Property Management in Rocklin CA

Fall Inspection Checklist for Rocklin Property Management

With the change in seasons comes a change to how properties are managed. Cooler temperatures means that structures must be inspected to make certain they are prepared to withstand the elements. Rain, hail, snow, falling leaves, wind storms and more can take a toll on a house if it is not in pristine condition. In addition to making sure a house is ready for fall and winter, routine property inspections can keep maintenance and repair costs at bay. Rocklin property management team, RPM SAC-METRO, has a don’t-miss-a-thing checklist that will keep properties in perfect condition and help property owners feel at ease knowing their house is safe during winter storms. 

Start on the Outside

You’ve heard the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but that is exactly what SAC-METRO wants property owners to do when conducting a fall property inspection. Look at the house from the outside and judge harshly. Look at every window, roof shingle, rain gutter, downspout, door, sheet of paint, and siding. Look for anything that looks out of place. If a roof shingle is missing, make a note of if to schedule repair. Use a pair of binoculars to get a closer look at the roof if you feel uncomfortable using a ladder for access. Inspect the exterior walls or siding of the house and look for any water stains, which might be a sign that water is missing the rain gutter and trickling down the face of the structure. Rocklin property management experts recommend looking for crooked or saggy window casings, rotting wood, or slanting doors and staircases leading to the house. These could all be signs of water damager. Inspect the roof and sides of the house for any small holes in the structure that would allow rodents to enter or water to seep in. Replace any broken screens that should cover crawl spaces underneath the structure. Inspecting the outside of the house includes landscaping. Overgrown trees could pose a threat to the house as it could be an access bridge for animals. Large trees could fall on the roof after a heavy downpour, or even onto nearby power lines. Prune overgrown trees and all foliage. Trimming bushes and trees will allow you to better see and walk around the perimeter of the house, which allows for a more thorough inspection of your house in Rocklin. Property management companies recommend cleaning out any debris from the gutters. Dead leaves and branches can often be found inside rain gutters, which can cause overflowing gutters due to the blockage. Test all access gates and inspect fencing to ensure it is sturdy, functional, and properly installed. Look for cracks or raises in sidewalks and concrete and make repairs as needed to avoid tripping hazards or further lifting. Finally, turn off and remove hoses from the downspout to prevent the house pipes from freezing. 

Take a Look Inside 

Once you have made detailed notes about your findings on the exterior of the property, walk inside. You should have posted a proper Notice of Entry for your tenants if the property is occupied. This means a minimum of 24 hours notice, though most Rocklin property management firms try to give at least 48 hours notice. Enter from the front door and work your way through the property starting on the main floor. Look at all flooring, walls, windows, doors, cabinets, and countertops for any signs of water damage. Water is a property’s worst enemy. Bubbles or cracks in the paint or wallpaper on the walls is a clear sign of a hot water leak. Buckling and warping of the flooring is also a sign of a water leak. Take pictures of any of these signs. Remember that your lease agreement should require that tenants report any needs of maintenance immediately. This is to protect them and property owners. If a leak goes unreported or unnoticed for too long, it can turn a small repair into a big expensive one. Look around the edges of doors and windows. These are generally easy places for water to seep in. Replace caulking and weatherstripping as needed so that windows and doors shut tightly. Doing so will keep water out and prevent cold drafts from the winter temperatures. This in turn gives the furnace a bit of relief during the winter months. A pro tip from Rocklin property management team, SAC-METRO, is to inspect the attic during the day to look for any early warning signs that water, wind or snow could leak in. Turn off the lights and see if you can see daylight through any holes or slits. If you can see daylight, water will find its way inside. 

Take a Closer Look with Rocklin Property Management Pro Tips

A leaking roof or window is not the only concern when it comes to water damage. While you have access to the property, take the time and inspect everything. Water heaters, furnace, HVAC units, and all kitchen appliances should be tested and inspected while inside the home. Look around the base of the water heater and check for any rust or cracks that could eventually burst and cause a flood. With the help of a flashlight, shine the light into dark places like the back corner of cabinetry or behind appliances. This is a prime location to find animal droppings. Schedule any pest control as needed. Turn on the water in the kitchen, bathrooms, and flush toilets. Inspect toilet seats and shower doors to ensure they are tightly fastened and will not cause harm to your tenant due to falling off of the track. Turn on the furnace to make certain it is working properly. The last thing Rocklin property managers want is a 3:00am wake up call from a tenant who complains it is 55 degrees inside their home because the furnace failed. Schedule annual maintenance for the furnace before the cold season begins. Furnaces are often powered by gas, so do your due diligence and test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. To learn if your alarm is working, follow these instructions, courtesy of EHLERS Heating and Air Conditioning. See that they are properly installed and not removed from the ceiling. Replace batteries if needed. Clean out the dryer vents and remove lint as it as extremely flammable. Taking the extra time to complete these tasks can save landlords from big headaches or lawsuits in the future. 

