Top 10 Questions About Managing Rental Properties


What you wanted to ask rental property management Sacramento landlords but were too afraid to ask

Here at Real Property Management Select, we provide professional service in rental property management. Sacramento landlords trust Real Property Management Select for answers to these common questions about managing rental homes:

  1. How do I get my property rented more quickly?

    Aggressively market your property to help you find qualified and reliable applicants. At Real Property Management Select, we guarantee to lease your property with no more than 28 days of vacancy.

  2. What can I do to make sure my property stays rented?

    A well-maintained rental house increases stability. Our clients enjoy longer than average tenancy periods than with other property management companies. Sacramento landlords can also encourage positive interaction with tenants to improve retention rates.

  3. How can I make rent collections faster and less stressful?

    Using a strict rent cycle enforcement and electronic payment systems, Real Property Management Select ensures less waiting with greater financial peace of mind.

  4. How can I better protect myself legally?

    Real Property Management Select offers legal counsel and gives careful attention to compliance issues. Our ethical in-house legal time keeps pace with all regulations to stay in compliance with the law.

  5. How can I keep maintenance costs down on my rental property?

    We keep a highly trained response team ready 24/7. Our clients enjoy more cost effective maintenance that helps prevent costly repairs or equipment replacements.

  6. Should I manage my property to save money?

    Even if you have the time, money, and expertise needed for DIY rental property management, Sacramento clients learn it costs more to self-manage than to choose Real Property Management Select. Our fees quickly pay for themselves while you earn more.

  7. Will professional fees hurt my cash flow?

    Our cost effective fees pay for themselves in faster leasing and fewer management mistakes. Our professional services save our clients money over self-managing. Our services will prevent legal expenses and longer vacancies.

  8. If I hire a professional property manager, how will I know what is happening with my property?

    At Real Property Management Select, we guarantee transparent communication and 24-hour support. All activity can be viewed in an online owners portal.

  9. How do I choose the best property manager?

    Remembering to ask the right questions for your property helps you find the best manager. Real Property Management Select is a proven leader that stands out from other property management companies. Sacramento landlords can ask us for a comparison checklist to review other options.

  10. Why should I choose Real Property Management?

    Simply put, we provide our property management clients with unsurpassed service. Full stop.

We do all of our services with the highest standards, affordable fees, and no hidden charges. Put our experienced team and proven processes to work for you today!

How to Avoid Common Rental Mistakes

Sacramento rental property management may seem easy at first. But new investors often underestimate the complexity and risks involved in aptly managing tenants and properties. Here at Real Property Management Select, our professionals help investors increase cash flow, improve efficiency, and secure investment stability. Real Property Management Select experienced teams can accomplish what no individual investor can do on his or her own. With the best performance in property management, Sacramento, CA landlords trust Real Property Management Select to provide fast, affordable, and excellent service.

Rental owners new to the business sometimes stumble into common and avoidable mistakes.These unnecessary mistakes can be costly, time-consuming, and stressful for landlords. Real Property Management Select agents are uniquely able to help property owners avoid:

  • Poor property rental selection. You want your investment to flourish, but the chances of income start with the choice of property. Real Property Management Select helps landlords find great deals in neighborhoods where they are bound to find excellent properties.
  • Lax tenant qualifications. Every tenant over the age of 18 should fill out an application form for your property. Our professionals also run thorough background checks on each applicant to find the best possible tenant.
  • Overlooking maintenance problems. Accidents happen, and when properties need urgent care, our agents are available around the clock. Real Property Management Select provides 24/7 service, so you won’t ever again have to roll out of bed in the middle of the night because an apartment flooded from plumbing problems.
  • Inadequate rent collections process. Collecting rent can be tricky at times, especially if the tenant and landlord have had past negative interactions. Real Property Management Select can improve tenant/landlord relations as a professional, third-party collector.
  • Neglecting important inspections. Landlords should inspect their properties at least every six months, and whenever tenants are moving out or in. Our team takes the responsibility off your shoulders with our frequent inspection processes.
  • Failing to choose a property manager. Picking the right Sacramento rental property management company is crucial to your success. With thousands of satisfied customers nationwide, put Real Property Management Select experienced teams to work for you.

