Renters: Protect Yourself From Evictions


Nobody wants to have to deal with an eviction. Even when renters try to do everything right, sometimes it’s necessary to evict them. We at Real Property Management Select have decades of experience in rental property management. Sacramento owners don’t need to deal with eviction unprotected —  we have the experience necessary to help you protect yourself in the case of an eviction.

Dangers of Evictions

Evictions can be expensive. On top of the average court fees, if the eviction is contested, that can take months with additional expenses. If you make mistakes in trying to comply with state and federal laws, unnecessary penalty fees may be incurred. Dealing with an eviction can also take a real emotional toll on owners with threatening tenants. Improper eviction methods or mishandled evictions can lead to lawsuits or damage to the home by an angry tenant. To mitigate these risks, many investors engage the help of professional Sacramento property management companies.

Sacramento-Area Eviction Protection

Real Property Management Select’s Eviction Protection program is available to all our clients. For a low monthly fee per property, we will pay the filing fees, legal fees, and court costs in case of an eviction. This program lowers your financial risk and can leave you with greater peace of mind knowing that, even if something goes wrong, an eviction situation is taken care of. Because of our experience in rental property management, Sacramento’s local, state, and federal laws and regulations are second nature to us. We know how to smoothly and efficiently carry out an eviction.

The stress of owning a rental home should not be compounded with the dread of having to deal with an eviction. Real Property Management Select is one of the foremost property management companies, Sacramento-based, and well-versed in what we do. Sacramento-area owners can count on us to know what we’re doing and keep them protected in the event of an eviction.