Schedule Maintenance as Needed

Maintenance on a house can be expensive in Rocklin. Property management companies warn landlords to avoid the do-it-yourself approach to save a few dollars. This route often leads to incorrect repair jobs, which then means a landlord needs to hire a professional anyway. Save yourself the time, money and liability and hire a professional licensed and insured maintenance technician. Notice that liability was listed above. If a landlord does a DIY job and it ends up causing harm to the tenant, the landlord can expect hefty legal fees coming his or her way. Licensing or registration of a business or maintenance technician protects the property owner by helping ensure that contractors meet the minimum insurance requirements. Using an unlicensed contractor can cost you in a number of ways.

How Rocklin Property Management Company, SAC-METRO, Can Help You

With nearly 30 years of experience, we are certain that we can help you with any property management needs. If you are in need of property management, rental property inspections, leasing, or find yourself with long vacancy times, give the experts at SAC-METRO a call. 

Renting Out Your Home with Rocklin Property Management Professionals

Have you always dreamed of making passive income by owning real estate investment properties? If so, you are not alone. As an investment property owner, you can expect monthly cash flow by renting out your house, build equity, and create an investment portfolio that can serve you for the remainder of your life. Who would not want to take advantage of this investment opportunity? The truth of the matter is while owning a rental home and generating cash flow sounds easy enough, there are many complexities that go into the daily grind of Rocklin property management. 

Deciding to Rent Out Your House

Many property owners have an emotional attachment to their homes. It is where a life was built, memories were made, and every square inch of the property was cared for. Now you are considering handing this sentimental keepsake into the hands of a stranger? Yes. It comes down to a simple solution. Math. While property management teams do their best to find high quality tenants who care for your home, pay rent on time, and report maintenance when needed, we understand it can be scary to make the move from owner occupied to tenant occupied. Maybe your situation has changed over the years and it is time to downsize, move closer to children and grandchildren, or travel the world. Whatever your reason, when deciding if your home would make a good rental or not, Rocklin property management companies suggest you do the math: expected annual rental rate minus annual mortgage, minus taxes and insurance, minus maintenance, minus vacancy loss equals cash flow. 

Determining a Rental Rate for Your Home

Conducting a rental market analysis on your home to determine a rental rate is crucial to your success of maximizing cash flow on your rental property. If you set a rental rate too high, you run the risk of prolonged vacancy and prospective tenants walking away disappointed. If you ask for a rental rate that is too low, you will find renters immediately, but they might not be the high income renters you were hoping to get and you will walk away knowing you could cash flow more than you will receive. Look at local classifieds and drive the surrounding neighbors within a three to five mile radius. Determine the square footage of the property, lot size, bedroom and bathroom ratios, any updates or upgrades that have been done to the properties, amenities, and quality of the neighborhoods. Rocklin property management companies also compare security deposit amounts and lease term lengths. 

Calculating Maintenance

Property maintenance can be somewhat unpredictable. The worst situation a landlord can put themselves in is to be unprepared for maintenance costs. At RPM Select, we advise property owners to set aside one month of rent each year to account for maintenance. However you decide to set aside this money is up to you. Some homeowners put away about ten percent each month, while others take a lump sum at the start of the year and store it away. Remember that the older the home, the more maintenance you will have on it. Newer homes have lower maintenance costs.

Calculating Vacancy Loss

Look at the vacancy rate for the neighborhood and comparable properties that your rental property is located. Calculate how much income your rental property should produce. Be conservative in your estimate. Remember to account for any rent increases that will be given throughout the year. For example, if your property will produce $27,000 in a year, and your neighborhood vacancy rate is 4%, you can calculate your vacancy loss like this: $27,000 x .04 = $1,080. Rocklin property management companies generally lock tenants into a 12 month contract. We caution property investors to not sign lease contracts longer than 12 months because rental rates can change quickly in a short amount of time and you will want to increase the rent as the market increases. You cannot give a rent increase to a tenant who is locked into a lease agreement at a certain rental rate. You must wait until the lease agreement expires to enact a rent increase.

