Easy Steps for Smooth Sailing


Property Inspections: Easy Steps for Smooth Sailing

Property inspections can be a daunting task for anyone engaging in property management. Rancho Cordova property owners may feel adrift at sea in the whole process of conducting them, either in-between tenants or while their property is occupied. Don’t get caught in the undertow! Take these easy steps to put some wind in your sails and make certain your property is safe and cared for, and that maintenance issues are being addressed.


Stick to the Schedule

Sacramento property management company, Real Property Management Select, suggests planning and scheduling quarterly or semi-annually inspections. Keep this schedule to ensure you are always appraised of the condition of your property. Also, be sure to get photos of your home before new tenants move in to keep a record of the starting condition. Sticking to the routine will help avoid some potential rough seas of property management. Rancho Cordova tenants are more likely to care for your property when they see you caring for it as well, so keep it up!


Communicate Your Intentions

At lease signing, make sure your tenants are aware of the inspection schedule you’ve decided on. This way, tenants will know what to expect ahead of time instead of being caught in a storm. Take it a step further and make reminder calls so tenants can prepare and even make a list for you of items they might need to be addressed. Good communication goes a long way towards smooth seas in Sacramento property management.


Assess and Evaluate


When performing your routine scheduled inspections, be sure to assess both the exterior and interior of your property for anything that may need maintenance, such as appliances, plumbing, electric, or any other systems. At this time, you can also discretely and respectfully make sure the tenant isn’t breaking any terms of your lease, such as smoking, the number of occupants, pets, and more. Sacramento property management company Real Property Management Select suggests addressing any issues regarding breaking terms of the lease after-the-fact and in writing, so there’s a record of what’s happened.

Property inspections can be intimidating, but they’re essential to keeping your investment afloat. Don’t let the stormy seas of property inspections keep you from sailing toward your dream of property management. Rancho Cordova owners can count on Real Property Management Select to navigate these waters with them and provide results with their proven process and experience. With Real Property Management Select, you’ll never end up on the rocks! Find out more today.

How to Get Your Property Rent Ready


Simple Steps to Getting ‘Rent-Ready’

You know the feeling. You’ve just collected the mail, and you’ve gotten yet another mortgage bill for your rental property, but you have no current tenants to offset the costs. You’ve been doing what you can to find new tenants, but they just don’t seem to be calling. You’re not even sure where to start, or who to call to get the work rolling. Let Folsom property management company Real Property Management Select give a few pointers to help get your rental home into ‘Rent-Ready’ shape.


Ensure Functionality

No one wants to live in a home that’s falling apart. Take a quick walk through and make sure all appliances are functioning properly for your prospective tenants. Take note of any repairs that are needed, such as leaky faucets or clogged drains. Ensure all smoke detectors and other safety alarms are working properly, this is paramount to good property management. Folsom property owners are required by law to install approved smoke alarms.


Make it Look Inviting

Making your home look appealing to live in will go a long way toward landing tenants.

  • Choose paint in neutral colors to appeal to a wider range of potential renters.
  • Don’t touch up. Paint entire walls instead of small sections to make sure colors match.
  • Don’t leave any personal belongings either, as they may be a liability.

Folsom property management company Real Property Management Select also recommends having regular weekly upkeep while the home is vacant, such as cleanings and yard work. Ensuring the home is clean and that utilities are on for light and temperature control as well will result in a comfortable home and happy shoppers.


Folsom Property Management Facilitate Viewings

After you re-key the property, install a lock box so real estate agents can easily show your Folsom property. Management companies are a great way to advertise your home on multiple markets you may not otherwise have access to; however, you should make sure to not overprice your home. Doing so will slow the process of finding tenants and could cost you more in the long run.

Getting ‘Rent Ready’ doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Hiring the right management company can help take stress off your plate as well as save you time and potentially costly mistakes. Folsom property management company Real Property Management Select can take you through the process step by step. Watch this Call today and learn more of what our proven processes can do for you.

7 Tips to finding more reliable tenants


Are They ‘The One’? – Finding the Right Tenant

You know the feeling. Your knees get weak, your palms sweat, and your heart starts to race when you think of them. No, not the love of your life, we’re talking about the perfect tenant! The tenant that pays rent on time, maintains your property well, and stays for years without giving you the headache of dealing with frequent turnover. The ‘unicorn’ of property management. Rocklin CA owners can get this tenant out of their dreams and into their house with some simple tips from Real Property Management Select.


