Ensuring Your Rental is “Rent-Ready”

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Ensuring Your Rental is “Rent-Ready”

In this essential Sacramento property management guide, you will learn how to:

  • Simplify and secure access to your property
  • Conduct a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to establish an effective rental rate
  • Obtain a landlord insurance policy to protect your investment
  • Keep the property functional while vacant
  • Restore the cleanliness of your property
  • Improve the success of applicant showings
  • Inspect the property for safety and security issues
  • Select paint colors and improve overall appearance
  • Assess the property’s “curb appeal”
  • Systematically document the condition of the property


Download this detailed checklist now for information on how you can create a home your prospective tenant can happily imagine his or herself living in. Consider this the best advice Sacramento property management companies can give you since it comes from over two decades of property management experience at Real Property Management Select.

Imagine how you felt when you first walked into the home where you now live. Did you get a positive feeling about it? Were you excited? Perhaps you started imagining where your furniture would go or how you would make the space your own.

Now think of the specific physical characteristics of that home. Were the lights on or off? What was the temperature inside and outside? Do you remember what the yard looked like? Were there tools left anywhere or projects still in progress? Was it clean or cluttered?


The Rent-Ready Secret of Sacramento Property Management Companies: Context Effect


We may not realize it, but our behavior and decisions are more affected by our surroundings and context than we may realize. This is called a context effect, a principle studied in psychology and marketing. Research has shown, for example, that the comfort level of the floor affects how shoppers assess products for sale. The more comfortable the floor, the higher the assessments. (See Journal of Consumer Research, 1 June 2010) This doesn’t mean you need to install double-high carpet padding, but it does mean that since you are marketing your home, the condition and context of it will affect how applicants view it and ultimately rent it. This specialized Sacramento property management guide covers everything you need to know about preparing the perfect context for success.