you select tenants who have a proven history of following through on their financial obligations, and can serve to keep you, your property, and the community more protected overall.

Real Property Management Select conducts these thorough background checks as part of our leasing process to protect your valuable investment. Our experienced team is also well versed in local, state, and federal laws and regulations to prevent any discriminatory acts during the selection phase. As your partner in property management, Real Property Management Select ensures your home is properly cared for by the most qualified tenant available.

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