How Landlords Can Deal With Difficult Tenants

A Recipe for Success with Difficult Clients

Landlord-tenant relationships require the right conditions to succeed. Just like a cake won’t cook right if you forget the flour, even the best of tenants can be difficult at times when something goes wrong. What is the best way to professionally handle such issues in Sacramento property management? Real Property Management Select recommends the following recipe for the better owner-tenant relationship.

Don’t Make it Personal

Property management In Sacramento CA requires exact measurements of emotional investment – enough to care about the property but not to take it personally. Unfortunately, rental property owners are often emotionally attached to their property. With all the investment of work, money, and time that owners put into their homes, it is understandably easy to get offended when tenants don’t treat the property the way they would. To resolve a disagreement, however, the first step is to maintain professionalism even when the tenant does not. It helps to bring in a third party who is not emotionally connected to the property.

Be Realistic

A home will not always look as good as it did when it was newly built or remodeled. Avoid the trap of expecting perpetual perfection. The reality is that a home suffers wear and tear from normal use. Keeping this in mind adds a needed perspective when dealing with tenants. Even the most reliable and trustworthy tenants cannot live up to unrealistic expectations.  

Keep Your Sacramento Property Management Role in Mind

Make the decision to think of yourself as a business owner instead of a homeowner. Making this mental adjustment will help you see the property as a business investment and will allow you to maintain professionalism at all times.

Put it In Writing

Remember that tenants have a degree of latitude in a rental property and should have the freedom to live in your property as long as they stay within the guidelines of the contract and government laws. Nitpicking small details outside of your contract creates tensions between you and your tenant.

You can also opt to step out of the kitchen altogether and avoid the difficulties of property management. In Sacramento CA, local experts at Real Property Management Select can be your third-party buffer. We’ll represent your interests and protect your property while keeping the tenant happy. Think of us as your perfect cake-in-a-box solution.