With the many headaches and hassles that come with property management, Sacramento, CA landlords rely on Real Property Management Select to carry those responsibilities and give them a great return on their investment. If you want to increase cash flow, improve efficiency, and secure your investment, choose Real Property Management Select. With decades of experience in Sacramento rental property management, our expertly trained teams stand ready to help you with your investment, no matter what mistakes were made in the past.

Real Property Management Select is the Company for You

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The top Sacramento property management company with thousands of satisfied customers.

Choosing the perfect Sacramento property management company for your properties is like choosing the perfect nanny or babysitter for your kids. Just like you want your kids to be safe and happy while you’re away, property owners want their real estate investments to be protected and productive and in good hands. Real Property Management Select is the professional, reliable, and experienced property management company for you. Among the other Sacramento property management companies to pick from, Real Property Management Select has the backing of a national brand and thousands of satisfied customers.

You’re looking for a reliable property manager who will take care of hassles and troubles. We’re looking for great clients and rental properties to take care of. Real Property Management Select can provide what no individual investor could accomplish on their own, and save you money along the way. Our local teams of specialists ensure the best performance in Sacramento property management. Real Property Management Select experts help with:

  • Avoiding costly mistakes. DIY landlords sometimes find themselves in over their heads with maintenance issues or legal matters. Real Property Management Select knows all the tips and tricks of the trade, including how to save you time and money. Our professionals are ready to help with whatever and whenever mistakes happen.
  • Reducing turnover. Every day your property sits empty is another day your cash flow is draining. As the number one Sacramento property management company, Real Property Management Select specialists carefully analyze local market value to price your rental at a competitive price. Reliable tenants will flock to your property through our popular advertising outlets.
  • Placing reliable tenants. You want to avoid more turnovers and find tenants who will take care of your Sacramento property. Management teams from Real Property Management Select thoroughly check each submitted tenant application, ensuring you get the best renter for your rental. Instead of simply hoping for excellent tenants, our professionals conduct background checks for all tenants.
  • Handling legal complications. If eviction processes and legal worries haunt you, let Real Property Management Select legal experts save the day. We understand the law to provide you with excellent counsel and complete compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

Don’t settle for any other mediocre Sacramento property management companies. Real Property Management Select is committed to helping investors get a better return than they can get on their own. Thousands of investors nationwide can tell you there’s no better property management company like Real Property Management Select. Put our experienced team and proven process to work for you.

Considering Renting Out Your Home? Find Sacramento Property Management.

real property managementThe market is prime for the single home rental strategy. It’s the same one that investors around the country are using, ‘buy and hold.’ Rent your home the same way professional real estate investors do and get the best return on your investment. Make sure your home is managed with the same care and attention with which any professional’s investment portfolio would be. Real Property Management Select can help you avoid costly mistakes, improve your cash flow, save on expenses, and keep you informed on the status of your rental and tenants through your online owner portal. Our experience in Sacramento property management will help us save you time, money, and hassle.

Our Services

We’ll make sure you’re getting premiere service in all aspects of property management. Rancho Cordova and other Sacramento-area clients can be sure that our proven processes are the best on the market. We have an extensive, local advertising network that is invaluable to individual investors. With Real Property Management Select, you can expect comprehensive help from our local accounting offices with leasing, accounting, and collections. With our Sacramento property management experience, Rancho Cordova-area clients enjoy our local expertise when it comes to inspections and legal compliance, as well as with leasing, maintenance, collections, evictions, accounting, inspections. With our local networks, it’s possible for Real Property Management Select to do what you as an individual investor wouldn’t be able to on your own.

Renting out your home can be a wise, long-term investment opportunity. With Real Property Management Select, we give you the same kind of return on your investment as professional real estate investors. Even if you don’t have any experience in renting out a home, our services can take care of the worry and hassle, so you don’t have to. Learn more about our comprehensive list of services today!


Real Property Management Select: The Best in Folsom Property Management

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Residential property management is becoming more complicated as tenant expectations, regulatory requirements, and technological demands continue to grow. At Real Property Management Select, we continue to increase our ability to meet those demands. We have a wide variety of clientele nationally, but there is a keen, local focus to the way we conduct our property management. Folsom and greater Sacramento area investors can trust that we know how to best manage properties in their specific areas.

