Top 10 Questions that Property Management Companies in Sacramento Hear from Property Owners

Owning a rental property comes with a lot of questions. Whether you are a landlord veteran or a newbie to the rental property industry, questions will always arise as new situations and circumstances come into property management. At Real Property Management, SAC-METRO, we are here to help. With more than 30 years of experience, our team has expertise in all areas of rental property management and is here to make your experience a positive one. Below is a list of the Top Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions heard by property management companies in Sacramento, and the answers courtesy of RPM SAC-METRO.

How do I rent out my rental property more quickly? 

Rent Ready

Getting a vacancy filled quickly and with qualified tenants is crucial to the success of property managers and rental property owners. Once a landlord receives a 30 Day Notice to Vacate from a tenant, they should immediately acknowledge that Notice with an official date of move out, prorated rental amount, a property cleaning checklist, instructions on how to return keys, and Security Deposit Disbursement information. Once a property manager has received keys, enter the property within 24 hours to conduct a Move Out Property Inspection. Make detailed notes about the condition of the property and any repairs or improvements needed. Test all appliances, outlets, lights, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, door and window locks and toilets. Inspect all flooring, cabinetry, countertops, doors and walls. Inspect landscaping, sprinklers, decks, and patios. Schedule proper vendors and maintenance technicians as needed. Work efficiently and schedule vendors back-to-back to minimize vacancy days. Once the home has been cleaned and is rent ready, property management companies in Sacramento start marketing aggressively. 


Utilize technology to reach the maximum amount of potential renters. The internet has many rental marketing resources like Zillow, Hot Pads, Trulia, Craigslist, Facebook, and of course, use your own website to advertise the property. Clearly list the rental price, security deposit amount, application fees, and lease terms. Show multiple pictures of the property listed for rent including exterior, interior, and any community amenities. Use the best and prettiest picture as your “Featured Image” on the listing, which means the picture that potential renters will see first. This picture is often of the front of the property, the kitchen, or the Great Room. Post a For Rent sign in the front yard and attach helium filled balloons to attract attention. Property management companies in Sacramento use this strategy because even if the actual renter does not drive past the property, neighbors will alert friends and family of the property who may be interested in moving. Conduct professional showings of the property. Have the lights on inside when prospective tenants enter, make sure it is clear of all pests, and that the property is neat and clean.

How can I make sure my property stays rented? 

The Golden Rule comes into play in this situation. Treat tenants the way you would want to be treated. Do not become a slumlord who moves tenants into a property, then walks away never to return or help with maintenance. Tenants want a property manager who takes their phone calls, responds to emails, helps them when maintenance and repairs are needed, and treats them with respect. Keep the property well maintained. Respond promptly to maintenance requests, schedule vendors and repairs as needed, and follow up with tenants to ensure work has been performed and that the repair is satisfactory. Property management companies in Sacramento must communicate expectations with tenants and treat them with respect and dignity. Reward tenants for obeying lease agreement rules and for on time rent payments. At SAC-METRO, our tenants have the opportunity to join our Resident Rewards Program. When a tenant pays rent online and on time, they can instantly unlock coupons, deals and discounts to places they spend money daily. 

How can I make rent collection faster and less stressful?

At the time of lease signing, clearly communicate lease agreement rules and expectations. This includes the rent schedule. Inform tenants of when rent is paid each month, the amount due, how to pay rent, and what happens if they fail to pay their property management company. Sacramento landlords must stick to a strict rent schedule. Accept electronic and online payments and ACH deposit for less waiting and greater peace of mind. This allows tenants to pay rent from the convenience of their living room and requires a lot less work on landlords. The days of walking a paper check into the bank for deposit are far behind us. Get paid instantly by letting technology work for you. Set up automated notifications so that if the rent is not deposited into the account, alerts will go off informing you to take action. 

How can I better protect myself legally as a landlord?

The best way to protect yourself legally as a landlord is to know the laws. Be educated and stay updated on federal, state, and local housing laws and ordinances. Study Fair Housing Laws, Habitability Laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and all local housing laws that pertain to property management companies. Sacramento landlords should never discriminate against protected classes of people and treat everyone equally. Follow the rules and terms set forth in the lease agreement. Consult a lawyer for additional help if legal circumstances arise. 

How can I keep maintenance costs down on my property?

Be proactive in maintenance for the rental property. Conduct biannual property inspections, generally in spring and summer, to make certain the property is in proper condition for the changing seasons. During the biannual property inspections, look for any signs of maintenance that is needed that could cause bigger problems if not seen or reported immediately. Respond quickly to maintenance requests at all hours of the day or night. Hire licensed and insured repair technicians to remove liability from yourself. Do not attempt do-it-yourself jobs. Clients who hire RPM SAC-METRO get our Preferred Vendor Pricing. This unlocks discounted repair rates and costs for rental property owners, saving them hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year. 