High Quality Renters in 2019

The stigma of the word “renter” has drastically changed over the past ten years. Recent data collected by the US Census shows that the number of high income renters has increased by 1.35 million people between the years of 2007 and 2017. High income was defined as those making $150,000 or more annually. That is a 175 percent increase. This data confirms that there are qualified renters throughout America who are seeking rental properties instead of purchasing a home. As Rocklin property management teams work around the clock to advertise and qualify prospective tenants, this data suggests that you can be certain that you will find a tenant who will respect your house and pay rent on time each month.

How You Can Succeed with the Experts at Rocklin Property Management Team, Select

Now is the perfect time to rent out your property. As more homeowners make the shift from owner occupied to renter occupied, they are turning to Select to help them avoid costly mistakes. Our experienced team has a proven track record of helping investors reach their financial goals, while protecting their investment. At Select, our leasing times are faster than our competitors, our eviction rates are low, maintenance costs are in check, and our respectful renters maintain our client’s properties. Call the experts in Rocklin property management today

How Rocklin Property Management Teams Keep Properties in Pristine Condition, Without Spending a Fortune on Maintenance

If you want to keep your investment property in excellent condition year-round, but are afraid of the cost, RPM Select has a cost effective solution. Clients who hire Select know that their properties are well cared for and maintained because we perform routine maintenance and property inspections to catch small problems before they become big ones. Our Rocklin property management team inspects everything from the exterior walls, landscaping, appliances, mechanical issues, and even things as small as bathtub caulking. We have a thorough checklist to make sure we never miss a beat during our inspections. Conducting routine property inspections helps appliances last longer, saves property owners money, and keeps tenants happy.

Interior and Exterior Property Inspections

Property investors can trust Select to conduct quarterly or semi annual property inspections. During our inspections, we cover both the inside and outside. Our property care assessments are performed by proper personnel who have the skills, experience, and education to recognize a problem if and when they see one. Below is a checklist that we follow to make sure we complete a thorough inspection.

Exterior Inspections Checklist

  • Inspect the roof and check for any areas that could manifest a leak.
  • Clean out rain gutters and downspouts.
  • Test out the sprinkler system to make sure sprinklers are spraying the correct landscaped areas and there is little to no overspray. Rocklin property management companies have been especially sensitive to overspray as many counties in California have strict guidelines regarding irrigation since the drought. Though the drought is over, we are still conscious of water conservation.
  • Prune any trees, bushes or flowers. Check for overgrowth of trees and trim tree limbs so they cannot reach second story windows. This could cause a safety hazard or lure an intruder.
  • Inspect the sidewalks, driveways, and patios for cracks or caving of the cement. Restain wood decks to prevent splinters.
  • Check for cracks or splitting in exterior stucco walls. If cracks are big enough to slide a quarter in, they need repairs.
  • Test all door and window locks. Inspect the weather stripping and silicone seals on doors and windows to prevent drafts or leaks.

Habitability Laws and Rocklin property management companies are required to assess the conditions of rental properties to make sure they are safe. These inspections are most commonly completed during turnover, but Select conducts regular property inspections even while it is occupied to ensure the health and safety of its tenants.

Interior Inspections Checklist

  • Post a formal and proper Entry Notice on the resident’s door, informing them of the date and time frame that you will be entering the premises.
  • Inspect and test all appliances to make sure they are in proper working order.
  • Inspect the flooring for any tears, rips, or stains. Look for edges of flooring that could cause a tripping hazard.
  • Check walls for excessive or large holes. Normal wear and tear is expected, but gaping holes should be addressed and repaired.
  • Inspect toilet seat covers, glass shower doors, and stairway railings to see that they are fastened tightly and correctly.
  • Change filters on air conditioning units and furnaces. Rocklin property management companies recommend regular tune ups on heating and cooling systems to prolong the life expectancy.
  • Test all window blinds and replace damaged blind slats.
  • Test all window and door locks. Failure to provide a secure premises could result in harm to your tenants.
  • Look for any evidence of pests. Signs may manifest themselves through animal droppings or particle dust on window sills. Know which type of pests are common for housing in Rocklin and study about them accordingly.
  • Enter any crawl spaces or attics to looks for leaks or pests.
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries as needed.