Who We Serve

Real Property Management Select helps manage a wide variety of properties. We work with homeowners when they choose to relocate, downsize, or find themselves unable to sell their property. Our stability, affordability, and expertise help them avoid costly mistakes. Working with individual investors, we help them avoid the hassles and headaches of managing rental property, while getting a better return on their investment, no matter how many properties they own. We also work with institutions, like investment firms, banks, mortgage lenders, or government entities, providing comprehensive and reliable investment management for their residential real-estate properties.

How We Serve

With over 240 locations across the country, we can help with the most geographically diverse of investment portfolios or your most local Folsom property management needs. Though we are a national company with investors and property owners across the nation, our focus is still always local. We know each area we work in, so you know you can trust us with your most specific Folsom property management needs. Our clients choose us for our experience, for our reliability, and for our professionalism. Our focus is always on helping our clients get the best return on their investment. In our nearly three decades of experience, we have transformed the property management industry into a professional, legitimate option for asset management.

Homeowners, institutions, and investors across the nation choose us for our proven, reliable property management. Folsom-area entities can trust our ability to do the same for them.

More Than Just Great Rocklin Property Management

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If you’ve worked with us, you already know you can expect the best in Rocklin property management from Real Property Management Select. We also offer other services to make owning your rental property simpler and easier.

Extra Help and Convenience

We have many preferred vendor partnerships with vendors like Home Depot, to help save you money on common property-maintenance needs. We offer seamless service on almost anything you might need, like specialized real estate agent referrals, or assistance in marketing and sales with our extensive local advertising network. Once they’ve found your property, we can also help with tenant applications and applicant screening with a background, credit, and criminal checks, as well as lease renewals and tenant move-outs.

Specialized Services

We even offer lease-only services for clients who are just looking to find and lease to the right tenant but don’t need our full-service, long-term property management. Our complete, lease-only solution gets your home leased faster, minimizing the amount of time it sits vacant. We also offer rent-ready maintenance, helping you make sure your property attracts a tenant as quickly as possible by giving the home curb-appeal.  We complete tasks like cleaning, rekeying, and repairing your rental before it’s seen by potential tenants. Real Property Management Select can even help protect you from liability with our in house legal team. We offer services that help with rent collections and evictions, taking some of the most stressful aspects of rental property management off your plate.  Evictions do happen, and our eviction protection plan will save you time, money, and hassle when a situation occurs.

Let us at Select handle the stress of your property management. Rocklin, CA, and Sacramento-area property owners can rest assured knowing we have the national resources and the local experience to make sure that any and all of your property management needs are taken care of with our proven processes. Put our experienced team to work for you today.


Refer and Save on Auburn Property Management!

Looking for ways to save on your Auburn property management? At Real Property Management Select, we take a local approach to property management. Auburn, CA, and the surrounding Sacramento metropolitan area are our focus as we grow our client base there.

Industry Leader

Our clients know us, and they know our expertise in property management. Auburn, CA, owners have personal experience with our reliable, round-the-clock property management services. We help our rental owners clean, maintain, repair, and generally care for all their rental units whether they own one or many properties. If you have experience with us as a client and know our staff’s track record in Auburn property management, you know we keep your property up to code and compliant with the local laws and regulations as well as the state and federal ones. As the industry leader, we are the premiere in experience and efficiency.

Refer Today

We want to expand our client base. For our existing clients who know the quality of the service we provide, the decision to refer should be an easy one. All of our clients are eligible to receive a credit when they refer us to a friend or acquaintance, and there’s no limit to how often clients can be rewarded. Every single time they make a referral that results in a management agreement, they’ll receive credit.

We at Real Property Management Select grow our customer base while we help you save on property management. Auburn, CA, clients, keep an eye out for those you know who are in need of Sacramento or Auburn property management, and it could well benefit everyone.

Elk Grove Property Management: Single Family Properties


Demand for single-family homes is on the rise, and —  take it from an industry leader in property management —  Elk Grove, CA, and the surrounding area has a budding market for single-family homes. We at Real Property Management Select know how to meet your Elk Grove property management needs, whatever your investment type.

Why Choose Single Family Properties?

This class of investment is new and growing fast. In the ever-fluctuating real-estate market, fewer and fewer buyers are opting to buy and flip homes, and more are opting to buy and hold, renting out their single-family properties instead. Renting is often the more stable, reliable option, given the potential for market volatility. More tenants are looking to the lifestyle offered by single-family homes, as opposed to large, multi-family properties.

Why Choose Real Property Management Select?

