Get Help Managing Multi-Family Properties

Managing a large, multi-family rental property can be a lot of work. When you are dealing with a large number of tenants, you have more work and stress. Real Property Management Select provides superior Sacramento property management to help you with your larger multiplex units. You can benefit from our decades of experience with property management in Sacramento, CA.

Extensive Services

Real Property Management Select provides round-the-clock help to both tenants and owners. With our help, owners can avoid mistakes that can end up being costly and difficult to deal with. Our proven processes give you:

  • Rent-Ready Services— We repair and maintain units, offer re-keying services, make upgrades and improvements, install lock-boxes, and take care of repairs as cost-effectively as possible. Our managers give you and your tenants an added measure of long-term stability in the care of your rental property.
  • Local Expertise— Since we’ve been working in property management in Sacramento, CA, for more than twenty years,  we know local, state, and federal requirements inside and out, and ensure you comply with them.
  • Faster Leasing— We have an extensive local advertising network to help you decrease vacancy rates, and screening methods to make sure you’re getting the kind of tenant you want. We’ll do background checks, as well as credit and rental history checks.

Unique Convenience

Through our online portal, you’ll have access to all that information you can never keep straight in the file cabinet. You quickly have access to financial statements, rents collected, disbursements, payment history, work orders, or property photos. We provide centralized accounting services and on-site management for larger rental properties that require day-to-day leasing, customer service, logistics, rent processing, or notice-posting.

Make your life easier with the consistency and reliability of Real Property Management Select. Don’t suffer needlessly with the hassles of managing a large, multi-family property. As the leader in Sacramento property management, we know how to deal with all that day-to-day maintenance and inconvenience, so you don’t have to. Put our expert team to work for you today!