Lease Violation Checks

While inside the premises, you can also inspect for lease compliance in your home in Rocklin. Property management experts know that laws allow for a certain number of people to occupy a home depending on the number of bedrooms. A clear sign that your tenant is overcrowding their rental is when beds and clothing are out of place. For example, if you see a mattress and clothing dresser located in the living room, and more beds and clothing in the bedrooms, you can feel confident assuming that unauthorized tenants are occupying the property with your authorized tenants. Allowing unauthorized tenants to live at the property is a lease violation and the tenants listed on the lease should be notified immediately about your findings. Landlords can also check for the presence of pets. Many property management companies do not allow pets. If you are managing a No Pet Policy property, look for dog feeding bowls on the floor or a litter box. If you have a No Pet Policy and find that there is a pet living at your property, address it immediately in writing and tell the tenant a date by when the violation must be fixed.

Rocklin Property Management Team, Select Takes Action

A way to track the condition of your property is to take pictures during your inspections. Take photos if you find a large hole or bubbling paint on the wall, mold growing on the bathroom walls, or a smoke detector that has been removed from its proper location. You can also take pictures of evidence of a lease violation like the ones listed above. After your inspection is complete, take action if needed with scheduling repairs with licensed and insured vendors. Being proactive with repairs will save property owners money in the long run. Small repairs now prevent big repairs later.

Why It Matters

When you care for your property, tenants notice. When tenants see that a landlord cares about the property and them as tenants, they will likely treat the property with more care and respect. Tenants are also more likely to report maintenance when they know it will be addressed promptly by their landlord. All of these things will save investors money, keeping their cash flow coming in on time each month. At Select, we can do all this and more. With more than 30 years of experience, investors trust the leader of Rocklin property management companies, Select. Call us today.

How Property Management Rocklin Companies Get Homes Rent Ready

You have just collected the mail and find your tenant has turned in an official 30 Day Notice to Vacate. If they are good tenants, you find yourself disappointed and maybe even stressed about the turnover process and if you will find tenants as good as the last ones. Having turnover in a home is a normal part of property management. Rocklin based company, RPM Select, knows that having a vacancy in a rental property can leave landlords worried about making the mortgage payments on their own. The unknown of how quickly they will find a quality tenant and how to get the home rent ready can feel like a heavy burden. That is why Select has a proven process that expedites the turnover process while getting the home rent ready, as well as aggressive marketing techniques.

Acknowledgement of Notice to Vacate

As soon as you receive the 30 Day Notice to Vacate, give your current tenants a receipt or letter to acknowledge that you have received their notice. We refer to this as the Acknowledgement of Notice. Be specific in your letter of the exact move out date, cleaning guidelines, how the disbursement of the security deposit will be allocated, and how they can turn in keys to their Rocklin property management team. In this letter, give your tenants the option to schedule a Preliminary Move Out Inspection. A Preliminary Move Out Inspection gives the landlord permission to enter the house and make notes of any repairs or replacements that will need to be done after the tenant vacates. If they choose to move forward with the Preliminary Move Out Inspection, you will have a headstart on the turnover process once vacant because you will be able to schedule the proper vendors and technicians to enter the home immediately, eliminating any down time for the property. If your tenant opts out of the Preliminary Move Out Inspection, you cannot enter the house until your resident has returned keys on the last day of occupancy.

Move Out Inspections

Rocklin property management is a competitive business. One that has too high of a price if you move slowly. If you have conducted a Preliminary Move Out Inspection, start calling and scheduling vendors for the first day of vacancy. If you did not complete a Preliminary Move Out Inspection, enter the house as soon as you receive keys. Change door locks, inspect all appliances and test them to make sure they are in working order. Check the condition of the flooring, walls, window coverings, bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinet and counters, glazing on the bathtubs and showers, and look for any signs of water damage. Inspecting one room at a time, and doing so thoroughly, will help ensure your house gets back to looking brand new for your next tenant.