Should I manage my own rental property to save myself money?

Property management companies in Sacramento have experienced that even if you have time, energy, and expertise, most landlords find that managing their own rental ends up costing them more money. The extra expenses often stem from legal fees and longer than expected vacancies. It takes a lot of time to research, study, and know all of the housing laws and with one slip, landlords can find themselves in the courtroom with hefty legal fees. Those legal fees can eat away at years of profit from a rental property. SAC-METRO is known for having shorter than average vacancy times when compared to its competition. Our efficient turn over process, aggressive marketing, and professional showings help lease properties within 28 days of listing them. 

Will management fees hurt my cash flow?

At SAC-METRO, our cost effective fees pay for themself. Our faster leasing times and fewer mistakes save property owners money instantly. 

If I hire a property management company in Sacramento, how will I know what is happening with my property?

A good property manager communicates clearly and often with rental property owners. At SAC-METRO, we are proud to say that communication with our clients is a top priority. We use an online Owner Portal that can be accessed through our website from anywhere in the world. On the Owner Portal, property owners can view financials, maintenance requests, status of submitted applications, see how many showings they have had at their property during the leasing phase, and see security deposit disbursement information. We also have a 24/7 hotline that allows property owners to call our professional staff at any time to discuss their property. 

How do I choose the best property manager?

Picking the property manager that is best for you is paramount to your success as a property owner. Compare property management companies in Sacramento against each other. Compare checklists, what they offer, and pricing. Pick a company with a proven track record and a trusted reputation. 

Why should I trust SAC-METRO?

With more than 30 years in the property management industry, SAC-METRO has seen and experienced it all. There is no situation that will catch us off guard. Our professional team is involved in continued training courses so that we always stay up to date on current laws and practice all Housing Laws. Our shorter than average vacancy times make us the leader in the industry. Call us today to see how we can make your property management goals a reality. 

How a Tenant Can Prepare for Moving Out of a Property Managed by Auburn Property Management Company, Select

No property manager likes tenant turnover, but eventually, almost all rental properties see tenants come and go, regardless of how desirable the property is to occupants. If you are a tenant that is getting prepared to vacate a property managed by Real Property Management Select we hope you have enjoyed your stay. We value our tenants and are grateful for your business. If you are wondering how to prepare the property prior to vacating, please continue reading. 

Upon Move In

Depending on how long you have lived at a Select property, you may or may not remember the move in process. At the time of move in, you submitted a security deposit. This deposit was to guarantee a hold on the property until your scheduled move in date, as well as cover any damages caused by the tenant upon move out. At the time of move in, you did a  property inspection. This property inspection checklist allows new tenants to thoroughly inspect their new rental home and make any notes of imperfections. Some imperfections could include a scuff mark on a wall that was missed by our Auburn property management team during the turnover process, a small or faint stain on the carpet, or a scratch or small dent on an appliance. Whatever was marked on this move in inspection checklist will not be counted against you upon move out. At Select, we take the turnover process seriously and do our best to fix any repairs and make your new rental home a comfortable, safe and beautiful living space. The same procedure will follow upon your vacating. 

Tenant Move Out

We appreciate your choice to rent from the professionals at Select. We know you have many options when choosing a home and want to thank you for your tenancy with our company. Prior to vacating the premises, please follow these guidelines to ensure you have prepared the house for our Auburn property management team, so that you can get the maximum amount of money back from your security deposit upon move out:

