Free Library of Information for Landlords

Landlord-life is not easy. You have a job and a life outside of your rental property although sometimes it may not feel like it, especially if you do your own property management. Sacramento CA landlords like you deserve a break, so Real Property Management Select decided to do you a favor. We put together a mini library of topics to help you – it’s a list of links to 13 pages of content. For example, you will learn how to:

  • Rent faster
  • Look for an investment property
  • Prepare your property to rent
  • Protect yourself from negative tenant interactions
  • Increase stability in rent collection
  • Conduct inspections
  • Reduce liability
  • Review costs of self-management
  • Increase cash flow stability
  • Select a profitable property

This information is available to you free of charge. We spent 20 years on the Sacramento property management learning curve, so we’ve learned more than few things about this complex industry. Our goal is to apply this knowledge to help you succeed – whether that be through blogs we write or services we provide. We treat our customers like we would our family, so we share what we know.

Avoid common Sacramento property management landlord mistakes by browsing this information for content most relevant to you. Then give us a call to clarify anything. We’re here to help.

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