Checklist Tips

  • First things first, re-key the property. This includes door locks, garage codes, and mailbox keys. Property management Rocklin companies never know who may be holding on to an extra set of keys. Re-keying the property adds security. You will not be able to change locks to HOA gates, but double check that your tenant has returned all HOA keys that you issued them at the time of move in.
  • If painting needs to happen, paint the entire wall instead of doing a touch-up. Too often touch-up paints do not match, making the walls appear patchy. It is worth your time or money to make certain the walls look clean and uniform.
  • Hire a professional truck-mounted carpet cleaning system if carpets do not need replacing. If carpets are holding an unpleasant odor, consider replacing the padding under the carpet.
  • Check the property for pests. If pest control is needed, schedule that vendor first. Getting rid of pests can sometimes take weeks or months, even with aggressive and proper treatment options.
  • Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are functioning properly. Change batteries as needed.
  • Spruce up the yard by trimming overgrown shrubs, replacing dead flowers or plants, mowing the lawn, and fertilizing. Property management Rocklin professionals know that curb appeal is very important when showing a rental property.
  • Hire professional cleaners. It is worth the price to hire professional cleaners, rather than doing it yourself. Cleaning every nook and cranny takes a lot of time and hard work. It is usually well worth the cost, so landlord and managers can work on marketing the property, instead of scrubbing it clean.

Market Comparisons

Doing your homework to make sure you are asking the correct rental price is paramount to having success when trying to fill a vacancy. Asking for a rental price that is too high can prolong your vacancy time and leave prospective tenants disappointed after walking through your house. Pricing your home too low can result is immediate occupancy, but also a lower caliber of applicants who might be less qualified financially. The best Rocklin property management teams take the time to put together market analysis reports which compare rental listings within a close proximity. These comparisons include number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, amenities, proximity to transportation and commercial access, age of the home, updates on the home, and much more. If you are just starting out with market comparisons, try looking at RentOMeter to get a general idea of the average price people are asking for similar homes in your area.

Filling Your Vacancy with Property Management in Rocklin

It is no surprise that investment property owners seek out Select when looking to hire a professional management company. Select has a reputation for filling homes will highly qualified tenants, faster than its competitors. At Select, we take care of all the hassles of getting your home rent ready for you. Whether you just bought the property and are looking for your first tenants, or if you have owned the property for years and just received a Notice to Vacate from your renter. You’ll know you are in good hands when you choose Select. Call us today.

How Rocklin Property Management Companies Keep Maintenance Costs Down

When investors enter the property management industry for the first time, one of their biggest worries is maintenance costs. Too often, landlords find themselves unprepared for maintenance costs or did not see the need for repairs coming. When it comes to Rocklin property management, there are too many balls to juggle to be worrying about maintenance. RPM Select wants to see property managers succeed, so here are a few tips from our professionals who have more than 30 years of experience in handling maintenance and repairs.

Be Proactive

The best time to address any sort of maintenance issue is when the property is vacant. During the turnover process, inspect and assess what repairs need to be completed. Inspect the property for safety hazards, ensure the appliances are working properly, change filters on the stove hood, air conditioning and furnace units, check the condition and quality of the flooring, make sure there are not any leaking pipes, signs of water damage, or mildew growth, and much more. For a general rental house inspection checklist from the city of Sacramento, click here. Once you have completed your inspection checklist, ask yourself, “would I want to live here?” If you can answer “yes,” then the property is most likely in good condition. Rocklin property management companies recommend that landlords study up on local codes to make sure your property is legally safe and rent ready. At Select, we conduct routine property inspections during occupancy to stay on top of maintenance. We schedule regular gutter cleaning, fire extinguisher inspections, landscape inspections, pest control inspections when needed, and smoke and carbon monoxide detector inspections.

Quick Response Time

The best Rocklin property management companies know a quick response time for maintenance makes for happy tenants. And happy tenants stay long term. This sends a message to your tenants that you care for and respect your property. In return, they will too. When you phone rings, whether it is a 2PM or 2AM, answer the phone. Document in writing what your tenant’s maintenance request is, whether it is minor or an emergency. Act quickly to inspect or send a professional technician to inspect and make the proper repairs. Always hire licensed and insured professionals. This protects property owners from lawsuits and allows you to rest easy knowing your house is in good hands. If a tenant requests a minor repair, remember that small repairs to you might feel like a big deal to your tenants because they live with them every day. Keep lines of communication open between tenants and your Rocklin property management team to let them know you are there to help make sure the problems get resolved.