  • 30 Day Notice to Vacate – This notice must be in writing and turned in to a member of the Select team. Our friendly staff will acknowledge your Notice to Vacate and will inform you of your final day of tenancy.
  • Remove all personal items – This includes all trash from the property as well as personal belongings. Check and clean out all storage units, attics, basements, and garage areas. If there are items that tenants no longer want or need, it is still the tenant’s responsibility to remove them from the premises. Any items left behind will be dumped, at the cost of the tenant and removed from the security deposit.
  • Clean all appliances – Auburn property management professionals know this is a tedious task that often takes longer than expected. Grease stains, spills that have been cooked on over and over again, and all that black debris sitting at the bottom of the oven must be removed. Clean out the refrigerator and wipe down all shelving and drawers inside the refrigerator and freezer. If you have a coil or electric stove, please replace the metal drip pans with clean and new ones. Wipe out the microwave and wash the glass plate inside of the microwave. Pull out the stove and oven and refrigerator and sweep underneath to clear our any debris or fire hazards. Wipe down the inside of the dishwasher and scrub the kitchen sink to remove leftover food. 
  • Wipe down all surfaces – This includes countertops, sinks, doors, drawers, and cupboards. Please remember to wipe down walls where scuff marks can be found, especially around light switches and door handles. Tenants will be surprised at the amount of dirty fingerprints they find in these areas and on light switch covers.
  • Carpets and flooring – Hire a professional truck-mounted system to clean your carpets. Keep your receipt and turn it into your Auburn property management team as proof that carpets were cleaned. Failure to turn in a receipt as proof may result in the charge for carpet cleaning to be deducted from the security deposit. Sweep and scrub hardwood, tile, or vinyl flooring throughout the premises.
  • Repairs – Look for any damage caused by you, a pet, or a service animal that would not fall into the category of normal wear-and-tear. If there are holes in the walls or doors that are not the size of a small nail or screw, that is a clear sign that it does not fall into the category of normal wear-and-tear and needs to be repaired by the tenant, at the cost of the tenant. Check walls, baseboards, doors, door jams, windows, window coverings, appliances, cupboards, countertops, and all flooring for signs of damage. Again, normal wear-and-tear is acceptable to our Auburn property management staff. A scuff more here or a small scratch there are signs of normal wear-and-tear. Tenants are also responsible for the behavior of their guests. If a guest has caused damage to the property, please take the time to repair it. If the tenant fails to make repairs where needed, the cost to make the repair will be deducted from the security deposit.
  • Trash and hauling – If a tenant has unwanted furniture that he plans to dump or general garbage in the garbage can, please contact the waste company to schedule a pick up upon the move out date. Please do not leave a trash can full of garbage for the new tenants. Do not leave unwanted furniture on the curbside. This qualifies as items left behind and will be removed at the cost of the tenant.
  • Remove utilities from your name – Call all utility companies includes internet, cable providers, waste companies, electric and gas companies and remove your name from the account. The accounts will automatically be put back under the Auburn property management, Select name. Close out the account or transfer service to your new residence, if applicable.
  • Return keys – Please lock all of the doors behind you and turn in all keys to your property manager by noon on the final day of residency. Make sure that all keys that were issued at the time of the lease signing are returned. This includes key fobs to common areas, mailbox keys, house keys, garage door openers and anything else that may have been provided at the time of lease signing for entry access. The cost for any unreturned keys will be deducted from the security deposit. A thorough key collection process protects both past and future tenants.

If you are interested in a more comprehensive checklist or for security deposit disbursement information, please contact your leasing professional at Select. 

How Our Auburn Property Management Staff Says Thank You to Past Tenants

At Select, we understand that living in a house comes with normal wear and tear on the property, no matter how careful you may have been. As a way of saying thank you, we do not charge past tenants for normal wear and tear on the property. Upon vacating, our professional leasing staff will provide you with a Payment History and a Letter of Recommendation to assist you in finding a new place to call home. We want to thank you for your tenancy and we wish you the best in the future. 

What Tenants Need to Know when Moving In to a Folsom Property Management Rental

Moving into a new house is both exciting and stressful. It is exciting as new tenants look forward to living in a beautiful, clean, new house. It is stressful because moving in general requires a lot of work and learning new property management rules can seem overwhelming. When you move in to a Folsom property management rental house, you can be certain that you will understand and know everything that is crucial to being a responsible tenant. Our friendly leasing staff clearly explains all rules and lease agreements so that our tenants feel comfortable in their new home.

Move-In Property Inspection

Upon moving in to your new rental property, you will be provided with a property inspection form. We urge new tenants to thoroughly inspect their new home and look for any imperfections and list them on the inspection form. Take the time to open and close drawers and cabinets, inspect all walls and flooring, test window and door locks, open and close window coverings, test and turn on all appliances and light switches, test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, turn on water, and flush toilets. Make a list of any flaws you find. This will serve you well upon move out. It will alert our Folsom property management team upon move out that you did not cause these damages while occupying the property. We do our very best to prepare rental properties to perfection for our tenants, but honest mistakes or oversights can happen. If you find anything that is in need of maintenance or repair, please submit an official maintenance request online through the Tenant Portal. Return your move in property inspection form back to our friendly staff within five days of your move in date. 

What is a Tenant Portal?