Step 1 – Credit Check

No matter how perfect a tenant might think they are for your home, the bottom line is they have to be able to pay the rent. Make sure that applicants have a combined income of at least 3x the monthly rent price. This way they’ll be able to pay rent as well as other bills and costs of living. Rocklin property management Real Property Management Select also suggests you have a credit check done to see if they’ve had evictions or judgements against them in the past, as well as request explanations for anything you find concerning. You should also verify employment as well as income.


Step 2 – Rental History Check

While digging up the past may be generally bad for most relationships, it’s essential in property management. Rocklin CA owners should verify applicant’s past 2 years of rental history to make sure there are no evictions, late rent, or damage done to propertied they’ve rented before. This is one area where owners can learn from others’ past mistakes in order to avoid the hurt of having to ‘break-up’ with a tenant who can’t commit to paying on time.


Step 3 – Background Check


Rocklin property management company Real Property Management Select recommends a criminal background check for all applicants over 18 years old. This will let you know if an applicant has a history of drugs, theft, violence, or sexual offences, which could potentially bring liability and concerns for you as well as others in the neighborhood. Conduct a thorough reference check by speaking to employers and colleagues, not just friends and family. It’s always good to know who you’re getting into a lease agreement with!

Finally, it’s always prudent to know the laws surrounding property management. Rocklin CA owners are subject to certain laws that affect the applicant process. Be aware of all housing, discrimination, contract, and fair credit reporting laws throughout the screening process to ensure you’re not breaking any of them. Yes. It is a big investment of time. Alternatively, you could avoid the heartache and allow Rocklin property management experts Real Property Management Select to navigate the process for you and find the tenant of your dreams! Learn more about our comprehensive list of services today.

10 Steps to Faster Leasing


How to Turn your Turnover Nightmares into Sweet Dreams

A vacant home can be a property owner’s worst nightmare. Every day costs you more money, and it’s even scarier when you take into account the average vacancy term is 2-3 months unless you have a strong marketing plan. To make matters worse, vacant homes still require upkeep and regular maintenance and can be vulnerable to crime and vandalism in some areas. But as frightening as it is, it’s still an unavoidable part of property management. Auburn CA owners can rest assured, however, with Real Property Management Select’s proven process. No more nightmares, it’s time to wake up.


Our Auburn Property Management Setup

First things first. The home must be prepared for renting, a term we call ‘Rent-Ready’. This includes walking through the property to address any maintenance concerns and ensure the home has ‘curb appeal’. Establishing a market-supported rental price is also important in property management. Auburn CA owners should look at other properties locally to determine a rent rate that isn’t too high and dissuade potential tenants. If it’s too low, it will impact profits. The final part of setting up is an aggressive advertising plan. Tenants won’t lease from you if they don’t know you exist! Auburn property management company Real Property Management Select uses a proprietary marketing strategy to ensure you get the exposure you need to rent your home fast.



The next step is to show the property. Answer inquiries from potential tenants about the property quickly, and be available to work with agents to schedule the home be shown. The faster you can get back to tenants and agents, the faster your home can be rented. Real Property Management Select works with responsive agents who are experienced in property management. Auburn CA home shoppers can also use our information-enabled yard signs to call or text about your RPM listed property day or night!



You should strive to collect as many applications from as many potential tenants as possible. This will give you a larger pool to choose from when selecting your new tenant. Auburn property management company Real Property Management Select collects and then screens each adult applicant with expedited yet thorough criminal, credit, employment, and rental history checks. Well-screened tenants are more likely to avoid turnover and stay longer, so your home stays rented.

Turn your turnover nightmares into sweet dreams of hassle-free property management. Auburn CA owners can make use of Real Property Management Select’s unsurpassed service and proven process. Let us handle the lease signing and move in, so you can rest easy! 

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3 Steps to Improve Communication with Your Property Manager


3 Steps to Improve Communication with Your Property Manager

Owning a rental property can be a stressful ordeal. Hiring a property management company can significantly ease the burdens that go along with ownership, however. Good communication with your property manager makes owning rental property a stress-free and profitable venture. Elk Grove property management company, Real Property Management Select, helps improve communication with these 3 steps that make communicating with your property manager a breeze!


Make use of Technology with an Online Portal

Be sure to choose a property management company that takes full advantage of the convenience the internet can offer. Imagine your own online portal where you can access information about your property, check work orders, view financial statements and disbursements, and more at any time, 24/7 from any place in the world whether you’re in Tokyo or Elk Grove. Property management has never been easier!


