RPM Select Stands Out Among Sacramento Property Management Companies

Unfortunately, not all Sacramento property management companies are dependable or trustworthy. Partnering with the wrong company can be a costly mistake and hurt your bottom line. It is important to use a company with proven processes and an experienced team that understands the rental industry. With more than 30 years of experience, the experts at Real Property Management Select know how to safeguard your property and help you reach your financial investment goals.

How to Protect Your Rental Home

At Real Property Management Select, we value your investment property and want you to be profitable. We utilize a hassle-free leasing cycle that is designed to create a positive rental experience for you and your tenants. Among our comprehensive list of services, we conduct regular property inspections. They are a key component to maintaining your home and protecting yourself as a homeowner. Here are five reasons you should always complete inspections:

  • Show Your Tenants You Care – Tenant turnover is expensive. Rather, happy tenants make you money. If they are satisfied, they tend to stay longer which means fewer vacancy days without incoming rent. When you show you value the condition of your property by conducting inspections, your tenants are more likely to better care for your home as well.
  • Find Repairs While They are Small – Repairs do not disappear if you ignore them. Instead, they grow and become a larger problem. Inspections are an opportunity to catch maintenance needs before they expand into pricey fixes.
  • Look for Preventative Maintenance – Be a proactive landlord. Be attentive too. Every home has predictable seasonal needs. During an inspection, document the wear and tear of your home so you can pinpoint what upkeep is necessary and limit surprise, large maintenance requests.
  • Avoid Legal Pitfalls – It is essential you follow all local, state, and national laws and regulations. You cannot risk the liability and expense of non-compliance. Home inspections help you prevent, catch, and fix any regulatory violations.
  • Ensure Lease Compliance – Make sure your tenants are following the terms of their lease contract. During an inspection, take note whether you see evidence of any undocumented pets or people living in the home.

Trying to Decide Between Sacramento Property Management Companies?

Real Property Management Select finds regular home inspections an important aspect of Sacramento property management. Companies come in all shapes and sizes. With our team of specialists, you will experience quality care and unsurpassed service. Find out how we can take over all those mundane landlord duties while also helping you get a better return on your investment property. Give Real Property Management Select a call today.