Who Pays for What? Rocklin Property Management vs. Tenants

If you own your home and and find a leaking pipe, there is no question who gets hit with the bill—it’s you. If you rent, all you have to do is call your landlord, who will most likely be the one flipping the bill. In California, property owners are legally bound to provide a safe and habitable living environment for tenants. It is a landlord’s responsibility to take care of repairs and maintenance so that residents can comfortably live in the dwelling.  If it is a maintenance repair that is caused by general wear and tear or a random repair, the landlord is responsible. However, there is a loophole. A tenant is responsible for payment of a repair is if they caused it to happen. Examples include punching a hole in the wall, trying to install a shower head that resulted in a pipe break, damage caused by your pet, breaking a window while throwing a football inside, or flushing a diaper down the toilet causing it to flood. Rocklin property managers can also require tenants to pay for damages caused by neglect or abuse while the tenant lived on the premises. Landlords must make prompt repairs to maintenance requests and uphold a comfortable living standard for their tenants. Property managers should clearly state in the lease agreement which repairs are paid by the landlord versus the tenant.  

Setting Money Aside for Maintenance

Deciding the correct amount of savings for a rainy day is too often underestimated by property owners. As a general rule of thumb, Select recommends landlords set aside one percent of the value of the property for annual maintenance. If you property is valued at $300,000 a good way to be prepared for maintenance is to set aside $3,000 annually. This breaks down to $250 per month. There will be months where zero maintenance requests are submitted, and there will be months where you have a hefty repair bill. Either way, putting aside one percent is a safe way to protect yourself from draining your bank account when repairs arise.

Preferred Pricing with Select

When you become a client at Select, we provide you with our preferred pricing from our certified vendors. This ensures that our property owners keep maintenance costs low, while still getting quality work from licensed and insured technicians. Call our Rocklin property management team today to get cost-effective solutions through our extensive network of professionals. Our streamlined process for maintenance has never been better.

How Rocklin Property Management Protects Your Rental Home

Each year homeowners claim hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage to their homes. Whether your home is brand new or old, it is still susceptible to water, wind, hail, theft, and fire damage. When this damage occurs, it will not only cost you a pretty penny, but it could displace your family, or your renters, for a significant amount of time. That is why Rocklin property management company, RPM Select, has put together a list of the most common reasons that homeowners file insurance claims and how you can protect yourself against them happening in the first place.

The Most Common Reasons Homeowners File Insurance Claims


According to Travelers Homeowners Insurance data over an eight year period, windstorms take the lead by accounting for 24 percent of all annual losses. That is nearly one-quarter of all claims.

  • Short term solutions to better protect homeowners consist of pruning trees to prevent them from overgrowing and falling onto rooftops. According to the Insurance Institute of Business and Home Safety, tree-related windstorm damage causes hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage each year.
  • Long term solutions may include the IBHS FORTIFIED Home Program. By hiring the IBHS FORTIFIED home building team, you can build a home that is reinforced and can withstand hurricanes, high winds, hail, and severe thunderstorms. The experience FORTIFIED team uses reinforcements on both new and existing homes to tape roof deck seams, achor porches, decks, carports and other attached structures, and anchoring the roof to the exterior wall and the wall of the house to the foundation.

Water damage, Non-Storm Related

This accounts of 20 percent of all claims to Travelers Homeowners Insurance Company. It is made up of water damage caused from leaking pipes, water heaters, refrigerators, air conditioning units, and washing machines. Rocklin property management companies are all too familiar with water damage that is not storm related. Select takes preventative steps to make certain any sign of a leak is discovered and repaired before it becomes a flood.

  • Short term solutions to protect your home against flooding including conducting regular annual or semi annual inspections of your appliances, hoses, and fittings to check for leaks or corrosion. Fix any leaks immediately. If you plan to be away from your home for an extended period of time, shut off the main water line and drain the pipes.
  • Long term solutions include purchasing sensors that detect water and signs of a leak at the appropriate locations in your home including behind the refrigerator, water heater, washing machine, and dishwasher.


Damaged caused by hail makes up 16 percent of all homeowners insurance claims. While property management Rocklin companies do not usually see much hail in this area of the country, the Midwest receives usual hail storms during tornado season with hail as large as the size of baseballs.