Once your lease agreement is signed and First Month’s Rent is paid in full, you will receive keys to the property. Our friendly staff will also activate a login for new tenants on our online Tenant Portal. Through this online resource, which can be accessed through our website, tenants can pay rent and make maintenance requests, all from the comfort of their couch, workplace, or on the go. Tenants also have the option to enroll in recurring rent payments. This guarantees your rent will be withdrawn from your bank account each month, in full, and on time. Set yourself up for success and reliability.  The days of trying to remember to pay rent on time to your Folsom property management company are in the past.  

Tenant Responsibilities

At Real Property Management Select, we like to avoid any gray area or misunderstandings for our tenants. Upon moving in, tenants will be presented with a Resident Manual that details responsibilities and rules that our tenants must follow in order to continue occupying the premises. 

  • Keep Property Clean and Tidy – Treat your new rental home as if you owned it. We ask that you show respect for the property at all times. Conduct regular cleanings of the property, throw your trash in the garbage can, care for exterior landscaping, and properly ventilate the living areas and bathrooms. 
  • Utilities – Upon move in, please call the respective utility companies and switch the utilities into your name, effective on the day of move in. All utilities include water, garbage, and sewer, internet, television providers, electricity and gas. 
  • Rent Payments – The most important task that a tenant can do is pay rent on time. If you pay, you stay. Our Folsom property management team also requires that you obey lease agreement rules if you want to stay, but we will explain that in the details below. We recommend that you enroll in recurring rent payments through the Tenant Portal. This allows for an automatic withdrawal from your bank account once a month to ensure your rent payment is paid on time and in full. 
  • Caring for Landscaping – Care for the front and back yard by completing weekly and seasonal yard maintenance. Tenants are responsible for taking good care of the yard. Mow the lawn, pull weeds, prune trees and bushes, and alert our Folsom property management team of any maintenance needed to sprinklers or heavy pruning of trees and branches.
  • Minor Maintenance – Tenants are responsible for minor maintenance of their rental home. This includes changing light bulbs as they burn out, replacing filters on the HVAC units, refrigerators, and range hoods. 
  • Homeowners Association Rules – Just like if you were the homeowner, we ask that our tenants follow all HOA rules and regulations. This means keeping up with the yard work, following rules to common areas like the park and pool, and properly storing vehicles and recreational vehicles.
  • Report Maintenance – As soon as you find a maintenance issue, please file a maintenance request through the Tenant Portal. Though the issue may seem small now, it can quickly turn into a big problem if it is unaddressed. Look for signs of leaks or safety hazards, which could cause harm to the property or the tenants and report it immediately. If you come across a maintenance emergency, please contact our Folsom property management emergency hotline that is available 24/7. 

Owner Responsibilities

Owning a rental property takes an extensive amount of time, energy and knowledge. Select works with owners who properly care for their rental properties and helps assist them during the turnover process and when maintenance requests permit. The following list informs you of what our property owners are required to take on as their responsibility:

  • Provide and Clean, Safe, and Rent Ready Home – During the turnover process, our leasing professionals at Select work closely with our property owners to prepare the property for new tenants. This includes rekeying of all the doors for security purposes, paint, cleaning, repairs or improvements inside and outside, and so much more.
  • Legal Compliance – Sacramento County has clearly outlined the rules and regulations around smoke detector installations and carbon monoxide detectors. Rental property owners with Select are required to follow state, local, and federal laws regarding detectors inside the home in Folsom. Property management staff with Select double checks and confirms that all aspects of the rental properties are in compliance. 
  • Provide Residents with HOA Rules –  As a property owner, no one knows the HOA Rules better than them. The Select leasing staff requires that property owners provide them with all of the rules and guidelines that residents must follow as part of living within the HOA.

Select Resident Club

When tenants pay rent on time each month, they will be prompted to click a link and sign up for Select’s Resident Club. Once becoming a member of the Resident Club, tenants can unlock hundreds of coupons and deals, some up to fifty percent off, which will save them hundreds or thousands of dollars on everyday purchases. These deals and coupons given to our tenants from the Folsom property management team include grocery stores, dining, retail shopping, entertainment, and theme parks. 

When a Tenant Plans to Vacate

When it is time for you to move, we want you to know that we appreciate your tenancy. For residents that have paid rent on time and taken good care of the property, we offer you a Payment History and Letter of Referral for your next house. Please contact our friendly Select staff to turn in a 30 Day Notice to Vacate or refer to your Resident Manual for Frequently Asked Questions. 

Thank you for Choosing Folsom Property Management, Select

We know that you have many options when choosing a rental home. We want to thank you for choosing Select. Renting a home should be an enjoyable experience where you feel safe and comfortable. Please contact our staff if there is anything we can do to assist you. We hope you enjoy your stay.