How to Reduce Vacancy Days

A vacant rental home costs you money. Without tenants, you have no income. The American Apartment Owners Association states, “Reducing your vacancy rates to a bare minimum is extremely important if you intend to have a successful real estate investing career.”

Unfortunately, being a homeowner does not always mean you will see a monthly rent payment. Sacramento rental property management is a complex job with many moving components. At Real Property Management Select, we have developed a leasing process proven to shorten vacancies.

A Leasing Process that Works

Being a rental property owner takes a great deal of time, knowledge, and resources. A first-time homeowner can make expensive mistakes when trying to maneuver the complexities of property management alone. Our precise process is designed to minimize leasing delays and find reliable tenants for your home. We have the resources and expertise needed to protect your property and increase your cash flow. We accomplish a smooth transition from one tenant to the next in several ways.

Prepare Your Home for Showings

One way to delay the leasing process is to show your home before it is ready for tenants to move-in. The property needs to be rent-ready when you begin advertising. The AAOA recommends: “The day your tenants vacate is the very same day your handyman/contractors should assess repairs and then begin refreshing your rental property. Every day that passes while your contractor ‘gets around to it’ will cost you money; the clock is ticking and the bills piling up on your vacant investment.”

Create a Marketing Strategy

If you want to find qualified tenants, Forbes says, “The first step to doing so is to market your property the right way in the right places, so the right property hunters find you. Marketing is always about reaching the right audience, and property advertising is no exception.” Our experienced team advertises your home listing across dozens of most-visited rental sites. As The Balance puts it, “If you want to find tenants quickly for your rental, prospective tenants need to be able to find you … The Internet is a great way to reach the masses.”

Respond Quickly to Prospective Residents

All Sacramento residential property management companies operate at different speeds. At Real Property Management Select, we understand the urgency to end a vacancy. Our professional leasing agents are ready to show your home and answer any inquiries from potential tenants. You personally will not deal with the hassle of scheduling any home showings or coming out to walk-throughs. Our team handles it all for you.

Collect Applications

The tenant screening process is a crucial step in the leasing process. Tenants can make or break your financial success as a landlord. Our Sacramento rental property management experts check employment, credit, rental, and criminal history including terrorist and sex offender checks. Forbes reports:

“Having all rental applicants fill out a detailed application form is important, and while it may be a lot of extra work to follow up on every last reference, the time investment can be revelatory. Not only can you verify that prospective tenants are telling the truth, but current and former landlords may have some of the most critical insight into your applicants.”

Securing qualified tenants gives you the best chance at receiving a long-term and steady rent payment, paid in full and on time.

Select Tenants and Get Them Moved In

We work with you to select the best possible tenants based on the received applications. From there, we manage the lease signing and coordinate a move-in date. We use a lease that sets clear expectations and rules for your tenants to follow. The lease also explains every detail of landlord duties versus tenant responsibilities. This serves as a protection to you if any legal matters arise.

Do Not Get Emotional

You compromise your ability to be a good landlord when you are emotionally attached to a property. You need to make decisions from a pure business standpoint, approaching matters of business with a logical and legal mindset rather than an emotional outlook. You must accept that tenants do not have the same emotional tie to your home as you do. Wear and tear will happen. Maintenance repairs are inevitable. Investing in real estate is a business venture and requires an objective viewpoint.

The Sacramento Rental Property Management Team You Can Trust

Sacramento residential property management companies come in all shapes and sizes. You will receive unsurpassed service from the team at Real Property Management Select. With more than 30 years of experience, we understand the rental industry and know how to reduce vacancy days with our proven leasing process. Our Sacramento rental property management experts want to see you succeed. We work hard to get you the best return on your rental home. You can have a profitable rental business. Put our experienced team to work for you. Call Real Property Management Select today.