  • Short term solutions include removing patio furniture from outside and placing it under a covered area, like a carport or garage. Park your vehicles inside a garage of under a parking structure.
  • Long term solutions include getting your home IBHS FORTIFIED. You can click here here to see if your home is in a hail-prone area. If it is, IBHS can provide homeowners with a high impact roof covering.

Water Damage, Weather-Related

Melting snow, flash flooding, severe rain and thunderstorms, and ice damage make up 11 percent of national homeowners insurance claims.

  • Short term solutions that can protect your home include clearing rain gutters, storm drains, and inspecting your roof to ensure all shingles are in good condition. The Rocklin property management team at Select has adopted semi-annual property inspections to clear rain gutters of debris and inspect the property to ensure it is weatherproof.
  • Long term solutions include installing a waterproof membrane under your roof to prevent water from leaking in, insulating your attic to prevent ice-dams, and insulating water pipes to prevent them from freezing during the winter months.

Protecting Your Home Against Theft With Rocklin Property Management

Theft and burglaries account for 6 percent of insurance claims.

  • Short term solutions to protect your home include closing and locking windows, doors, gates, and garage doors. Refrain from hiding spare keys outside and if you are going to be away, talk to a neighbor about collecting your mail from your mailbox for you and bringing in your trash cans after trash day.
  • Long term solutions include installing a security system with alarms, cameras, lights, and even a live monitoring agreement with the security system of your choice. Manicure your yard to prevent overgrown trees and shrubs which provide a good hiding place for thieves. Property management Rocklin experts have found that installing motion sensor lighting, hanging curtains on windows that can be easily viewed from the street, and getting to know your neighbors can be helpful in preventing unwanted visitors at your property.

Select wants your house to be a safe and secure haven for you and tenants. Call Select today to see how we can provide you with the physical and financial security of your home.

creating a better curb appeal-rocklin property management

Creating a Better Curb Appeal

A Peace of Mind with Rocklin Property Management

Are you looking for reliable yet affordable property management? Rocklin, CA investors do not need to search far. Real Property Management Select is the solution to leaving behind those daily duties of being a landlord. From marketing and leasing to collections and evictions, we do it all. Your property is safe with us.

Landscape Matters

Our Rocklin property management experts also offer a few tips on how to keep your property eye-catching. Curb appeal goes a long way. It gives the best first impression before tenants even walk through the front door.

Tenants instantly judge a home before even stepping foot in it. The outside of a home plays a big role in what kind of tenants you attract. Tenants are willing to pay more when they see a nice exterior and healthy yard. These tenants are also more likely to upkeep and maintain the quality rental home you have tried to establish.

A property’s landscape speaks volumes. Keep the grass trimmed and weed free. Apply weed killer to create a thriving lawn. Plant sod or spread seeds in bald spots. Prune bushes and trees. Water the grass often. Make sure you know if there are any water restrictions for the area. Be sure sprinkler systems are in good, working order as well.

Next, the exterior of a home can turn away tenants if neglected. Apply a fresh coat of paint to the home if needed. Remove cobwebs gathered in doorways. Collect leaves and debris on the premises. Even consider replacing the front door if it has an old, grungy appearance.

Reliable Property Management

Rocklin, CA homeowners can rely on Real Property Management Select to safeguard their property and ultimately increase their bottom line. We know the rental industry. With more than 30 years of experience in property management, investors can expect the best from our professionals. See what we can do for you. Give us a call today!


Potential applicants are turned off by a Rocklin property management home that is not ready to rent.

A rental home can be a valuable addition to an investor’s portfolio. However, many investors don’t realize the time, money, and attention required for profitable Rocklin property management. Real Property Management Select professionals can help rental home owners navigate the complexity and risks of property management. Rocklin, CA landlords trust our experts to help them avoid hassles, headaches, and mistakes, all while saving them money and improving cash flow.

DIY landlords can avoid common pitfalls like leasing delays and extended vacancies, but it’s all for naught if property managers show a home to tenants before the home is rent-ready. First impressions are the most important moment for potential tenants and Rocklin property management. If you haven’t cleaned and inspected your rental property before showing it off, you should be prepared for disappointment instead of a new leasing contract. The majority of interest in the home will come just after listing. Don’t lose the bulk of your prospective renters by showing the home before making necessary repairs and cosmetic fixes.