Find a Company that Offers Live Support, Preferably 24/7

You can have peace of mind about your property with live support at your fingertips. Tenants also need access to live support for property emergencies which don’t always wait until the next business day. Live support is a must in the world of property management. Elk Grove CA company, Real Property Management Select, offers such a service to its property owners and tenants, making sure there’s always someone there to help.


Stay in the Loop with Updates.


Look for a company that offers updates about the status of your rental home. During the leasing phase, it can be nerve-wracking wondering if your property is being shown or if it’s not getting any interested potential tenants. With weekly updates, property owners can rest easy knowing their Elk Grove property management company is taking care of things and moving the process along.

Owning a rental property doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Look for an experienced company that offers the features above, and be sure to give your property manager a good number to reach you at. After all, communication is a two-way street! Now that you’re armed with a little information about what to look for, you can ensure that you will hire the best property management Elk Grove CA property owners can get. Find out more tips to communicating with your property manager from the experts at Real Property Management Select and put our proven processes to work for you today.

5 Keys to Cost Effective Maintenance


Can Roseville Property Management Keep Maintenance Costs Low?

One of the biggest costs to owning a rental property is maintenance. No one likes to deal with it, and since you’re not living there, it’s easy to allow an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mindset to creep in. That mindset can cost you some big bucks in the long run, however. Angry tenants, even lawsuits can result from improper maintenance handling. Let the most experienced Roseville property management company, Real Property Management Select, give a few pointers to help keep maintenance costs low and tenant satisfaction high.


Be Prepared

We’ve all heard the trusty Scout motto, ‘be prepared.’ Maintenance is a fact of life when it comes to property management. Roseville, CA owners can prepare by addressing any safety or health related maintenance issues between renters to help guard against lawsuits and unhappy tenants. Another way to prepare for maintenance is to set aside 1-2 months worth of rent per year for assumed maintenance costs, more if you own an older home. This way, when emergency maintenance arises, you can be ready and reduce the impact on your day-to-day finances.


Our Roseville Property Management is Proactive

Don’t wait for issues to catch you off guard after they’ve become too big to ignore. Roseville property management company Real Property Management Select suggests routine seasonal maintenance and regular property inspections to ensure everything is working properly and being cared for. If needs are left too long undone, repairs can become much more costly than if they were addressed as soon as they broke or malfunctioned. It’s always better to pay for a small maintenance item rather than a large repair, or even replacement of a major appliance or system.


Be Responsive

When tenants call with maintenance concerns, address them promptly. There are many laws surrounding maintenance and repairs in property management, Roseville, CA owners should be aware of these laws in order to stay legal with their business. However, even the repairs that are small to you may be big to your tenants since they have to live with repair needs every day. Responsive property owners make for happy tenants, and happy tenants make long-term tenants.


Tenants are more likely to stay and renew their leases in a well-maintained home. They’re more likely to respect the property when they see that you do as well. The most effective way to help keep maintenance costs low is to hire a company to take care of your property management. Roseville, CA owners can rest assured in the hands of Real Property Management Select, knowing they have the expertise and network to keep their homes maintained without breaking the bank. Find out more today!

10 Rules to avoid legal problems


Avoid Going to Court: A Landlord Story of What NOT to Do in Sacramento Property Management  

I thought I was a perfect candidate to do my own Property Management. In Sacramento, CA, with the high demand for housing, I had nothing to lose. In reality, I had everything to lose.  Three years ago, I got myself into some serious Sacramento property management legal trouble. How many of my violations can you catch in the following story?

I started the day with the typical cup of coffee, sitting in my home office. I had just noticed an urgent email an important client sent at 5 a.m. when the phone rang.  

“The water from the back outdoor faucet is leaking,” my tenant said, I apologized for the inconvenience, then told her I would stop by to take a look at it shortly.” I then returned to my email, and the rest of my day is history. I got sucked into my projects and completely forgot about the call. Three weeks later, my phone rang at 10:30 p.m. just as I was getting ready for bed. I decided to let the phone ring this time. I was too tired to deal with anything.

The next morning I listened to my voicemails. “The basement is flooding!” my panicked tenant said. “We just discovered it in our storage room. Everything is soaked!” I remembered the faucet and slapped my head. It was too late.

On the way over, I thought how I never planned on water issues when I started doing my own property management in Sacramento, CA. To save money, I hired a friend who said he could do restoration, but the damage was double what I would have last night due to the increased damage, so I still lost any hope of any profit that month. He asked for the information of the tenant so he could follow up with her later on the leak and I provided both her e-mail and cell phone number.

