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How to Reduce Vacancy Days with the Help of Professional Sacramento Rental Property Management

A vacant rental home costs you money. Without tenants, you have no income. The American Apartment Owners Association states, “Reducing your vacancy rates to a bare minimum is extremely important if you intend to have a successful real estate investing career.” Unfortunately, being a homeowner does not always mean you will see a monthly rent […]

Why Real Estate Agents Need a Professional Property Management Sacramento, CA, Team

Are you a real estate agent looking for a reliable property manager to help your clients that choose to rent instead of sell? You can trust Real Property Management SAC-METRO to take care of your homeowners until they are ready to sell again. We do not want to see you lose your listing to a […]

How RPM SAC-METRO Leasing Management Beats Other Sacramento Property Management Companies

Owning rental properties comes with risk. Without the help of experienced property management professionals, it can be difficult to maneuver the ups and downs of the rental industry. At Real Property Management SAC-METRO, we use a hassle-free leasing cycle proven to minimize costly mistakes and maximize cash flow. Read below to learn the answers to […]

How Our Sacramento Property Management Team Makes You Profitable

Real Property Management SAC-METRO turns homeowners into successful business owners. Our hassle-free leasing cycle is proven to make property owners profitable. Your rental investment is important to us. Our Sacramento property management team is committed to increasing your cash flow, all while taking away those everyday burdens and responsibilities of managing a rental home. INSPECTING […]

Rental Property Management Sacramento Professionals Know What Tenants Look for in a Perfect Rental Home

Right now is a great time to be a rental investor. More and more people are renting long-term and willing to pay for a quality rental. But some investment properties are easier to rent out than others. Homes that meet certain criteria bring a better return compared to houses that lack particular features. Attracting Qualified […]

Better Communications with Tenants: Sacramento Property Management Professionals Offer 4 Suggestions

There are countless ways to communicate in today’s world. Mobile devices make communicating across the country or around the world available at the touch of a few buttons. Computers and tablets are inescapable whether at work, school, or home. Even elementary-aged children know how to maneuver through this digital age. There is no denying it […]

Appealing to Millennials with the Help of Professional Property Management in Sacramento

Today’s world is not a one-shape-fits-all. Different generational trends impact society in various ways. Each generation carries certain traits and tendencies. It is important to understand and be aware of these differences as a business owner. The Old and the New Depending on the year you were born, you fall into a specific generation: Baby […]

Creating Rental Properties Sacramento Tenants Can Feel Safe In

All landlords must comply with habitability laws. Every rental property needs to meet certain standards that deem it safe and livable. As a homeowner, it is important you follow all legal regulations and do what is necessary to create a safe home environment for your tenants. Laws and Regulations The California Department of Consumer Affairs […]

How Sacramento Property Management Services Help You Avoid Costly Landlord Mistakes

Owning a rental property comes with risk. Being a do-it-yourself landlord isn’t as simple as collecting a rent check every month. Rental investing is a demanding, 24/7 job. To be successful, you need to understand the costs and complexities of managing rental properties. Sacramento investors make costly mistakes when they attempt to go about it […]