How To Get Your Property “Rent Ready”

Ready, Set, Rent! How to Prepare Your Property for Rental

When you first start renting or experience tenant turnover, it’s important to find tenants as soon as possible to generate a positive cash flow. If your rental is not “rent-ready,” however, it may stay empty for weeks or months. Follow these quick tips from Real Property Management Select to prep your Sacramento rental property. Management of these critical issues will save you money now and headaches later. Most rentals, even new ones, are not rent-ready until thorough inspection and maintenance have been conducted.

Perform Maintenance

Good renters have high standards and expect rental properties to be in good shape. This means regular inspections, replacement of appliances, and updated remodeling when necessary. If possible, have this work done before putting the property on the market because a home is much easier to repair or upgrade while it is unoccupied. Give your renters confidence that the property is reliable by assuring that it is rent-ready when they first see it.

Ensure Positive First Impressions

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but applicants judge your property before they even step inside. You can’t afford a poor first impression. Regardless of the interior of your Sacramento rental property, management of the things you may not notice first from the street is critical.

Get a Second Opinion

It can be difficult to objectively decide what may be turning customers away since things that appear acceptable to us may be a deal-breaker for a renter.  Get a professional second opinion by having your rental checked by experts in property management. Sacramento, CA professionals such as Real Property Management Select can help your home compete in the market by using inspection processes designed to increase the rentability of a property.

Remember, no matter your rental price, in the long run, the market will pay you what they think your property is worth. Raise your home’s intrinsic value by following these simple suggestions and desirable renters will not only come, but they will stay.