How Sacramento Property Management Companies Handle Maintenance Requests

Home repairs are inevitable. Maintenance requests are simply part of the business of owning a rental property. You can’t escape work orders, no matter the age of a home or how well qualified the tenants. Systems break. Appliances need replacing. And that’s where Real Property Management Select can help.

Maintenance Costs and Concerns

All Sacramento property management companies have different ways of dealing with maintenance problems. At Real Property Management Select, we take the most cost-effective, proactive approach. As our client, we want to help you get a better return on your investment property and remain profitable. Our proven maintenance process does just that.

Response Time – Avoiding needed repairs won’t make them disappear. Instead, we address maintenance needs quickly. Ignored problems become expensive over time. It is always best to take care of maintenance issues promptly. For ease and convenience, tenants use a personal online portal to submit all maintenance requests.

Safety Concerns – It is critical for landlords to comply with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Failing to maintain safe living conditions can result in a lawsuit, or leaving maintenance issues unresolved may lead to hefty violation fines. The professionals at Real Property Management Select have the experience and knowledge to help you follow applicable habitability laws. We make sure your home meets specific safety standards to comply with housing codes.

Home Inspections – Conducting regular home inspections is an easy way to catch small maintenance problems before they escalate into substantial costly repairs. A trained eye can see details in a home that might indicate the need for a repair before the tenants catch it themselves. The team at Real Property Management Select knows what to look for during an inspection to help you save money down the road due to an expensive repair.

Seasonal Maintenance – Routine seasonal maintenance is a way to ensure everything is in working order and properly cared for. Minor repairs handled in a timely manner often prevent major fixes, or worse, the need for an entire appliance or system replacement. The best approach to maintenance is a proactive approach.

Detailed Lease Contract – Maintenance issues can create tension and disagreements between a landlord and tenants. A well-written rental lease agreement is one way to circumvent conflict before it begins. Contracts made up by Real Property Management Select are clear and concise. While other Sacramento property management companies might use a generic or vague contract, we make sure to outline exact duties of the landlord versus specific responsibilities of the tenant.

Financial Preparedness – While investors may hope for their rental property to only bring in money, unfortunately, that’s not reality. We advise all homeowners to anticipate that their home will need repairs. It is wise to be prepared for the costs of such home fixes by setting aside one to three months worth of rent. But there is good news––a well-maintained home brings a better return. Tenants are willing to pay more in rent for a quality rental house. What you put into your rental property is what you will get out of it.

Happy Tenants – Be the kind of landlord you would like to have. Treat your tenants with respect at all times. Tenants feel cared for when you show home repairs are a priority. Homes naturally deteriorate over time. Wear and tear will happen, even with careful tenants. Understanding this can help landlords mentally and emotionally prepare for the stress and, financial strain maintenance issues might bring.

RPM Select Stands Out Among Sacramento Property Management Companies

The rental industry is highly competitive. Landlords and tenants will see a difference with our proactive approach to maintenance compared to other Sacramento property management companies. Our proven process includes:

  • A quick response to maintenance requests submitted by tenants
  • Prompt handling of home repairs to stay in compliance with all habitability laws
  • Regular home inspections to catch repairs that can escalate into expensive fixes
  • Routine seasonal maintenance to maintain and upkeep appliances and systems
  • A well-written rental agreement to clarify landlord versus tenant duties
  • A financial plan to be prepared for the costs of needed maintenance
  • Respect for tenant concerns and needs

Real Property Management Select is committed to helping homeowners get a better return on their investment properties than what they could get on their own. We handle so much more than just maintenance requests and home fixes. There are many complexities and risks of owning a rental property. Our comprehensive list of services will help you avoid costly mistakes, all while increasing your cash flow. You can hand off the everyday hassles and headaches of being a landlord to our experienced team. With more than 30 years experience, we understand the rental industry and know how to make you a successful rental investor. Call Real Property Management Select today.