Tenants need to be able to picture themselves living in the home. At Real Property Management Select, we offer a free, handy rent-ready checklist to complete before listing your property. When inspecting the property, determine what needs to be done long-term. You want to make cost-effective decisions and not pour more funds than necessary into a repair. However, skimming on maintenance can cost more in the long run. Poor maintenance can also cause unhappy tenants and more vacancy time that drains funds in your property management. Rocklin, CA landlords should decide the order of importance for various maintenance and repairs before showing tenants the home.

With thousands of satisfied clients, Real Property Management Select experienced professionals can help show you what tenants are looking for in a rental property. Our Rocklin property management can be that second set of eyes to help put you in a tenant’s shoes and make sure your investment is rent-ready.

Remember, showing a property before it’s ready makes it more difficult for potential applicants to picture themselves living in the home. It never helps to have current renters sharing their daily living messes and opinions with future tenants. The more attractive the property, the easier it is to lease. With over 20 years of experience, Real Property Management Select experts are ready to help you get your home rent-ready to find the best possible tenant as soon as possible.


More Than Just Great Rocklin Property Management

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If you’ve worked with us, you already know you can expect the best in Rocklin property management from Real Property Management Select. We also offer other services to make owning your rental property simpler and easier.

Extra Help and Convenience

We have many preferred vendor partnerships with vendors like Home Depot, to help save you money on common property-maintenance needs. We offer seamless service on almost anything you might need, like specialized real estate agent referrals, or assistance in marketing and sales with our extensive local advertising network. Once they’ve found your property, we can also help with tenant applications and applicant screening with a background, credit, and criminal checks, as well as lease renewals and tenant move-outs.

Specialized Services

We even offer lease-only services for clients who are just looking to find and lease to the right tenant but don’t need our full-service, long-term property management. Our complete, lease-only solution gets your home leased faster, minimizing the amount of time it sits vacant. We also offer rent-ready maintenance, helping you make sure your property attracts a tenant as quickly as possible by giving the home curb-appeal.  We complete tasks like cleaning, rekeying, and repairing your rental before it’s seen by potential tenants. Real Property Management Select can even help protect you from liability with our in house legal team. We offer services that help with rent collections and evictions, taking some of the most stressful aspects of rental property management off your plate.  Evictions do happen, and our eviction protection plan will save you time, money, and hassle when a situation occurs.

Let us at Select handle the stress of your property management. Rocklin, CA, and Sacramento-area property owners can rest assured knowing we have the national resources and the local experience to make sure that any and all of your property management needs are taken care of with our proven processes. Put our experienced team to work for you today.


Routine Property Inspections Save Money

Put This on Your Schedule to Save Money: Routine Property Inspections and Maintenance

While it may appear counter-intuitive in the short term, investing the money and effort now to monitor and maintain your property will pay dividends in the long-run. Benefits include less tenant turnover, shorter vacancies, and less major repairs – all saving you money on your long-term Rocklin property management costs.

Commit to a Better Way

Too often, the only time a property inspection is performed is on check out day. By then it is much too late. Perhaps there is an issue that could have been caught and prevented but instead motivated the renter not to renew the lease. Or you could discover the tenants blatantly disregarded the terms of the contract and hung pictures on the wall or had a pet when you specifically asked them not to do so. Your options are limited after-the-fact. Keep them open by scheduling routine property inspections throughout your tenant’s lease.

Trust the Experts

Effective property ownership is possible with the right property management. Rocklin, CA.  professionals at Real Property Management Select provide the answer with regularly scheduled maintenance inspections that will show your tenants that you care about your property and detect early signs of a potential disaster that could cost you much more. We can help take the uncertainty out of rental property ownership by giving you routine updates on your property’s condition – with or without tenants.

Inspect to Maintain

The end goal of inspections is to identify what needs attention and maintenance. Real Property Management Select provides you with competent Rocklin Property Management professionals who can detect and repair problems early before they turn into catastrophes for you. Our experienced maintenance team also performs regularly scheduled maintenance on your property for the ultimate preventative care.

Save your time for the things you love and put a team of professionals at Real Property Management Select to work on your property management. Rocklin, CA landlords never regret investing in not only their properties but the proper care for them as well. We have thousands of happy customers to prove it. Call today to learn how we can save you money and lower your maintenance costs through our routine inspection and maintenance services.