How to Qualify and Place More Reliable Tenants

Tenant Screening the Smart Way

One of the biggest sources of uncertainty in the rental business is the renters themselves since every renter is different. Attracting the best renters is the specialty of professionals who work daily in rental property management. Sacramento-based experts Real Property Management Select recommends avoiding these common pitfalls of tenant screening – ignoring the basics and not complying with all the laws.

The Basics

  1. Perform background checks. These are the backbone of tenant screening. It is important that you know a little about who is in your home. Screen out individuals with a record of drug abuse or violent crimes.
  2. Request at least two years of rental history from tenant’s previous landlords. Ask if there was any illegal activity or damage done to previous rental properties.
  3. Require an application from renters. Chances are if they don’t have the time to fill out an application, you don’t want them living in your rental. Make sure each potential tenant over 18 has filled out the application.

Danger Zone: Knowing What You Can’t Do

You want to be selective with who lives in your rental property, but there are discrimination laws that you must comply with or face potential legal action. Even an innocent mistake can lead to a serious legal headache. Don’t make yourself vulnerable to a legal battle that can be prevented by experts in property management companies. Sacramento real estate professionals can help you navigate the federal, state and local laws.

Real Property Management Select provides these services and much more to give you the advantage in the rental market. We represent the highest standards among property management companies. Sacramento specialists on our team will give you the edge you need to find the most reliable tenants faster.