Real Property Management Select has the experience in Elk Grove property management to help you get the most out of your single-family investment. Our competition relies on an old, multi-family model. We have property management capabilities tailored to any investment type, and our experienced team and proven processes are there to help you stand out and get a leg up on the competition. Our hands-on, round-the-clock property management services make all the difference, helping you to repair, clean, maintain, and care for your rental home. We also help you attract tenants with our extensive advertising network, and then carefully screen applicants to select only the best. Our tough but respectful collecting system means you get rent payments consistently.

As the industry leader, we have over two decades of experience in property management. Elk Grove, CA, investors looking into single-family investments, or those who already own them, can be confident in the quality of our property management, Trust us at Real Property Management Select to help you manage your rental units and get the most out of your single-family investment.

Selecting Your Rental Property


Rental property can be an exciting investment if you handle it right. Here at Real Property Mangement Select, we have decades of experience in the rental industry that means we offer the property management Roseville, CA, owners can rely on for their rental home investments. Choosing the right property is pivotal in your investing decisions. Your purchasing choice affects how long your property sits vacant, how many applicants you attract, and the type of applicant interested in your home. Successful leasing and management of your investments start in the buying process.

Location, Location, Location

The location of your property will determine the amount of effort and difficulty involved in managing it. When trying to select a location for your rental property, search out areas with lower vacancy rates, higher rents, and where values are appreciating.

Other questions you should ask that we’ve learned from our time in Roseville property management include:

  • How good is the school district? This is a huge determining factor in the type of tenants you’ll attract.
  • How good is the public transportation? How close are the nearest shopping and other amenities and attractions?
  • What kind of regulations does the city have? Some towns levy heavy fines towards landlords for code violations, where others tend to be more lenient.
  • What is the local HOA like? Homeowners’ associations have their own rules, regulations, and fees for violations. The trouble of that should be taken into consideration.
  • When making property decisions, local expertise in Roseville property management is essential.

Property Type

As you’re searching for a rental investment, look for single-family homes tailored to families. Especially attractive home to renters will be those with $1100-1700 rent, three or more bedrooms, two or more bathrooms, a fenced-in yard, and a standard floor plan with few customizations. These are all good indicators that tenants will be more likely to want to live in your home and that its maintenance costs will stay low. Avoid a home with:

  • extra low rent,
  • less than 1000 square feet,
  • lack of a fence,
  • built on a busy street,
  • lack of a master bath,
  • an unusual floor plan,
  • too much customization,
  • a house more than twenty-five years old

These are red flags – be wary about purchasing these properties.

We’ve seen the best and the worst of rental property management. Roseville, CA, and Sacramento have great investment property opportunities. Let Real Property Management Select help you make the best of your investment. Call today!

Get Help Managing Multi-Family Properties

Managing a large, multi-family rental property can be a lot of work. When you are dealing with a large number of tenants, you have more work and stress. Real Property Management Select provides superior Sacramento property management to help you with your larger multiplex units. You can benefit from our decades of experience with property management in Sacramento, CA.

Extensive Services

Real Property Management Select provides round-the-clock help to both tenants and owners. With our help, owners can avoid mistakes that can end up being costly and difficult to deal with. Our proven processes give you:

  • Rent-Ready Services— We repair and maintain units, offer re-keying services, make upgrades and improvements, install lock-boxes, and take care of repairs as cost-effectively as possible. Our managers give you and your tenants an added measure of long-term stability in the care of your rental property.
  • Local Expertise— Since we’ve been working in property management in Sacramento, CA, for more than twenty years,  we know local, state, and federal requirements inside and out, and ensure you comply with them.
  • Faster Leasing— We have an extensive local advertising network to help you decrease vacancy rates, and screening methods to make sure you’re getting the kind of tenant you want. We’ll do background checks, as well as credit and rental history checks.

Unique Convenience

Through our online portal, you’ll have access to all that information you can never keep straight in the file cabinet. You quickly have access to financial statements, rents collected, disbursements, payment history, work orders, or property photos. We provide centralized accounting services and on-site management for larger rental properties that require day-to-day leasing, customer service, logistics, rent processing, or notice-posting.

Make your life easier with the consistency and reliability of Real Property Management Select. Don’t suffer needlessly with the hassles of managing a large, multi-family property. As the leader in Sacramento property management, we know how to deal with all that day-to-day maintenance and inconvenience, so you don’t have to. Put our expert team to work for you today!