How many Sacramento property management violations did you catch?

  1. Failure to document the first and second call.
  2. Failure to respond to the first requestion.
  3. Failure to answer emergency calls 24/7.
  4. Failure to document the mitigation efforts and response.
  5. Failure to provide a safe, comfortable living environment.
  6. Failure to hire licensed and insured contractors.
  7. Failure to protect privacy and secure information

Real Property Management Select knows the laws and regulations of property management. Let us be your partner for your greater investing success without the legal mistakes. Learn more today!

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7 Steps to Better Rent Collection


Rent Collection 101

You’re an “A” student. Take a front row seat to the industry-leading rent collections process. After 25 years of rental property management, Sacramento-based Real Property Management Select graduated with honors from the school of hard knocks when it comes to keeping the rent check coming in on time each month. You’re welcome to learn from our experience.


Prepare Like Property Management Companies: Sacramento Search

Successful rent collection starts before you even rent your property. We call it the great “Sacramento Search.” Cast a wide net for applicants through aggressive marketing, then rigorously screen those potential tenants. Decide and document ahead of time what legal qualifications you require, then hold each applicant to this same standard. If you don’t find them right away, don’t settle. Continue your Sacramento search for the right applicant. Once they become your tenant, you will be grateful you put in the extra effort.


Communicate Clear Expectations

“I didn’t know,” is likely the most commonly used phrase in disputes around rental property management. Sacramento arbitrators would be wealthy if they earned a dime for every time they heard it. Ensure your tenants know everything you want them to know and have proven, through both a verbal acknowledgment and written signature, that they do. Don’t leave anything to chance or assumptions. Document and discuss when rent is due and what happens if it is not paid – starting with notices and fines all the way through the evictions process. Also, include information about property care, roles, and responsibilities. Lease-signing time should be a time of crystal clear communication around expectations.


Simplify and Automate

We live in a digital world. Ditch the rent checks and go electronic. When tenants pay online, you get the rent faster and with no effort on your part. If this doesn’t happen, however, you would ideally have an electronic process to trigger automated notices and fees. The goal is to make the rent collections process professional, not personal. Putting technology to work on your behalf builds a buffer between the hard feelings that tenants and landlords can sometimes have towards each other when things don’t go as planned.


Now let’s take a pop quiz. Who can do all of this for you? Real Property Management Select. Working with us is like taking the best crash course in rental property management, Sacramento homeowners have ever seen. We’ll be your tutor, your coach, your professor, and the smartest person in your study group combined. Watch this video for 7 specific steps we will take to help you ace rent collections every time.

Ensuring Your Rental is “Rent-Ready”

real property management

Ensuring Your Rental is “Rent-Ready”

In this essential Sacramento property management guide, you will learn how to:

  • Simplify and secure access to your property
  • Conduct a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to establish an effective rental rate
  • Obtain a landlord insurance policy to protect your investment
  • Keep the property functional while vacant
  • Restore the cleanliness of your property
  • Improve the success of applicant showings
  • Inspect the property for safety and security issues
  • Select paint colors and improve overall appearance
  • Assess the property’s “curb appeal”
  • Systematically document the condition of the property


Download this detailed checklist now for information on how you can create a home your prospective tenant can happily imagine his or herself living in. Consider this the best advice Sacramento property management companies can give you since it comes from over two decades of property management experience at Real Property Management Select.

Imagine how you felt when you first walked into the home where you now live. Did you get a positive feeling about it? Were you excited? Perhaps you started imagining where your furniture would go or how you would make the space your own.

Now think of the specific physical characteristics of that home. Were the lights on or off? What was the temperature inside and outside? Do you remember what the yard looked like? Were there tools left anywhere or projects still in progress? Was it clean or cluttered?


The Rent-Ready Secret of Sacramento Property Management Companies: Context Effect


We may not realize it, but our behavior and decisions are more affected by our surroundings and context than we may realize. This is called a context effect, a principle studied in psychology and marketing. Research has shown, for example, that the comfort level of the floor affects how shoppers assess products for sale. The more comfortable the floor, the higher the assessments. (See Journal of Consumer Research, 1 June 2010) This doesn’t mean you need to install double-high carpet padding, but it does mean that since you are marketing your home, the condition and context of it will affect how applicants view it and ultimately rent it. This specialized Sacramento property management guide covers everything you need to know about preparing the perfect context for success.