Routine Property Inspections Save Money

Put This on Your Schedule to Save Money: Routine Property Inspections and Maintenance

While it may appear counter-intuitive in the short term, investing the money and effort now to monitor and maintain your property will pay dividends in the long-run. Benefits include less tenant turnover, shorter vacancies, and less major repairs – all saving you money on your long-term Rocklin property management costs.

Commit to a Better Way

Too often, the only time a property inspection is performed is on check out day. By then it is much too late. Perhaps there is an issue that could have been caught and prevented but instead motivated the renter not to renew the lease. Or you could discover the tenants blatantly disregarded the terms of the contract and hung pictures on the wall or had a pet when you specifically asked them not to do so. Your options are limited after-the-fact. Keep them open by scheduling routine property inspections throughout your tenant’s lease.

Trust the Experts

Effective property ownership is possible with the right property management. Rocklin, CA.  professionals at Real Property Management Select provide the answer with regularly scheduled maintenance inspections that will show your tenants that you care about your property and detect early signs of a potential disaster that could cost you much more. We can help take the uncertainty out of rental property ownership by giving you routine updates on your property’s condition – with or without tenants.

Inspect to Maintain

The end goal of inspections is to identify what needs attention and maintenance. Real Property Management Select provides you with competent Rocklin Property Management professionals who can detect and repair problems early before they turn into catastrophes for you. Our experienced maintenance team also performs regularly scheduled maintenance on your property for the ultimate preventative care.

Save your time for the things you love and put a team of professionals at Real Property Management Select to work on your property management. Rocklin, CA landlords never regret investing in not only their properties but the proper care for them as well. We have thousands of happy customers to prove it. Call today to learn how we can save you money and lower your maintenance costs through our routine inspection and maintenance services.